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  • Author: Alexander Campbell, Robert Owen
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Download Campbell, Alexander/Owen, Richard - Debate on Evidences of Christianity 1.0

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Alexander Campbell, Robert Owen

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

The Campbell/Owen debate on the Evidences of Christianity took place in April, 1829 between Robert Owen (atheist) and Alexander Campbell (Christian). This debate took place over the course of a month and features 25 speeches by each participant (fifty in all).

Robert Owen tried to prove that all religion is false because different religions contradict with eachother. He also tried to prove that lives and society in general would be better under the beliefs of atheism.

Campbell shows that the framework of society is built on religion, and that Christianity (and the Bible) is provably the true religion. Arguments for the existence of God are in this debate as well.

The subtitle of this debate was:





Table of Contents:

Title Page, p. i.
Introduction, pp. iii-viii.
Mr. Owen's Opening Address, pp. 1-5.
Mr. Campbell's First Reply, pp. 5-13.
Mr. Owen's Second Address, pp. 13-24.
Mr. Campbell's Second Reply, pp. 24-31.
Mr. Owen's Third Address, pp. 31-42.
Mr. Campbell's Third Reply, pp. 42-49.
Mr. Owen's Fourth Address, pp. 49-55.
Mr. Campbell's Fourth Reply, pp. 55-67.
Mr. Owen's Fifth Address, pp. 68-72.
Mr. Campbell's Fifth Reply, pp. 72-81.
Mr. Owen's Sixth Address, pp. 81-88.
Mr. Campbell's Sixth Reply, pp. 88-94.
Mr. Owen's Seventh Address, pp. 94-99.
Mr. Campbell's Seventh Reply, pp. 99-104.
Mr. Owen's Eighth Address, pp. 104-109.
Mr. Campbell's Eighth Reply, pp. 109-115.
Mr. Owen's Ninth Address, pp. 115-122.
Mr. Campbell's Ninth Reply, pp. 122-127.
Mr. Owen's Tenth Address, pp. 127-136.
Mr. Campbell's Tenth Reply, pp. 137-144.
Mr. Owen's Eleventh Address, pp. 144-147.
Mr. Campbell's Eleventh Reply, pp. 147-154.
Mr. Owen's Twelfth Address, pp. 154-160.
Mr. Campbell's Twelfth Reply, pp. 160-166.
Mr. Owen's Thirteenth Address, pp. 166-172.
Mr. Campbell's Thirteenth Reply, pp. 172-177.
Mr. Owen's Fourteenth Address, pp. 177-181.
Mr. Campbell's Fourteenth Reply, pp. 181-190.
Mr. Owen's Fifteenth Address, pp. 190-198.
Mr. Campbell's Fifteenth Reply, pp. 199-204.
Mr. Owen's Sixteenth Address, pp. 204-211.
Mr. Campbell's Sixteenth Reply, pp. 211-217.
Mr. Owen's Seventeenth Address, pp. 217-221.
Mr. Campbell's Seventeenth Reply, pp. 221-226.
Mr. Owen's Eighteenth Address, pp. 226-231.
Mr. Campbell's Eighteenth Reply, pp. 231-237.
Mr. Owen's Nineteenth Address, pp. 237-242.
Mr. Campbell's Nineteenth Reply, pp. 242-251.
Mr. Owen's Twentieth Address, pp. 251-257.
Mr. Campbell's Twentieth Reply, pp. 257-264.
Mr. Owen's Twenty-first Address, pp. 264-269.
Mr. Campbell's Twenty-first Reply, pp. 269-276.
Mr. Owen's Twenty-second Address, pp. 276-278.
Mr. Campbell's Twenty-second Reply, pp. 279-437.
Mr. Owen's Twenty-third Address, pp. 437-457.
Mr. Campbell's Twenty-third Reply, pp. 458-470.
Mr. Owen's Twenty-fourth Address, pp. 470-481.
Mr. Campbell's Twenty-fourth Reply, pp. 482-488.
Mr. Owen's Twenty-fifth Address, pp. 488-498.
Mr. Campbell's Twenty-fifth Reply, pp. 498-504.

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