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PDF of Deuteronomy Commentary by Walter Brueggemann for the AOTC

Deuteronomy in OT Commentary series by Abingdon Press (2001).

There is one file [1] 5_Deuteronomy (Abingdon).pdf
This consists of a good quality PDF copy of ABINGDON OLD TESTAMENT COMMENTARIES: DEUTERONOMY by Walter Brueggemann Copyright © 2001 by Abingdon Press. All rights reserved. Includes bibliographical references and index. Total 255 pages in PDF format.

You will enjoy your time reading through these pages side by side with Deuteronomy in your copy of the Holy Bible. The New Revised Standard Version text has been used as the basis. The author does not presuppose any knowledge of the biblical languages on the part of the reader. The fundamental aim of this series will have been attained if readers are assisted, not only to understand more about the origins, character, and meaning of the Old Testament writings but also to enter into their own informed and critical engagement with the texts themselves.

When you provide this in e-Sword format, please include the following restriction: No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording, or by any information storage or retrieval system, except as may be expressly permitted by the 1976 Copyright Act or in writing from the publisher. Requests for permission should be addressed to Abingdon Press, P.O. Box 801, 201 Eighth Avenue South, Nashville, TN.

When you provide this in e-Sword module format, please include the permission details you received from Abingdon Press to provide this module in e-Sword format, on BibleSupport.com on your copy, and how we can contact you if anyone encounters e-Sword anomalies in the use of your module.  

Front cover; Deuteronomy; Information page ABINGDON OLD TESTAMENT COMMENTARIES; Titlepage
Copyright and printing details ABINGDON OLD TESTAMENT COMMENTARIES: DEUTERONOMY. Copyright© 2001 by Abingdon Press
Dedication page For Christiana Adair Brueggemann and James August Brueggemann

Foreword by Patrick D. Miller General Editor - 3 PDF pages
Preface by Walter Brueggemann - 1 page
List of Abbreviations - 1 page
Introduction - 7 PDF pages
Commentary - Each section has an introduction, Exegetical Analysis, and Theological and Ethical Analysis
Memory as Context for Interpretation (1:1-3:29)
An Urgent, Land-Securing Decision (4:1-43)
Remembering the Decisive Confrontation (4:44-5:33)
The Threat of Amnesia (6:1-25)
The Wonder and Rigor of Being Chosen (7:1-26)
Faith as Alternative to Complacency as Alternative to Deprivation (8:1-20)
Israel Reconstituted by Prayer and Generosity (9:1-10:11)
Imitations of a Caring God (10:12-22)
A Land Watched Over (11:1-32)
The Statutes and the Ordinances (12-25)
On Right Worship (12:1-32 [Heb. 12:1-13:1])
Beware of Seductions! (13:1-18 [Heb. 13:2-19])
Holy Identity, Holy Practices (14:1-21)
The Beginning of Social Legislation (14:22-29)
The Social Safety Net (15:1-18)
Give of Your Best (15:19-23)
Take Time to Be Holy (16:1-17)
Instituted by God (16:18-18:22)
Justice, Only Justice (16:18-17:13)
Power Without Acquisitiveness (17:14-20)
A Priest Without Property (18:1-8)
A Faithful Way to the Future (18:9-22)
Breaking the Vicious Cycles of Violence (19:1-13)
Don't Move the Markers (19:14)
Due Process (19 15-21)
Faith, War, and the Environment (20:1-20)
An Ordered Neighborliness (21:1-22:12)
A Disgraceful Act in Israel (22:13-30 [Heb. 22:13-29, 23:1])
Rules of Access (23:1-8)
Purity and Justice Intermingled (23:9-25)
Holy Identity Enacted Concretely (24:1-22)
Variations on Covenantal Themes (25:1-19)
A Declaration Unashamed (26:1-19)
Becoming the People of YHWH (27:1-26)
The "If' of Heads or Tails (28:1-29:1)
Pardon Refused (29:2-29)
On Rechoosing (30:1-20)
The Ominous Future as a Matrix of Call (31:1-29)
Massive Judgment, Surprising Hope (31:30-32:52)
A People with an Assured Future (33:1-29)
Moses, Banned but Unequaled (34:1-12)
Select Bibliography - Works Cited, Commentaries, For Further Study (6 pages with important works available in English)
Index - The index that appeared in the print version of this title was intentionally removed from the eBook. Please use the search function on your eReading device for terms of interest. For your reference, the terms that appear in the print index are listed below. (8 pages)

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