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  • Author: David Cox (editor)
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David Cox (editor)

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

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quotes, ministry

Anthology of Classic Sermons
Edited (compiled) by David Cox

This is a large Topics file. Over 90 megs in uncompressed form. The 3000+ sermons may be useful for finding quotes, sermon illustrations, sermon prep/helps, and other ministry uses.

If this material blesses you, please consider a donation to Cox's ministry.

A Call to Judgment
A Changed Life
A Full Reward.
A Great Victory
A Reasonable Service
A Ribband Of Blue.
A Startling Statement
Alexander – A Disciple
Alexander - A Good Tree
Alexander - A Practical View of Regeneration
Alexander - A Word to the Young
Alexander - Almost Christian
Alexander - An Amiable Youth Falling Short of Heaven
Alexander - Answer to Prayer Long Deferred
Alexander - Christ the Believer’s Life
Alexander - Counsels of the Aged to the Young
Alexander - Counsels to Christian Mothers
Alexander - Cross
Alexander - Day of Judgment
Alexander - Deceitfulness of Sin
Alexander - Fasting
Alexander - Fixedess of Purpose
Alexander - Future Punishment
Alexander - Godly and Ungodly
Alexander - Gospel no Failure
Alexander - Heaven
Alexander - Importance of Salvation
Alexander - Judgment
Alexander - Justfication by Faith
Alexander - King of Terrors
Alexander - Looking unto Jesus
Alexander - Lord’s Day
Alexander - Love of the Truth
Alexander - Misery of the Lost
Alexander - Nature and Means of Growth in Grace
Alexander - Obedience to Christ Gives Assurance
Alexander - Our responsibility to the poor
Alexander - Peace of God
Alexander - Poor Man’s Guide and Friend
Alexander - Practical Directions How to Grow in Grace and Make Progress in Piety
Alexander - Prayer a Priviledge
Alexander - Preparation for Death
Alexander - Sinners Welcome to Come to Jesus Christ
Alexander - The Value of Good Books
Alexander - Unsearchable riches of Christ
Alexander - Vital Piety
Alexander - Wells of Salvation
Alexander - What I Desire
Alexander - What the Disciples Saw
Alexander - Why halt between two opinions?
Alexander - You Fool!
Alexander -Evils of War
Alexander, James W. (1804-1859)
AlexanderJW - Letters to Young Ministers - On Devotion to the Work of the Ministry (1864)
AlexanderJW - The Cultivation of Personal Piety
All Sufficiency
Amdt, John (1555-1621)
Ames - Baptism
Ames - Contentment
Ames - Covenant of Grace in the O.T.
Ames - Creation
Ames - Death of Christ
Ames - Decree and Counsel of God
Ames - Decrees of God
Ames - Definition or Nature of Theology
Ames - Division or Parts of Theology
Ames - Efficiency of God
Ames - End of the World, The
Ames - Extraordinary Ministers
Ames - Faith
Ames - Faith and Preparation
Ames - Faith and Seeking God
Ames - God and His Essence
Ames - Hearing the Word
Ames - Instituted Worship
Ames - Justification
Ames - Manner of Worship, The
Ames - Ordinary Ministers in the Church
Ames - Sanctification
Ames - Subsistence of God
Ames - The Church Instituted
Ames - The Church Mystically Considered
Ames, William (1576-1633) (Puritan)
An Obscured Vision
An Old-Fashioned Home
An Unheeded Warning
And Judas Iscariot
Anderson, Robert (sir) (1841-1918)
AndersonR - Literal Interpretation of Scripture
AndersonR - Spirit Manifestation and the Gift of Tongues
Anonymous - Hell’s Torments
Anonymous - The Consolation of the Sick
Arndt - Saint and the World, The
Arndt - Which World am I a Citizen of?
Arnot - Fruitful in Every Good Work
Arnot, William (1808-1875 Scotland Free Church)
Augustine (354-430) - The Recovery of Sight by the Blind
Austin-Sparks - A Child over the Nations
Austin-Sparks - A God That Hideth Himself
Austin-Sparks - A Man in Christ
Austin-Sparks - A Saviour to the Uttermost
Austin-Sparks - A Vital Ministry in a Day of Transition
Austin-Sparks - Because of the Blood of the Lamb
Austin-Sparks - Bethany, the Lord’s Thoght for His Assembly
Austin-Sparks - Christian Service from God’s Standpoint
Austin-Sparks - Coming Down From God Out Of Heaven
Austin-Sparks - God Needs Gideons
Austin-Sparks - Loose Him, and Let Him Go!
Austin-Sparks, Theodore (1888-1971)
Bacon - God indwelling
Barrett, George A
BarrettGA - Preparedness
Bartleman - Seeds of Revival, The
Bartleman, Frank
Basil (329-379) - The Creation of the World
Bates, William
BatesW - Sermon on  1Jn_5:2
BatesW - Sermons on the Forgiveness of Sins
Bavinck - Divine Trinity
Bavinck - History of Doctrine of Decree of Predestination
Bavinck - On Creation
Bavinck - Origin, Essence, and Purpose of Man, The
Bavinck - Suprealapsarianism & Infralapsarianism
Bavinck, Herman (1854-1921)
Baxter - Making Light of Christ and Salvation
Baxter, Richard (1615-1691)
BaxterR - Advantages of Pleasing God Rather than Men
BaxterR - Avoiding Dissention at Home
BaxterR - Cases And Directions Against Censoriousness And Unwarrantable Judging.
BaxterR - Cases and Directions for Loving Our Neighbour as Ourselves
BaxterR - Cases Of Conscience, and Directions Against Backbiting, Slandering, and Evil Speaking
BaxterR - Church, The
BaxterR - Directions Against Covetousness, or Love of Riches, and Against Worldly Cares.
BaxterR - Directions Against Sinful Desires and Discontent
BaxterR - Directions for a Peaceful Death
BaxterR - Directions for Grief at the Death of Friends
BaxterR - Directions for Hating Sin
BaxterR - Evil of Backbiting and Evil Speaking
BaxterR - Greatest Thing in the World, The
BaxterR - How to Spend the Day with God
BaxterR - Ministers of Love
BaxterR - Mutual Duties Of Husbands And Wives Towards Each Other
BaxterR - Need of Personal Revival, The
BaxterR - Signs of Living to Please God
BaxterR - Special Directions for Christian Conference, Exhortation, and Reproof
BaxterR - Ten Marks of a Flesh-Pleaser, The
BaxterR - Treason Against the Soul
Bayliss, William
BaylissW - Associations or Unity?
Bennett, Richard
BennettR - Adulation of Man in Book "The Purpose Driven Life"
BennettR - Purpose Driven Life: Demeaning the Very Nature of God
Bentley, W.W Jr.
BentleyWW - Christ’s Lordship and Our Maturity in Christ
Berkhof - Perversions of the Gospel
Berkhof - What is the Word of God?
Berkhof, Louis (1873-1957)
Beza - A Brief Declaration of the Table of Predestination
Beza - Faith and Justification
Beza - Jesus Christ the Son of God
Beza - Supralapsarianism: The Fall of Man Was Both Necessary and Wonderful
Beza - Thirty-Eight Aphorisms against Castalio
Beza - Twenty-Nine Propositions against Anabaptist Castalio
Beza - Two Parts of the Word of God: Law & Gospel
Beza, Theodore (1519-1605)
Biederwolf - Sermon on Booze
Biederwolf - The Sin of Gambling
Biederwolf, William Edward (1867-1939)
Binning - 3 Sermons on Invitation of the Gospel
Binning - Of Predestination (I)
Binning - Of Predestination (II)
Binning, Hugh (1627?-1653)
Blackstone - Antichrist
Blackstone - Jesus is Coming Again
Blackstone - Jesus is Coming Again Literal Interpretation
Blackstone - Jesus is Coming Again; A Practical Doctrine
Blackstone - Rapture and Revelation
Blackstone - The Three Appearings
Blackstone, William E.
Blair - The Hour and the Event of all Time
Blessed Adversity.
Blessed Prosperity Meditations On The First Psalm.
Boethius (580-525)
Boethius: The Trinity is One God
Boettner - Infralapsarianism and Supralapsarianism
Boettner - Introduction to the Trinity
Boettner - Universalistic Passages, The
Boettner - What is the Gospel?
