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e-Sword Utility:
Download Step2RTF - Step Book Converter

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Josh Bond

Suggest New Tag::
Step book, step2rtf, tooltip, RTF

Step2RTF.exe converts a Step book into an RTF file, which you can view or edit in any word processor, like Microsoft Word, Wordpad, or ToolTip NT. Although not an e-Sword utility specifically (as it does not convert the STEP book into e-Sword format), this utility is beneficial for e-Sword users with content locked inside legacy STEP books.


Insert ÷ at section beginning: puts a placeholder symbol at the beginning of each Stepbook section (called viewable blocks). This is a tremendously powerful feature because it allows you to import the RTF file into Tooltip (or provide the sectioin dividers when converting to other Bible markup formats).

For example, verse by verse (or chapter by chapter) comments in a Step book commentary will usually be divided into viewable blocks (or sections). So, by inserting a ÷ symbol at the beginning of each section, (many times) you're very close to being able to import into ToolTip.

Sometimes, the ÷ is placed a line or two above where you need it. This is an easy fix with Microsoft Word's search and replace functionality. I intend to write a longer tutorial here, but you can simply use Word's search and replace feature to remove lines and bring the symbol to where you need it. Searching for ÷^13 -or- ÷^13^13 -or- ÷^p -or- ÷^p^p and replacing with ^13÷ -or- ^13^13÷ -or- ^p÷ -or- ^p^p÷ will sometimes be sufficient (you're just finding the line breaks/paragraph breaks and putting the symbol after them instead of before them). Other times, you may need to perform a regular expression search/replace.
Bottom line: there's almost never a valid reason to spend hours reformatting content when search and replace functionality can achieve the same result.

Strip \v0 and \v1 RTF Tags: Removes \v0 and \v1 RTF tags. Rich Text Format (RTF) uses tags hidden tags in the text to indicate bold, italics, paragraph formatting, etc. For example: \b Bible \b0 means Bible is bolded (\b activates the bold, \b0 deactivates the bold).

The \v tags are undocumented by Microsoft, the creator of the RTF standard. The \v tags meant something to the Step book format, but apparently do not mean anything to word processors. The \v tags disrupt Microsoft Word search and replace functionality in some instances. To eliminate the \v tags, check this box.

Known Issues and Troubleshooting:
1) Some modules with Greek or Hebrew text do not convert well. And others do.

2) Pictures and binary data are not converted because I don't know how. Many times, pictures (charts, diagrams, etc) are included separately in your Step book folder. Simply insert them into your RTF document, if you wish.

3) There was an issue with binary data (not pictures) in one particular Step book I tested. I do not understand the purpose of this binary data or how to interpret it. So I simply excluded the data and it did not have any impact on the content or layout of the book.

4) You can't open the RTF file generated by this program. This could be a rare case of #3 above, where this program sent binary data (that I don't know how to interpret) into the RTF file. Please send me the output RTF file as well as the step book you were trying to convert so I can see what happened.

Hi The information provided here is very valuable. Excellent.

thanks again Josh
Now all we need is a way to convert STEP books to Nook and / or Kindle format.



Thank you

Export to HTML were wonderful.

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