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  • Author: Bullinger, E.W.
  • e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x
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Download Bullinger - Companion Bible Notes, Appendices, and Graphics

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Bullinger, E.W.

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

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Revised: 2/14/2012 - Removed font size specifications so module uses e-Sword user's font sizes.

This install includes E.W. Bullinger's 1909:

Companion Bible Notes
Companion Bible Appendices (in e-Sword Dictionary format)
Companion Bible Maps/Graphics

To use the dictionary appendices with the commentary, select the dictionary from the e-Sword dictionary tab. When you click on an Appendix in the e-Sword commentary, the appropriate appendix will appear in this dictionary.

Bullinger was a hyper-dispensationalist and remains controversial, but ironically, his system does not usually shine through noticeably in the work. When Bullinger died in 1913, the Companion Bible was completed only up to the middle of John. His followers finished the work with comments from his prolific writings elsewhere. The name comes from the fact that a wide margin is left to be a companion to the text, and the work is intended to be the Bible reader’s companion.  

The Companion Bible is popular among Christians who want to  understand God’s Word in the trusted and familiar language of the King James Text. The Companion Bible is sometimes touted by proponents of the KJV as a free and compelling Study Bible that remains immune to the trends of modern Study Bibles and translations.

Extensive marginal notes (presented as as a commentary in e-Sword format) with appropriate Hebrew and Greek analysis provide alternate translations of critical passages and call attention to other relevant texts.

Detailed outlines focus on the context and significance of each book while emphasizing how each part fits into the whole.

Helps include:  198 appendixes of Hebrew and Greek words and their use, including Figures of Speech, charts, parallel passages, maps, lists of proper names, calendars, and timelines., keyed to the marginal notes, provide additional information on genealogies, synonyms, historical and a wide range of other important topics, A “Must” for the Serious Bible Student.

Portions of this text were converted from Bible Analyzer format. Copyright 2010, Timothy S. Morton (www.BibleAnalyzer.com). All Rights Reserved.

May God bless you, thanks...
I know that Bullinger believed in the cessation of the soul or what is commonly known as "soul sleep". Does that shine through at all in the companion bible?

I know that Bullinger believed in the cessation of the soul or what is commonly known as "soul sleep". Does that shine through at all in the companion bible?

Bullinger had some perspectives, including that one, with which one might disagree. That particular one is alluded to in the appendices but less in the notes. For the most part, the notes are word explanations, etc. Well-respected Bible teacher Warren Wiersbe wrote this in his foreward to Bullinger's book "Great Cloud of Witnesses", a study of Hebrews 11, "Dr. Bullinger held some doctrinal views that perhaps some of us might not agree with; but this disagreement must not rob us of the blessings of his written ministry. He was a careful student of the Word and a recognized scholar in the field of Biblical languages." This richness comes out nowhere better than in the Companion Bible.
Good addition a lot of good cross reference material here
I just want to thank ya'll for your hard work to add to e-sword and the different modules. I like being able to look at Bullinger's notes. I have been learning...not everything we are taught is Biblical...we must really search the Word daily...I enjoy being able to search e-sword for scriptures...when my computer was down..I really missed it! Everything I need is all in one place. Thanks! love,Anna

Can you make Bullingers words available for theWord, and Xiphos ?

John , get with the winning team, e sword works better then those other resorces.

Love this resource. Bullinger's parallel structure outlines (xiastic) are amazing. Noticed a typo in the notes for Ezekiel 37:28:

"shall know. See note on Eze_6:30." should read "...6:10". There is no Ez. 6:30.

Typos and misspelling noticed with this  -Luke 3:23  And Jesus himself began to be about thirty years of age, being (as was supposed) the son of Joseph, which was the son of Heli,
E-sword -companion Bible note typos >

Luke 3:23

began = when He began [His ministry? ] He was about thirty years of age.

as was supposed = as reckoned by law. Greek. nomizo = to lay down a thing as law; to hold by custom, or usage; to reckon correctly, take for granted. See Mat_20:10. Mat_2:44. Act_7:25; Act_14:19; Act_16:13, Act_16:27.

Joseph was begotten by Jacob, and was his natural son (Mat_1:16). He could be the legal son of Heli, therefore, only by marriage with Hell's daughter (Mary), and be reckoned so according to law (Greek. nomizo). It does not say "begat" in the case of Hell.

( In my printed Large print Compaion Bible that reads Heli.... Not Hell )



I've given your comment a Like because you are the only one to actually report a problem which Niobi (aka Patchwork Kid) seemed to have missed.


As good as a work Niobi produced, the one fundamental factor that cannot be overlooked is the checking of spelling mistakes, typographical errors, and sentence structures, such as missing words in a sentence. Other errors that need to be looked out for are incorrect Biblical references, of which I have come across many resources that have them.


So, with that, I want to thank you for pointing this out as it serves as a crucial reminder for us resource creators that these things need to be checked, and checked on a regular basis, and never assume that the original source is 100% free of errors.




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