Boettner, Loraine (1901-1990)
Boice - On Knowing God
Boice - The True God
Boice, James Montgomery
Bonar, Andrew (1810-1892)
Bonar, Horatius  (1808-1889)
BonarA -  Psa_13:1-6
BonarA -  Psa_77:1-20
BonarA - A Sermon to Children
BonarA - All Spiritual Blessings
BonarA - Altar of Abraham (1890)
BonarA - Angel Workers (1880)
BonarA - Bless the Lord, O my Soul!
BonarA - Brethren of Our Lord
BonarA - Christ’s Silence #1
BonarA - Christ’s Silence #2
BonarA - Christ’s Silence #3
BonarA - Christian’s Secret to a Happy Life - The life defined G
BonarA - City of Refuge
BonarA - Closing address on Communion Sabbath Jan 27, 1889
BonarA - Coming to Christ
BonarA - Conversion of Children
BonarA - Dialectic of Life and its Origin
BonarA - Epaphras (1895)
BonarA - Fear Nots of the Old and New Testaments
BonarA - First-Fruits of the Resurrection
BonarA - Holy Spirit Convincing
BonarA - Hope of the Lord’s Return
BonarA - How Faith Receives Christ
BonarA - Indwelling Sin
BonarA - Jethro
BonarA - Jonathan and His Armour-Bearer
BonarA - Kept by the Power of God
BonarA - Leaning on the Beloved
BonarA - Leper Drawing Forth the Saviour’s Grace
BonarA - Love of the Father
BonarA - Man who lent Christ the Upper Room
BonarA - Meeting as a Congregation
BonarA - Mercy Seat, The
BonarA - Napkin about Christ’s Head, The
BonarA - Nicodemus
BonarA - Onesiphorus: The New Testament Ebedmelech
BonarA - Palestine for the Young - The Tribe of Levi
BonarA - Paul’s Fifteen Day Visit to Peter
BonarA - Pentecost
BonarA - Pins of the Tabernacle, The
BonarA - Praise
BonarA - Resurrection of the son of Widow of Sarepta
BonarA - Scapegoat
BonarA - Singing before Suffering
BonarA - Three Ananiases
BonarA - Trial of Faith, The
BonarA - Value of a Thought, The
BonarA - What gives assurance?
BonarA - Winning Christ
BonarH - A Present Savior (1867)
BonarH - Apostolic Sighs (1867)
BonarH - Banished One Bearing Our Banishment, The (1867)
BonarH - Bethany and Its Feast (1867)
BonarH - Bethlehem and Its Good News
BonarH - Blood Sprinkling
BonarH - Cerntainty of Certainties
BonarH - Christ and the New Creation
BonarH - Christ and the World
BonarH - Christ and the World #2
BonarH - Christ died for the Ungodly
BonarH - Christ the Cleanser (1867)
BonarH - Christ the Healer (1867)
BonarH - Christ the Substitute
BonarH - Church’s Amen, The (1867)
BonarH - Church’s Widowhood, The (1867)
BonarH - Consecration by Blood (1867)
BonarH - Cross, The - Expression of Man’s Unbelief (1867)
BonarH - Divine Banquet, The (1867)
BonarH - Divine Compassion
BonarH - Divine Philosophy (1867)
BonarH - Do you Rejoice in God’s Sovereignty?
BonarH - Faith in an Unseen Christ (1867)
BonarH - Faithful and Just to Forgive
BonarH - Faithful Minister of the New Covenant
BonarH - Family Discipline, The
BonarH - Flaming Ministers
BonarH - God of Grace, The
BonarH - God’s Purpose of Grace
BonarH - God’s Testimony concerning Man
BonarH - God’s Trees Grow Slowly
BonarH - God’s Will and Man’s Will
BonarH - Gospel of the Spirit’s Love
BonarH - Grace Reigning in Election
BonarH - Holy Spirit, The
BonarH - Home!
BonarH - How shall I go to God? (1881)
BonarH - How Shall Man
BonarH - I Can’t Let Go
BonarH - In the Place of Self
BonarH - Instead of Me
BonarH - Kelso Tracts (1839)
BonarH - Life and Fruitfulness Through Death (1867)
BonarH - Long Time, The
BonarH - Longings for the Land (1867)
BonarH - Manifested Life, The (1867)
BonarH - Ministerial Confessions
BonarH - Modern Hostility to Revivals
BonarH - Mortal and the Immortal, The (1867)
BonarH - Nazareth and Its Good News
BonarH - New Life, The
BonarH - Nimrod
BonarH - Not Faith, But Christ
BonarH - On Biblical Reproof Correction
BonarH - Ordination of the Rev. Horatius Bonar (1839)
BonarH - Risen Christ and the Things Above (1867)
BonarH - Satisfaction
BonarH - Saved by a Perfect Law
BonarH - Saving Faith
BonarH - Self or Christ; Which is It? (1867)
BonarH - Servant of Sinners (1867)
BonarH - Sin against the Holy Spirit, The (1867)
BonarH - Sin unto Death (1867)
BonarH - Sincerity of Divine Expostulations (1867)
BonarH - Sincerity of the Divine Compassion (1867)
BonarH - Surety’s Baptism (1867)
BonarH - Surety’s Sorrow (1867)
BonarH - Surety’s Thirst (1867)
BonarH - Three Witnesses, The (1867)
BonarH - True Character of Unbelief
BonarH - Unbelief
BonarH - Vain Wish, The (1867)
BonarH - What about you?
BonarH - What is my Hope?
BonarH - What work must be done in order to be Saved?
BonarH - Whither? Whither?
BonarH - World Passeth Away, The
BonarH - World’s Oracles, The (1867)
Booth, William Bradford (1829-1912)
BoothW - A Vision Of The Lost
Bossuet - The Funeral Sermon on the Death of the Grande Conde
Boston - Christ’s Name Wonderful
Boston - Death
Boston - Divine Authority of the Scriptures
Boston - Evil and Danger of Schism, The
Boston - God Alone Created the World
Boston - How the Spirit Enables Us to Pray
Boston - How We Ought to Think about God’s Providence
Boston - Important Lessons Drawn from the Decrees of God
Boston - Man’s Utter Inability to Rescue Himself
Boston - Manner of Discovering the True Sense of Holy Scripture, The
Boston - Nature of that Faith and Obedience which the Holy Scriptures Teach, The
Boston - Of Election to Everlasting Life
Boston - Of God and His Perfections
Boston - Of Justification
Boston - Of Man’s Chief End and Happiness
Boston - Of Sin in General
Boston - Of The Covenant Of Works
Boston - Of the Creation of Man
Boston - Of the Decrees of God
Boston - Of the Duty which God Requireth of Man
Boston - Of the Fall of our First Parents
Boston  Of the First Sin in Particular
Boston - Of the Providence of God
Boston - Of the Work of Creation
Boston - Old and New Man in Believers, The
Boston - On the Decrees of God
Boston - On the Holy Trinity
Boston - On the Unity of God
Boston - Praying in the Name of Christ
Boston - Properties of God’s Decrees Explained
Boston - Properties Of God’s Decrees Explained, The
Boston - Purpose of God’s Decrees
Boston - Purpose of God’s Decrees, The
Boston - Scope of the Scriptures
Boston - Scriptures: Book of Lord, diligent Study and Search recommended
Boston - Search from the Book of the Lord
Boston - Useful Directions For Reading and Searching the Scriptures.
Boston - Utility of the Scriptures as a Rule
Boston - Wise Observation of Providences Illustrated and Enforced
Boston - Ye Must Be Born Again  Joh_3:7
Boston, Thomas (1667-1732)
Bounds - A Praying Ministry Successful
Bounds - An Example of Devotion
Bounds - Devotion: The Heart of Prayer
Bounds - Fire
Bounds - Praying Pulpit Begets a Praying Pew
Bounds - Revivals that Stay
Bounds - To Love Jesus
Bounds - Unction
Bounds - Unction: Heaven’s Knighthood
Bounds, Edward McKendree (1835-1913)
Boyce, James Petigru (1827-1888)
Bradford - A Brief Summary of the Doctrine of Election and Predestination
Bradford - Doctrine of the Holy Election and Predestination of God
Bradford - Fear of Death
Bradford - Flesh & The Spirit, The
Bradford - Old Man & The New
Bradford - Patient Suffering of Trouble and Affliction for Christ’s Cause
Bradford - Places of The Law & The Gospel
Bradford - Repentance (1553)
Bradford - Supper of the Lord
Bradford, John
Brengle - Future Punishment And The Bible
Brengle - Holy Covetousness
Brengle - How A Nobody Became A Somebody
Brengle - I Counted...And I Count
Brengle - Love Slaves
Brengle - Maintaining The Holiness Standard
Brengle - Misrepresenting God
Brengle - The Terror Of The Lord
Brengle - Whitened Harvest Fields
Brengle - Why should we be holy?
