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  • Author: Alice Mary Hodgkin
  • e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x

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Download Hodgkin, Alice M - Christ in All the Scriptures

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NT Survey OT Survey Types Christology
Alice Mary Hodgkin

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

About Christ in All the Scriptures
This unique book serves as an introduction to Christology, an OT and NT survey book, a reminder that Christ is the purpose behind each book of the Bible, and a refutation of any claims that Jesus is not God. The book also has devotional qualities. Hodgkins also includes a dozen text tables to illustrate her teaching and draw comparisons.

Although the book was written in multiple editions into the early 1900s, the text reads very easily. I suspect this is because the author was a woman who was not trying to sound "formal" or "educated" the way or male peers were. Her male peers from this era sometimes use awkward or dated wording by today's English standards. I much prefer her style of writing and I think you will too.

Other Reviews (Amazon.com):
I don’t know where I found this old book but it has proven to be an absolute gem over the years. Hodgkin traces the types of our blessed Savior Christ throughout the entire Bible from the rich foreshadowing in the offering of Isaac to the 26 uses of the word “Lamb” in the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. You will be encouraged to see your wonderful, merciful Savior in new ways in Christ in all the Scriptures by Hodgkin. --Paul/Jennifer Dare

I have a third edition, 1909 version handed down to me from my grandparents, an I can use it in my preaching today! It remains fresh after 100 years! It points out the Christlikeness of bible characters like Boaz, Joseph and others. It also covers similarities between old practices as Jesus' life. --David Hooper

I couldn't agree more with the other reviewer(s). This is a truly timeless text. Not laborious but concise and heart-penetrating. Full of wonderful illustration, quotations and cross references, but also reads like an encouraging devotional! -- Paul Dare



The Testimony of Christ to the Scriptures
The Testimony of the Scriptures to Christ

Christ in the Pentateuch

Christ in the Historical Books
The Six Books of Kings
I Samuel
II Samuel
I Kings
II Kings
I Chronicles
II Chronicles

Christ in the Poetical Books
The Song of Songs

Christ in the Prophets
General View of Prophecy
The Minor Prophets

Christ in His Life on Earth
The Gospels
Matthew--Christ the King
Mark--Christ the Servant
Luke--Christ the Son of Man, the Savior
John--Christ, the Son of God, the Divine Friend

Christ in Resurrection Power
Acts--The Risen Christ
Romans--The Gospel of Christ
I and II Corinthians--The Minister of Christ
Galatians--The Cross of Christ
Ephesians--Heavenly Places in Christ
Philippians--Rejoicing in Christ
Colossians--Christ Our Head
I and II Thessalonians--Christ Our Hope
I and II Timothy--The Doctrine of Christ
Titus--Christ Our Savior
Philemon--The Bonds of Christ
Hebrews--Christ Our High Priest
James--The Law of Christ for Daily Life
I and II Peter--Christ Our Precious Corner Stone
I John--Fellowship with Christ
II and III John--Christ the Truth
Jude--Christ Our Keeper

Christ in Future Glory
Lamb of God

A very good resource for the new Bible student as well as those more seasoned. New to Bible study? You'll be in awe at the revelations here! Been studying for years? There are gems for you also. Portions of it may be a refresher course for some, but all will receive blessings from this work. It is certainly inspired by God. I once spent over a year in Sunday school teaching on Jesus in Genesis. I wish I had this book then. The class could have taken much longer! 2Cor517

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