Brengle - You
Brengle, Samuel Logan (1860-1936 Methodist)
Broad, W.T.
Broadus - 1. Worship
Broadus - 10. The Apostle Paul as a Preacher
Broadus - 11. The Holy Scriptures
Broadus - 12. On Reading the Bible by Books
Broadus - 13. Ministerial Education
Broadus - 14. The American Baptist Ministry of AD 1774
Broadus - 15. College Education for Men of Business
Broadus - 16. Education in Athens
Broadus - 2. Some Laws of Spiritual Work
Broadus - 3. The Habit of Thankfulness
Broadus - 4. Ask and it shall be given you.
Broadus - 5. He ever liveth to intercede
Broadus - 6. Let us have peace with God
Broadus - 7. How the Gospel makes men Holy
Broadus - 8. Intense Concern for the Salvation of Others
Broadus - 9. The Mother of Jesus
Broadus - A Catechism of Bible Teaching
Broadus - A Letter by Broadus on Divorce
Broadus - Character Building
Broadus - Christian Joy
Broadus - Come unto Me
Broadus - Delight in the Will of God
Broadus - Doctrines of Grace and Passion for the Souls of Men, The
Broadus - Duty of Baptists to Teach Their Distinctive Views, The
Broadus - Duty of Baptists to Teach Their Distinctive Views, The (second source)
Broadus - Epistle to the Hebrews
Broadus - First Four Professors of Southern Baptist Seminary
Broadus - Good Shepherd
Broadus - Great Invitation
Broadus - Habit of Thankfulness, The
Broadus - He ever liveth to Intercede
Broadus - In Jesus’ Name
Broadus - Intense Concern for the Salvation of Others
Broadus - Interbiblical History
Broadus - Jesus: Saviour
Broadus - Lessons for the Tempted
Broadus - Let us Have Peace with God
Broadus - Light of Life
Broadus - Lord’s Prayer, The
Broadus - Loving Jesus Christ
Broadus - Necessity of the Atonement
Broadus - On Landmarkism
Broadus - One Jesus
Broadus - Outline of Life of Christ
Broadus - Paramount and Permanent Authority of the Bible
Broadus - Pleasures of Piety
Broadus - Prayer of Woman of Canaan
Broadus - Resurrection of our Lord
Broadus - Saviour Praying for Us
Broadus - Science and Christianity
Broadus - Sermons and Addresses (c1886)
Broadus - Should Women speak in Mixed Assemblies?
Broadus - Sin of Unbelief
Broadus - Two Roads of Life
Broadus, John Albert (1827-1895)
BroadWT - Our Lord’s Earthly Ministry
Brooks - A Believer’s Last Day, His Best Day
Brooks - A Heavenly Cordial
Brooks - Apples of Gold
Brooks - Christ is the Life of Believers
Brooks - Christ’s Love to Poor Sinners
Brooks - Glorious Day of the Saints Appearance
Brooks - God’s Delight in the Progress of the Upright
Brooks - Hypocrites Detected and Condemned
Brooks - Legacy of a Dying Mother, The
Brooks - Letter to a Bereaved Woman
Brooks - Love the Lord Jesus Christ!
Brooks - Touchstone of Sincerity
Brooks - True and False Assurance
Brooks - Words of Counsel to a Dear Dying Friend (1675)
Brooks - Young Men Exhorted to Come to Christ
Brooks, Thomas (1608-1680 Congregationalist)
Brown, John - Exposition 1:- The Gospel of the Kingdom ( Joh_3:14-21 )
Brown, John - Exposition 2:- The Woman of Samaria (John 4:4:42)
Brown, John - Part 1:- Introductory Narrative
Brown, John - Part 2:- . . . Discourse With the Jews ( Joh_6:26-65 )
Brown, John - Part 3:- The Effects . . . on His Disciples. . . ( Joh_6:60-71 )
Brown, John (1754-1832)
Bullinger - "The Resurrection of the Body"
Bullinger - A Refreshing Study on the Resurrection
Bullinger - Abraham Believed God
Bullinger - Christ In The Separate Books Of The Word
Bullinger - Christian’s Greatest Need
Bullinger - Crucified with Christ
Bullinger - Figures of Speech Systematically Classified
Bullinger - Foundations Of Dispensational Truth
Bullinger - Ground is Thirsty
Bullinger - Names of Jesus
Bullinger - One Great Subject of the Word
Bullinger - Postscript to Romans (16:25-27)
Bullinger - Rich Man and Lazarus: An Intermediate State?, The
Bullinger - Right Division
Bullinger - Stablished -- Strengthened -- Settled
Bullinger - They Sang His Praise. They Soon Forgat His Works
Bullinger, E.W.
Bunyan - Praying in the Spirit
Bunyan- The Heavenly Footman
Bunyan, John (1628-1688)
Burdaloue - The Passion of Christ
Burrell - How to Become a Christian
Burroughs - Christ is All in All
Burroughs - Drawing Nigh unto God
Burroughs, Jeremiah (c1600) Congregationalist, Puritan
Calvin - Difficulties of Scripture
Calvin - On Continuing Revelation
Calvin - Psychopannychia (Soul’s Imaginary Sleep)
Calvin (1509-1564). Enduring Persecution for Christ
Calvin, John
Campbell, Murdoch
CampbellM - Gilead’s Balm
CampbellM - God of Bethel
CampbellM - God’s Everlasting Love
CampbellM - Let us not Sleep
CampbellM - The Bride’s Prayer
CampbellM - The Heavenly Foretaste
CampbellM - The Joyful Sound
CampbellM - The Lord around His People
CampbellM - The Shepherd and His Flock
CampbellM - The Soul’s Compassion
CampbellM - Till the End Be
CampbellM - We Shall be Like Him
Carpenter - Age of Progress
Carradine - How to Obtain the Blessing of Sanctification
Carradine - Sanctified Life, The
Carradine, Beverly (Mr. Nazarene?)
Chafer - Assurance Of Salvation
Chafer - Church Which Is His Body
Chafer - Crowns of the Lord Jesus Christ, The
Chafer - Fundamentals of Grace
Chafer - God’s Estimate of the Lost
Chafer - Preaching the Gospel in its Accuracy
Chafer - Rewards, or the Place of Christian Works
Chafer - Riches of Grace in Christ Jesus
Chafer - Specific Character of the Christian’s Sin
Chafer - Sufferings and Death of Christ in Types
Chafer - Supernatural Origins of the Word of God
Chafer - Terms of Salvation
Chafer, Lewis Sperry (1871-1952)
Chapman - Accepted Time
Chapman - All Out for Souls
Chapman - And Judas Iscariot
Chapman - Preachers must have time to think
Chapman - Precious Blood of Christ
Chapman - Prepare to Meet Thy God
Chapman - Saved When the Lord Appears
Chapman - Sowing and Reaping
Chapman - Your Life -- Make the Most of It
Chapman, James Wilbur (Nazarene)
Charnock - A Discourse of Afflictions
Charnock - A Discourse of God’s being the Author of Reconciliation (Sermon)
Charnock - A Discourse of Mortification
Charnock - A Discourse of Self-Examination
Charnock - A Discourse of the Delight in Prayer
Charnock - A Discourse of the Efficient Regeneration
Charnock - A Discourse of the Nature of Regeneration
Charnock - A Discourse of the Word, Instrument of Regeneration
Charnock - A Discourse on the Cleansing Virture of Christ’s Blood
Charnock - A Discourse on the Pardon of Sin
Charnock - A Discourse on the Virtue of Christ’s Blood Part 1
Charnock - A Discourse on the Virtue of Christ’s Blood Part 2
Charnock - Chief of Sinners Saved, The
Charnock - Fruits of Converting Grace in the Salvation of Sinners
Charnock - God
Charnock - God’s Patience Abused
Charnock - God’s Regard for His Own Glory, Seen in the Saving of Sinners
Charnock - Necessity of Regeneration, The
Charnock - On God as Deliverer
Charnock - Why Salvation must be Supernatural
Charnock, Stephen (1628-1680 Puritan Divine)
Chesterton - Anti-Religious Thought In The Eighteenth Century
Chesterton, Gilbert Keith (1874-1936)
Chrusostom (347-407) - Excessive Grief at the Death of Friends
Clark, Gordon H
Clarke, Adam (1760-1852)
Clarke: Entire Sanctification
ClarkG - Sovereignty of God
Clifford - The Forgiveness of Sins
Coates - Forgiveness of Sins
Coates - The Nazarites Vow
Coates, C.A. (1862-1945 Brethren)
Colquhoun - Uses of Gospel and Law in Subservience to the Gospel
Colquhoun, John
Coming to the King.
Copeland - Barren Fig Tree
Copeland - Defining the Kingdom of Heaven
Copeland - Dragnet
Copeland - Friend at Midnight
Copeland - Good Samaritan
Copeland - Great Supper
Copeland - Growing Seed
Copeland - Hidden Treasure
Copeland - Householder
Copeland - Introduction to the Parables
Copeland - Laborers in the Vineyard
Copeland - Leaven
Copeland - Lost Coin
Copeland - Lost Sheep
Copeland - Minas
Copeland - Mustard Seed
Copeland - Pearl of Great Price
Copeland - Persistent Widow
Copeland - Pharisee and Tax Collector
Copeland - Rich Fool
Copeland - Rich man and Larazus
Copeland - Taking the Lowest Place
Copeland - Talents
Copeland - The Prodigal Son
Copeland - The Sower (four soils)
Copeland - Two Debtors
Copeland - Two Sons
Copeland - Unjust Steward
Copeland - Unmerciful Servant
Copeland - Unprofitable Servants
Copeland - Wedding Feast
Copeland - Wheat and Tares
Copeland - Wicked Winedressers
Copeland - Wise and Foolish Virgins
Copeland, Mark (church of Christ)
Crosby - The Prepared Worm
Cunningham - Infant Baptism
Cunningham - Principles of Reformation not the cause of Sects and Heresies
Cunningham, William (Reformed)
Cuyler- The Value of Life
Dabney - Against Musical Instruments in Public Worship
Dabney - Attractions of Popery
Dabney - From the Seventh Day to the First:
Dabney - God’s Indiscriminate Proposals of Mercy
Dabney - Nature of Christ’s Sacrifice
Dabney - Public Preaching of Women
Dabney, Robert L (1820-1898)
Dale - The Argument from Experience
Darby - True Grace of God in which you Stand
Darby, John Nelson (1800-1882) (Plymouth Brethren)
Dayton - Entire Sanctification as taught by Romans
Dayton, Wilber T.
Definiteness of Purpose in CHristian Work
Dickinson - The Marks of Saving Faith
Dickinson, Jonathan (1688-1747)
Dronsfield - Incarnation of the Son
Dronsfield - On Baptism (of Infants)
Dronsfield - Reunited Brethren
Dronsfield - The "Brethren" since 1870
Dronsfield, W.R. (Brethren)
DRUMMOND (1851--1897). The Greatest Thing in the World
Durham, James
DurhamJ - Repentance
Dwight - The Sovereignty of God
Edwards - Spiritual Light
Edwards, Jonathan
EdwardsJ - A Divine and Supernatural Light Immediately Imparted to the Soul by the Spirit of God
EdwardsJ - A Farewell Sermon
EdwardsJ - A humble attempt at prayer for revival
EdwardsJ - Absent from the Body
EdwardsJ - All the Graces of Christianity Connected
EdwardsJ - All True Grace in the Heart Tends to Holy Practice in the Life
EdwardsJ - Character of Paul an Example to Christians
EdwardsJ - Charity Disposes Us Meekly
EdwardsJ - Charity Disposes Us to Do Good
EdwardsJ - Christ Exalted
EdwardsJ - Christ the Example of Ministers
EdwardsJ - Christ’s Agony
EdwardsJ - Christian Charity
EdwardsJ - Christian Knowledge
EdwardsJ - Christian Pilgrim
EdwardsJ - Christians a Chosen Generation, a Royal Priesthood, a Holy Nation, A Peculiar People
EdwardsJ - Church’s Marriage to Her Sons, and to Her God
EdwardsJ - Directions for Judging of Persons’ Experiences
EdwardsJ - Dishonesty
EdwardsJ - Divine Retribution
EdwardsJ - End of the Wicked Contemplated by the Righteous
EdwardsJ - Eternity of Hell Torments
EdwardsJ - Excellency of Christ
EdwardsJ - Faithful Narrative of the Surprising Work of God
EdwardsJ - Few There Be That Find It
EdwardsJ - Final Judgment
EdwardsJ - Folly of Looking back in Fleeing out of Sodom
EdwardsJ - Future Punishment of the Wicked Unavoidable and Intolerable
EdwardsJ - Glorious Grace
EdwardsJ - God Glorified in Man’s Dependence
EdwardsJ - God Makes Men Sensible of Their Misery Before He Reveals His Mercy and Love
EdwardsJ - God the Best Portion of the Christian
EdwardsJ - God’s Awful Judgment in the Breaking and Withering of the Strong Rods of a Community
EdwardsJ - God’s Sovereignty in the Salvation of Men
EdwardsJ - Greatest Performances
EdwardsJ - Heaven a World of Love
EdwardsJ - Holy Spirit Forever to be Communicated to the Saints,
EdwardsJ - Hope and Comfort Usually Follow Genuine Humiliation and Repentance
EdwardsJ - How to Know if You Are a Real Christian
EdwardsJ - Humility
EdwardsJ - Hypocrites Deficient in the Duty of Prayer
EdwardsJ - Importance and Advantage of Thorough Knowledge of Divine Truth
EdwardsJ - Jesus Christ the Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever
EdwardsJ - Justice of God in the Damnation of Sinners
EdwardsJ - Justification by Faith Alone
EdwardsJ - Love Disposes Us Meekly to Bear the Injuries Received from Others
EdwardsJ - Love Disposes Us to Do Good
EdwardsJ - Love Inconsistent with an Envious Spirit
EdwardsJ - Love more Excellent than Extrordinary Gifts of the Spirit
EdwardsJ - Love, or a Christian Spirit, Willing to Undergo all Sufferings in the Way of Duty
EdwardsJ - Love, or True Grace, Not to be Overthrown by Opposition
EdwardsJ - Love, the Sum of All Virtue
EdwardsJ - Man’s Natural Blindness in Things of Religion
EdwardsJ - Manner in which Salvation of Soul to be Sought
EdwardsJ - Many Mansions
EdwardsJ - Men Naturally are God’s Enemies
EdwardsJ - Most High a Prayer Hearing God
EdwardsJ - Natural Men in a Dreadful Condition
EdwardsJ - Nature and End of Excommunication
EdwardsJ - Pardon for the Greatest of Sinners
EdwardsJ - Peace Which Christ Gives His True Followers
EdwardsJ - Perpetuity and Change of the Sabbath
EdwardsJ - Portion of the Righteous
EdwardsJ - Portion of the Wicked
EdwardsJ - Praise, One of the Chief Employments of Heaven
EdwardsJ - Pressing into the Kingdom of God
EdwardsJ - Procrastination
EdwardsJ - Pure in Heart Blessed
EdwardsJ - Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards (1722.1723)
EdwardsJ - Ruth’s Resolutions
EdwardsJ - Safety, Fulness, and Sweet Refreshment in Christ
EdwardsJ - Scripture is the Word of God
EdwardsJ - Sinners Delay Concerns of the Soul
EdwardsJ - Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God
EdwardsJ - Sinners in Zion Tenderly Warned
EdwardsJ - Sorrows of the Bereaved Spread Before Jesus
EdwardsJ - Sovereignty of God in Salvation
EdwardsJ - Spirit of Charity
EdwardsJ - Spirit of Love is a Humble Spirit
EdwardsJ - Spirit of Love the Opposite of a Censorious Spirit
EdwardsJ - Spirit of Love the Opposite of a Selfish Spirit
EdwardsJ - Spirit of Love the Opposite of An Angry or Wrathful Spirit
EdwardsJ - Temptation and Deliverance
EdwardsJ - Torments of Wicked in Hell, no occasion of Grief to Saints in Heaven
EdwardsJ - Trinity
EdwardsJ - True Excellency of a Gospel Minister
EdwardsJ - True Grace Distinguished from the Experience of Devils
EdwardsJ - True Saints, When Absent from the Body, are present with the Lord
EdwardsJ - Unbelievers Despise the Glory and Excellency of Christ
EdwardsJ - Unreasonableness of Indetermination in Religion
EdwardsJ - Vain Self-Flatteries of the Sinner
EdwardsJ - Warning to Professors
EdwardsJ - Warnings of Scripture Best adapted to Awakening and Conversion
EdwardsJ - Way of Holiness
EdwardsJ - We Have Peace with God
EdwardsJ - When the Wicked Shall Have Filled Up the Measure of Their Sin,
EdwardsJ - Wicked Men Inconsistent with Themselves
EdwardsJ - Wicked Men of the Past are Still in Hell
EdwardsJ - Wicked Useful in their Destruction Only
EdwardsJ - Wisdom of God displayed in the Way of Salvation
EdwardsJ - Wrath to the Uttermost
Ellicott, C.J.
Ellicott, C.J. - Addresses on the Revised Version of Holy Scripture (1901)
Engelsma - A Defense of Calvinism as the Gospel
Engelsma, David J
Erskine, Ebenezer (1680-1754 Puritan)
Erskine, Ralph (1685-1752 Puritan)
ErskineE - Backslider Characterized; Or, The Evil And Danger Of Defection Described.
Erskinee - Believer Exalted in Imputed Righteousness
Erskinee - Christ in the Believer’s Arms
Erskinee - God in Christ, a God of Love
Erskinee - God’s Little Remnant Keeping Their Garments Clean in an Evil Day
ErskineE - Groans of Believers under Their Burdens
ErskineE - Humble Soul the Particular Favourite of Heaven
ErskineE - King Held in the Galleries
ErskineE - Necessity and Profitableness of Good Works Asserted
ErskineE - Throne of Grace
ErskineE - Unbelief Arraigned and Condemned at the Bar of God
ErskineE - Wind of the Holy Ghost Blowing Upon the Dry Bones in the Valley of Vision
ErskineR - Best Match; Or, the Incomparable Marriage Between the Creator and the Creature
ErskineR - Difference Between Legal and Gospel Mortification
ErskineR - God’s Great Name, the Ground and Reason of Saving Great Sinners
ErskineR - Heaven’s Grand Repository
ErskineR - Objections Against Receiving Christ Answered
ErskineR - Right Rule of Our Love to Christ
ErskineR - Spiritual Feelings of Believers and Hypocrites Compared
ErskineR - True Lovers of God Highly Privileged: ...
ErskineR - Unbelievers’ Joy in the Word?
ErskineR - What is that Good that All Things shall Work For? ( Rom_8:28 )
ErskineR - What Sinners Should Plead with God
Evans - Elements of Success in Personal Soul-Winning
Evans - Instructions to the Soul-Winner.
Evans - The Personal Worker Himself — His Qualifications.
Evans - Value of Personal Effort in Soul-Winning
Evans - What Every Christian Should Believe
Evans, William
Farrar - Work in the Groaning Creation
Fenelon- The Saints Converse with God
Finney - Abiding In Christ And Not Sinning
Finney - Afflictions of the Righteous and the Wicked Contrasted
Finney - All Things for Good to those that love God
Finney - An Approving Heart-Confidence in Prayer
Finney - Breaking Up the Fallow Ground
Finney - Can Two walk together exept they be agreed?  Amo_3:3
Finney - Christian Affinity
Finney - Christian Perfection
Finney - Conditions of Prevailing (1847)
Finney - Conditions of Prevailing Prayer
Finney - Conscience and the Bible in Harmony
Finney - Doctrine of Election
Finney - From The Oberlin Evangelist
Finney - God cannot please sinners
Finney - Holiness Essential to Salvation
Finney - How to Change your Heart
Finney - How to Overcome Sin
Finney - How to Preach without Results
Finney - Losing First Love
Finney - Love of the World
Finney - Making God a Liar
Finney - Men invited to Reason together with God
Finney - Mocking God
Finney - Not Far From the Kingdom of God
Finney - On Persevering Prayer for Others (1855)
Finney - On Prayer
Finney - On Prayer for the Holy Spirit
Finney - Prevailing Prayer Meeting
Finney - Promises of God
Finney - Promises of God, The
Finney - Purity of Heart and Mind
Finney - Quenching the Spirit
Finney - Reprobation
Finney - Rich man and Lazarus
Finney - Salvation Difficult to the Christian - Impossible to the Sinner
Finney - Salvation of Sinners Impossible
Finney - Sanctification by Faith
Finney - Saviour Lifted Up, and the Look of Faith
Finney - Sermons on the Way of Salvation (Posted Image
Finney - Sinners bound to change their own hearts  Eze_18:31
Finney - Stewardship
Finney - Total Depravity
Finney - Total Depravity 2
Finney - Traditions of the Elders
Finney - Use and Prevalence of Christ’s Name
Finney - Victory Over the World Through Faith
Finney - Wants of Man and their Supply
Finney - Way to Be Holy
Finney - Why Sinners Hate God
Finney SWS: 01 Rule by Which the Guilt of Sin is Estimated
Finney SWS: 02 The Self Hardening Sinner’s Doom
Finney SWS: 03 The Loss when a Soul is Lost
Finney SWS: 04 God’s Anger Against the Wicked
Finney SWS: 05 Men invited to Reason together with God
Finney SWS: 06 Conscience and the Bible in Harmony
Finney SWS: 07 Salvation Difficult to the Christian-Impossible to the Sinner
Finney SWS: 08 The Salvation of All Sinners Impossible
Finney SWS: 09 Any one form of Sin Persisted in is Fatal to the Soul
Finney SWS: 10 Wrath of God against those who withstand his Truth
Finney SWS: 11 Doom of Those who Neglect the Great Salvation
Finney SWS: 12 All Things for Good to Those that Love God
Finney SWS: 13 All Things Conspire for Evil to the Sinner
Finney SWS: 14 God has no pleasure in the Sinner’s Death
Finney SWS: 15 The Rich man and Lazarus
Finney SWS: 16 The Wants of Man and their Supply
Finney SWS: 17 On Believing with the Heart
Finney SWS: 18 On Being Holy
Finney SWS: 19 On Self-Denial
Finney SWS: 20 On Following Christ
Finney SWS: 21 Conditions of Prevailing Prayer
Finney SWS: 22 An Approving Heart -- Confidence in Prayer
Finney SWS: 23 On Praying Always
Finney SWS: 24 On Prayer for the Holy Spirit
Finney SWS: 25 Afflictions of the Righteous and Wicked Contrasted
Finney, Charles Grandison (1792-1875)
Five Kings in a Cave
Flavel - A Short Biography
Flavel - Christ Altogether Lovely
Flavel - Of CHRIST’S Prophetical Office ( Act_3:22 )
Flavel - Of CHRIST’S wonderful Person ( Joh_1:14 )
Flavel - Of the Authority by which CHRIST. . . ( Joh_6:27 )
Flavel - Of the Nature of CHRIST’s Mediation ( 1Ti_2:5 )
Flavel - Of the Solemn CONSECRATION of. . ( Joh_17:19 )
Flavel - On Keeping the Heart ( Pro_4:23 )
Flavel - Opens the Covenant of Redemption. . . ( Isa_53:12 )
Flavel - Opens the Excellency of the Subject ( 1Co_2:2 )
Flavel - Opens the love of God in giving. . ( Joh_3:16 )
Flavel - Sets forth CHRIST in his . . . GLORY ( Pro_8:30 )
Flavel - The Consolation of the Sick
Flavel On Keeping the Heart - 1  Pro_4:23 , The Text Explained
Flavel On Keeping the Heart - 10 Keeping the Heart When We Meet With Great Trials
Flavel On Keeping the Heart - 11 Keeping the Heart When the Hour of Temptation Comes
Flavel On Keeping the Heart - 12 Keeping the Heart in the Time of Doubting and Spiritual Darkness
Flavel On Keeping the Heart - 13 Keeping the Heart When Sufferings for Religion are Laid on Us
Flavel On Keeping the Heart - 14 Keeping the Heart When Sickness Warns of Death Approaching
Flavel On Keeping the Heart - 15 A Special Warning to Hypocrites and Formal Professors
Flavel On Keeping the Heart - 16 A Special Encouragement to the People of God
Flavel On Keeping the Heart - 17 Ten Motives Exhorting to a Hearty Engagement in Keeping the Heart
Flavel On Keeping the Heart - 2 Duties Included in Keeping the Heart
Flavel On Keeping the Heart - 3 Reasons Why this Should be the Great Business of Life
Flavel On Keeping the Heart - 4 The Time of Prosperity
Flavel On Keeping the Heart - 5 Keeping the Heart in the Time of Adversity
Flavel On Keeping the Heart - 6 Keeping the Heart in the Time of Zion’s Troubles
Flavel On Keeping the Heart - 7 Keeping the Heart in Time of danger and Public Distraction
Flavel On Keeping the Heart - 8 Keeping the Heart in the Time of Outward Wants
Flavel On Keeping the Heart - 9 Keeping the Heart in the Time of Duty
Flavel, John (1630-1691)
Fowler - The Spirit of Christ
Freeman - Bible Doctrines Affected by Modern Versions
Freeman - Cremation Is Not for Christians
Freeman - The Bible Teaching Concerning Separation
Freeman - What Are You Doing Dad?
Freeman - What’s Wrong With Five-Point Calvinism?
Freeman - Why I Enrolled My Last Child in Christian School
Freeman, Paul
Froude - Calvinism (1871)
Froude, James Anthony
Gadsby - Why did Christ Die?
Gadsby, William (1773-1844)
Gaebelein - Be of Good Cheer
Gaebelein - Fellowship of His Son
Gaebelein - He Shall Not Keep Silent
Gaebelein - Honour and Glory Unto Him
Gaebelein - Lord of Glory
Gaebelein - Love of Christ
Gaebelein - Never Changing One
Gaebelein - Preeminence of the Lord Jesus Christ
Gaebelein - Pre-eminence of the Lord Jesus Christ
Gaebelein - That Worthy Name
Gaebelein - This Same Jesus.
Gaebelein - Twenty Prominent Facts Taught in the NT on Return of Lord
Gaebelein - Waiting Christ
Gaebelein - Wondrous Cross
Gaebelein - Ye are Christ’s ... Christ is God’s"
Gaebelein, Arno C.
GC Morgan - A News Article Resulting from an Interview with Dr. Morgan
GC Morgan - Individuality in Religion
GC Morgan - Kingdom shall be the Lord’s, The
GC Morgan - Righteousness or Revenue
GC Morgan - Sanctification
GC Morgan - Vengeance of God, The
GC Morgan - Vital Forces of Today
Gill - Sure Perfermance of Prophecy, The
Gill - The Agreement of Old & New Testaments
Gill - The Scriptures: the Only Guide in Matters of Religion
Gill, John (1697-1771)
Gill: God’s Word: The Scriptures
Gladden - The Prince of Life
Glasscock, Ed - Husband of one Wife Requirement in 1 Timothy
Goodwin - God the Fountain of Salvation for All His Elect
Goodwin - Greatness of God’s Love to His Elect
Goodwin - He Emptied Himself
Goodwin - Riches of God’s Love to His Elect
Goodwin - Wisdom of Patience
Goodwin, Thomas (1600-1680) (Congregationalist)
Gouge - Preaching the Word of God
Gouge - Wisdom of Patience
Gouge, William (1575-1653) (Puritan)
Griffin, Edward (1770-1837) Presbyterian
GriffinE - An Exhortation to Serve the Lord
GriffinE - Christ A Refuge From The Tempest
GriffinE - Enoch Walked With God
GriffinE - Heaven
GriffinE - Salvation Taken Into God’s Own Hands
GriffinE - The Tender Mercies Of God
GriffinE - When I was a Child I Thought as a Child
GriffinE - Whom Have I in Heaven but Thee?
GriffinE - Your Heart His Target
Guthrie - The New Heart
Haid - Biography of John James
Haldane - Doctrine and Duty of Self-Examination
Haldane - Doctrine of the Atonement
Haldane - Wisdom of God Displayed in the Mystery of Redemption
Haldane, James (1768-1851)
Haldeman - The Scarlet Woman or The Revival of Romanism
Haldeman, I.M. (1845-1933)
Hale - The Colonization of the Desert
Hammond - Forgiveness of Sins (1896)
Hammond, Joseph (1839-1912)
Havner - Time for Judgment
Havner, Vance (1901-)
Hodge, Archibald (1823-1886 Reformed)
Hodge, Charles (1797-1878)
HodgeA - A Basic Comparison of Systems (Outlines of Theology) (1860)
HodgeA - Assurance and Humility
HodgeA - Creeds & Confessions
HodgeA - Free Will
HodgeA - God, His Nature and Relation to the Universe
HodgeA - Holy Scriptures - Canon & Inspiration
HodgeA - Inspiration of the Bible
HodgeA - Ordo Salutis (Order of Salvation)
HodgeA - Pelagianism, Semi-Pelagianism & Augustinianism
HodgeA - Predestination
HodgeA - Regeneration
HodgeA - Rule of Faith and Practice
HodgeA - Sacraments - Baptism
HodgeA - Sanctification
HodgeA - Sola Scriptura
HodgeC -  Rom_5:1-11
HodgeC -  Rom_5:12-21
HodgeC - "A Comparison of Systems"
HodgeC - But What is it to Eat and Drink Unworthily?
HodgeC - Christianity Without Christ
HodgeC - Doctrine & Remarks
HodgeC - Finney’s Lectures on Theology
HodgeC - For Whom Did Christ Die?
HodgeC - Great Revival of Religion 1740-1745
HodgeC - Ground of Faith in The Scriptures
HodgeC - Holy Living
HodgeC - Is The Church of Rome a part of the Visible Church?
HodgeC - Justification
HodgeC - Nature and Necessity of a Public Profession of Religion
HodgeC - Nature of Tongues
HodgeC - Protestant Rule of Faith
HodgeC - Theology of the Intellect & That of the Feelings
HodgeC - What is Meant by Adopting the Westminster Confession?
HodgeC - What is Presbyterianism?
Hoekema, Anthony
HoekemaA - Amillennialism
Hoeksema, Homer C
HoeksemaH - Whosoever Will - Whosoever Will May Come
Hooker-The Activity of Faith
Howe - Funeral Sermon on the Death of Dr. William Bates,
Howe - The Redeemer’s Tears over Lost Souls
Hymns by Horatius Bonar
INY:  Enduement of Power from on High
INY:  Prevailing Prayer
INY: How to Overcome Sin
Ironside - An Agnostic’s Challenge
Ironside - Bearing About in the Body the Dying of Lord Jesus
Ironside - Care for God’s Fruit-Trees
Ironside - Exposing Error: Is it worthwhile?
Ironside - Father’s House and the Way There
Ironside - Fed by Ravens
Ironside - Four Gospels and Their Relation to the Church
Ironside - Four Great Truths
Ironside - From Infidelity to Faith
Ironside - God’s Unspeakable Gift
Ironside - God’s Word: Sweet and Bitter
Ironside - Greatest Text in the Bible, The
Ironside - Holiness, The True and the False
Ironside - Joseph, A Type of Christ
Ironside - Judgment-Seat of Christ
Ironside - Learning to be Abased
Ironside - Life and Ministry of Harry Ironside
Ironside - Mass Versus the Lord’s Supper, The
Ironside - Mass vs Lord’s Supper
Ironside - Not Only Necessary-But Enough
Ironside - Power of His Resurrection
Ironside - The Lord’s Day, Its Privileges and Responsibilities
Ironside - The Morning Star and the Sun of Righteousness
Ironside, Harry (1876-1951 Plymouth Brethren)
James, John Angell
JamesJA - A New Year’s Solemn Warning
JamesJA - Aged Minister of Christ Contemplated
JamesJA - Attendance on Week Day Services
JamesJA - Attraction of the Cross, The
JamesJA - Benediction
JamesJA - Birmingham Bible Society
JamesJA - Character and Reward of the Faithful Minister, The
JamesJA - Character and Translation of Enoch, The
JamesJA - Chief End of Life, The
JamesJA - Christian Activity
JamesJA - Christian Love
JamesJA - Christian Mercy Explained and Enforced
JamesJA - Crisis, or Hope and fear balanced
JamesJA - Death of Eminent Ministers, a Public Loss
JamesJA - Declension in Religion
JamesJA - Different Degrees of Glory
JamesJA - Directions for Profitaly hearing the Word of God
JamesJA - Dislike to Ministerial Faithfulness
JamesJA - Duties fo Church Members
JamesJA - Duty of Meditation, The
JamesJA - ELIZABETH BALES—a Pattern for Sunday
JamesJA - Evidences & Results of Sanctified Affliction
JamesJA - Family Prayer
JamesJA - Force and Importance of Habit
JamesJA - Forgiveness of Injuries
JamesJA - Foundation, Construction, & Eternity of Character, The
JamesJA - Growth in Grace
JamesJA - HAPPINESS—its NATURE, SOURCES Described, and Mistakes
JamesJA - Jewels from James
JamesJA - Jubilee Memorial
JamesJA - Lord’s Supper, The
JamesJA - Mind of Christ, The
JamesJA - Ministerial Duties Stated and Enforced
JamesJA - Olive Branch and the Cross, The
JamesJA - One Thing I Do!
JamesJA - Oratorios
JamesJA - Our Sins at the Seminary
JamesJA - Parental Desire, Duty, and Encouragement
JamesJA - Pastoral Claims Stated
JamesJA - Path to the Bush—Illustrating the Duty
JamesJA - Pious Collier, or History of Joseph Round
JamesJA - Prayer and Practice
JamesJA - Preface to Cooper’s Treatise on "HEART DISCIPLINE"
JamesJA - Queries for Self-Examination
JamesJA - Reading the Scriptures
JamesJA - Reflections on the Story of Simeon Green—the
JamesJA - Religious Education of Children
JamesJA - Satanic Temptations
JamesJA - Self-Renunciation
JamesJA - Sermon at Death of Mrs. Sherman
JamesJA - Sin of Scoffing at Religion Exposed
JamesJA - Sin Remembered
JamesJA - Small Beginnings not to be Despised
JamesJA - Sorrow for the Death of Friends
JamesJA - Spiritual Idolatry
JamesJA - Spiritual Joy
JamesJA - Strange Piety
JamesJA - The life and letters of John Angell James
JamesJA - Tribute to Fathers and Founders of London Missionary Society
JamesJA - Work of the Spirit
JamesJA - Youth and Cause of Missions Stated and Enforced
JamesJA - Youth Warned!
Jeremy Taylor - Christ’s Advent to Judgment
JEWELS from JAMES vol 1
JEWELS from JAMES vol 2
JEWELS from JAMES vol 3
JEWELS from JAMES vol 4
JEWELS from JAMES vol 5
JEWELS from JAMES vol 6
JEWELS from JAMES vol 7
JEWELS from JAMES vol 8
John Hall - Liberty only in Truth
Jones, Sam - A New Creature In Christ
Jones, Sam - Eternal Punishment, Or The Logic of Damnation
Jones, Sam - Fighting the Devil
Jones, Sam - For Men Only
Jones, Sam - God’s Grace is Sufficient
Jones, Sam - Hold the Fort
Jones, Sam - It Pays to be Righteous
Jones, Sam - Law and Order
Jones, Sam - Quit Your Meanness
Jones, Sam - The Blessedness of Religion
Jones, Sam - The Righteous and the Wicked
Jones, Sam - The Virtue of Honesty
Jones, Sam - Whosoever Will May Come
Jones, Sam - Why Will Ye Die?
Jones, Samuel Porter (1847-1906 Methodist Evangelist)
Joseph Parker - A Word to the Weary
Kennedy - The Father’s Drawing
Kennedy (1819-1884) - Hyper-Evangelism: Another Gospel, Though a Mighty Power
Kennedy, John (1813-1847)
Kenyon - Claiming our Rights
Kenyon - Danger of Seeking Experiences, The
Kenyon - Do you Believer in Miracles?
Kenyon - God Reproducing Himself in Us
Kenyon - God-Inside Minded
Kenyon - Integrity of the Word, The
Kenyon - Jesus the Healer
Kenyon - Price is Paid, The
Kenyon - Raised With Him
Kenyon - Reality of Redemption, The
Kenyon - Satan Defeated
Kenyon - This Jesus Kind of Love
Kenyon - What We Are in Christ
Kenyon - Why Have the People Failed?
Kenyon, Frederic George (1863-1952)
Kouhl - Bad Arguments Against Calvinism
Kouhl, Gregory
Kuiper - Church and the True, The
Kuiper - Scriptural Particularism
Kuiper - Unity, Diversity, and Division
Kuiper, R.B. (1886-1966) (Calvinist Profesor)
Kuyper - Calling and Repentance
Kuyper - Holy Raiment of One’s Own Weaving
Kuyper - When What Is Mortal Is Swallowed Up By Life
Kuyper, Abraham (1837-1920)
Law, Henry (1797-1884)
Law, William (1686-1761)
LawH - Cordials in Temporal Troubles
LawW - A Collection of Letters
LawW - A Demonstration of the Gross and Fundamental Errors of Book, Sacrament of Lord’s Supper
LawW - An Humble, Earnest, and Affectionate Address to the Clergy
LawW - Grounds and Reason of Christian Regeneration
LawW - Of Justification by Faith and Works
Lee, Robert Greene (1886-1978)
LeeRG - Payday Someday
Liddon - Influences of the Holy Spirit
Lightfoot, Joseph Barber (1828-1889)
Lightfoot-Sermons (1890)
Little - Thirst Satisfied
Lloyd-Jones - Discerning The Times
Lloyd-Jones - Ecclesiola in Ecclesia
Lloyd-Jones - Everlasting Covenant, The
Lloyd-Jones - Heresy
Lloyd-Jones -What is Christian Union?
Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn (????-1981)
Lorimer - The Fall of Satan
Luther - A Treatise on Good Works (1520)
Luther - Concerning Christian Liberty
Luther - Ninety-Five Theses
Luther - On the Babylonish Captivity of the Church (1520)
Luther - Preface to the Letter of Paul to Romans
Luther - To Christian Nobility of German Nation (Respecting Reformation of Christian Estate) (1520)
Luther (1483-1546). The Method and Fruits of Justification
Luther, Martin (1483-1586)
M’Cheyene - Holding Christ Fast -  Son_3:4
M’Cheyene - I Will Pour Water -  Isa_44:3-4
M’Cheyene - The Difficulty and Desirableness of Conversion -  Psa_40:1-3
M’Cheyene - The Free Obedience of Christ -  Joh_10:17-18
M’Cheyene - The Hireling and the True Shepherd -  Joh_10:11-15
M’Cheyene - The Improvement of Affliction -  Job_34:31-32
M’Cheyene - The Inward Experience of Believers -  Rom_7:22-25
M’Cheyene - The Marks and Blessings of Christ’s Sheep -  Joh_10:26-30
M’Cheyene - The Salvation of God -  Isa_55:6-9
M’Cheyene - The True and False Shepherd -  Joh_10:1-6
M’Cheyene - The Word Made Flesh -  Joh_1:14
MacArthur - Christ, the Quest of the Centuries
MacDuff - Christian Pathway
MacDuff - Faithful Promiser, The (1849)
MacDuff - Rainbow in the Clouds
MacDuff - Thoughts for the Quiet Hour (1895)
MacDuff, John (1818-1895)
Mace, Alfred (Brethren)
MaceA - Disciples Indeed
Machen - Atonement
Machen - Christianity & Liberalism
Machen - Christianity and Culture
Machen - Consequences of the Fall of Man
Machen - Creeds and Doctrinal Advance
Machen - Faith and Works
Machen - Faith Born of Need
Machen - Faith in God
Machen - Fall of Man
Machen - Fear of God, The
Machen - God the Creator
Machen - History & Faith (1915)
Machen - Is Mankind Lost in Sin?
Machen - Is the Bible the Word of God
Machen - Jesus and Paul
Machen - Liberalism or Christianity?
Machen - Living Saviour
Machen - Minister & His Greek Testament
Machen - My Idea of God
Machen - New Testament Greek: A Brief Introduction
Machen - Origin of Paul’s Religion
Machen - Prophets False and True
Machen - Resurrection of Christ
Machen - Sin’s Wages and God’s Gift
Machen - Transforming Effect of the Gospel
Machen - Triune God
Machen - What is Christianity?
Machen - What Is Sin?
Machen - Witness of Paul
Machen, John Gresham (1881-1937) Presbyterian.1
MacKay - A Critique of the Teachings of Arthur W Pink
MacKay - A Critique of the Teachings of Arthur W Pink
Mackintosh - A Risen Saviour.
Mackintosh - A Word on Christian Intercourse.
Mackintosh - All-sufficiency of Christ, The
Mackintosh - Assembly of God, The
Mackintosh - Bethany
Mackintosh - Bible — Its Sufficiency and Supremacy, The
Mackintosh - Bible: Whence is it?, The
Mackintosh - Blind Man, and the Pharisees who said "We see.", The
Mackintosh - Call of God — Abraham and Lot., The
Mackintosh - Christ in the Vessel.
Mackintosh - Christian perfection: What is it?
Mackintosh - Christian Priesthood, The
Mackintosh - Christian: His position and his work; The
Mackintosh - Christian’s Mission, The
Mackintosh - Christianity — What is it?
Mackintosh - Church, The
Mackintosh - Communion with God: What is it?
Mackintosh - Conversion: What is it?
Mackintosh - David’s Companions and Paul’s Friends.
Mackintosh - Dead to the Law
Mackintosh - Decision for Christ.
Mackintosh - Deliverance
Mackintosh - Dew of Hermon, The
Mackintosh - Discipleship in an evil day
Mackintosh - Discipline of the Assembly, The
Mackintosh - Diversity and Unity.
Mackintosh - Divine Titles.
Mackintosh - Each Member — A Help or a Hindrance: Which?
Mackintosh - Epaphras, The Service of Prayer.
Mackintosh - Epaphroditus
Mackintosh - Eternal Punishment vs Universalism and Annihilationism.
Mackintosh - Evangelization — A word to the Evangelist.
Mackintosh - False Worship.
Mackintosh - Fifteenth Letter to a Friend.
Mackintosh - Final Perseverance: What is it?
Mackintosh - Forgiveness of sins: What is it?
Mackintosh - Gideon and his companions.
Mackintosh - Gilgal.
Mackintosh - Glad Tidings
Mackintosh - God for us.
Mackintosh - God in Everything
Mackintosh - God’s Fulness for an Empty Vessel.
Mackintosh - God’s Way, and how to find it.
Mackintosh - Grace and Government.
Mackintosh - Grace and Holiness
Mackintosh - Great Commission, The
Mackintosh - History of the Tribe of Levi
Mackintosh - How to Study Scripture
Mackintosh - Inside the Veil, Outside the Camp.
Mackintosh - Isolation
Mackintosh - Israel and the Nations.
Mackintosh - Jacob Alone With God.
Mackintosh - Jehoshaphat — Worldliness.
Mackintosh - Jehovah’s Demand and Satan’s Objections.
Mackintosh - Jericho and Achor — Privilege and Responsibility.
Mackintosh - Jesus Risen.
Mackintosh - Job and His Friends.
Mackintosh - John the Baptist — only "a voice"
Mackintosh - Landmarks and Stumblingblocks
Mackintosh - Law and Gospel
Mackintosh - Law and grace Exemplified.
Mackintosh - Legality and Levity
Mackintosh - Life and Times of David, The
Mackintosh - Life and Times of Elijah, The
Mackintosh - Life and Times of Josiah, The
Mackintosh - Life-works
Mackintosh - Living by Faith.
Mackintosh - Living God and a Living Faith, The
Mackintosh - Lord Our Shepherd, The
Mackintosh - Love of Jesus, The
Mackintosh - Man of God, The
Mackintosh - Ministry of Christ Past, Present, and Future, The
Mackintosh - Ministry of Reconciliation
Mackintosh - Now and Then;
Mackintosh - One-sided Theology
Mackintosh - Our Standard and Our Hope.
Mackintosh - Papers on the Lord’s Coming.
Mackintosh - Passover in Egypt, The
Mackintosh - Peace
Mackintosh - Prayer and the Prayer Meeting.
Mackintosh - Prayer, in its proper place.
Mackintosh - Pre-Millennial Doctrine or Waiting for the Son?
Mackintosh - Prisoner of Hope, The
Mackintosh - Publicly and from house to house
Mackintosh - Questions, and How to Meet them
Mackintosh - Ready
Mackintosh - Regeneration: What is it?
Mackintosh - Regions Beyond  2Co_10:16 ; and "Let us go again"  Act_15:36 .
Mackintosh - Remnant, The — Past and Present. C. H. Mackintosh.
Mackintosh - Restoration ( Gen_35:1-29 )
Mackintosh - Restoration ( Joh_21:1-19 )
Mackintosh - Sabbath, the Law, and the Christian Ministry.
Mackintosh - Sanctification: What is it?
Mackintosh - Saul of Tarsus
Mackintosh - Self-Surrender
Mackintosh - Simon Peter — His life and its lessons.
Mackintosh - There is one body
Mackintosh - Thou and thy house.
Mackintosh - Thoughts on the Lord’s Supper;
Mackintosh - Three Appearings, The
Mackintosh - Three Crosses, The
Mackintosh - Throne and the Altar, The
Mackintosh - Thyself and the doctrine.
Mackintosh - True Ground of Peace, The
Mackintosh - True Workman, The
Mackintosh - Two Musts, The
Mackintosh - Unequal Yoke, The
Mackintosh - Unity: What is it? And am I confessing it?
Mackintosh - Words of Counsel.
Mackintosh - Work in its Right Place;
Mackintosh, Charles Henry (1820-1896)
MacLaren - Absent Present Christ
MacLaren - Disciple’s Confession and Master’s Warning
MacLaren - Take Up the Challenge
Maclaren - The Pattern of Service
Maclaren, Alexander (1826-1910)
Macleod - Doctrine of Sovereignty of God
Macleod - The Doctrine of Sovereignty of God part 1
Macleod - The Doctrine of Sovereignty of God Part 2
Macleod - The Inspiration part 1
Macleod - The Inspiration part 2
Macleod - The True Christian Ministry
Macleod, John (1872-1948)
Magee - The Miraculous Stilling of the Storm
Mahan -  2Pe_1:4  Explained and Elucidated.
Mahan - Believer’s Confidence
Mahan - Brotherly Love
Mahan - Christian Perfection
Mahan - Dealing with "Evil Propensities"
Mahan - Principles of Church Discipline
Mahan - Sufferings of Christ
Mahan - Taking Thought for the Morrow
Mahan - True Believer, The
Mahan - True Obedience to God by Grace
Mahan - Victory Over Dispositions And Tendencies
Mahan, Asa (Higher Life)
Makcintosh - Holy Brethren
Manning - The Triumph of the Church
Manton - Scripture Sufficient without unwritten Traditions
Manton, Thomas (1620-1677)
Martineau - Parting Words
Mason - Messiah’s Throne
Massilln - The Small Number of the Elect
Maurice - The Valley of Dry Bones
McCheyne - A Right to the Tree of Life
McCheyne - Ark, The
McCheyne - Call of Abraham, The
McCheyne - Chosen to Salvation
McCheyne - Conviction of Sin, The
McCheyne - Earnest Heed to the Message
McCheyne - Lightning from the East
McCheyne - Lord and His Rewards, The
McCheyne - Lord our Righteousness
McCheyne - Lord’s Dealings with His People
McCheyne - Pilgrim’s Staff
McCheyne - Spirit Committed to God
McCheyne - The Inward Experience of Believers
McCheyne - Time is Short
McCheyne - True Pleasantness of Being a Child of God
McCheyne - Watching unto Prayer
McCheyne - Who shall Separate Us?
McCheyne, Robert Murray (1813-1843)
McConkey - The Believer’s Gift to God.
McConkey - The Committal
McConkey - The Dedicated Life
McConkey - The Sure Shepherd
McConkey - The Yielded Life
McConkey, James
MCheyene - Adoption -  1Jn_3:1
MCheyene - Christ the Door into the Church -  Joh_10:6-10
MCheyene - Christ the Way, the Truth and the Life -  Joh_14:6
MCheyene - Conversion -  Zec_3:1-2
MCheyene - Electing Love -  Joh_15:16
McKenzie - The Royal Bounty
Meyer - Blessed Life
Meyer - Life without Miracles
Meyer - Prayer of Intercession
Meyer 1 Chronicles
Meyer 1 Corinthians
Meyer 1 John

Looks like it truncated the list of sermons in the file description.

Thank you



Also, some sermons are blank or only have a title -- like G. Campbell Morgan and others.

That's an excellent resource, but I do not know how to convert it to MySword. The MigrationTool does not do so, although I tried several times. Please help.

Great Resource! 

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