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  • Submitted: Dec 09 2018 05:27 AM
  • Last Updated: Dec 09 2018 05:48 AM
  • File Size: 2.86MB
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  • Author: D.M. Cantright, D.R. Dungan, G.W. Elliott
  • e-Sword Version: 10.x

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Download Seventh Day Doctrine Refuted

* * * * * 2 Votes
Whole Bible Paraphrase *** Theology Denominations and Disciplines Church of Christ Church History Biblical Studies Textual Criticism Public Domain

D.M. Cantright, D.R. Dungan, G.W. Elliott

e-Sword Version:

This .refi HD Reference Work for e-Sword contains the following
four books:
If you Click on the name of the Book(s) above it will load and run the PDF
Version of each book in your Internet Browser. Internet Connection is
required for this.

These books are being bundled for a reason. They present sound
scriptural reasons for opposing the 7th Day Adventist doctrine and their
teaching relative to the "Lord's Day" Vs. "Sabbath Day" Worship. The
first three books listed have a tremendous wealth of Historical as well
as Biblical reasons to Refute the doctrine of Sabbath Day Worship over
that of Sunday, or "Lord's Day" Worship (Acts 20:7). One of these books
by D.M. Canright is already available on BibleSupport.com. Both books
by Canright go a long way to present evidence against 7th Day Worship.
The fourth book is a good debate between Elliott(Christian) and Kauble
(7th Day Adventist). Please read the books in order. They will inform
those who don't know...

This .refi Reference Work requires Version 11.0 of e-Sword or greater
to run on your PC. Should work just fine on the iPad and iPhone.
It will appear in your Reference Library as "Seventh Day Doctrine Refuted"

The first three books feature a combined total of 47 Chapters. The fourth
book was pretty rough but tried to format the text to be as readable as possible.
If you prefer, click on the links above to view any of the books in PDF format.

this is great, thanks 

There is one download file provided, updated Dec 09, 2018
[1] 7th Day Doctrine.refi

This file is saved as "Seventh Day Doctrine Refuted" with the following content:
Table of Contents
Contains the Following Books To Defeat 7th Day Adventism:
1. D. M. Canright:  The Lord's Day - From Neither Catholics Nor Pagans
2. D. M. Canright:  Seventh-Day Adventism Renounced
3. D. R. Dungan:  The Sabbath or the Lord's Day, Which?
4. G. W. Elliot and N. W. Kauble:  A Debate on the Sabbath and Lord's Day

Click On The Title of Each Book Above To View That Book In PDF Format. This of course, will require an Internet Connection. Opens In Your Browser

From e-Sword for Windows you use CTRL + click to follow the hyperlink.

The hyperlinks are as follows:
1) http://icotb.org/res...ghtLORDSDAY.PDF This is forwarded to: https://icotb.org/resources/CanrightLORDSDAY.PDF
2) http://icotb.org/res...smRenounced.pdf This is forwarded to: https://icotb.org/resources/Seventh-DayAdventismRenounced.pdf
3) http://icotb.org/res...n-SabbathorLord'sDay.pdf This is forwarded to: https://icotb.org/resources/Dungan-SabbathorLord'sDay.pdf
4) http://icotb.org/res...aubleDebate.pdf This is forwarded to: https://icotb.org/resources/Elliott_KaubleDebate.pdf

You will find the content listed for e-Sword for windows under e-Sword Options > Resource Settings > Reference Books > Seventh Day Doctrine Refuted [7th Day Doctrine.refi] Here you have the contents of these books formatted for e-Sword.

This is suitable for all recent versions of e-Sword for Apple devices, e-Sword for Android, and e-Sword for Windows from e-Sword version 11 and later.

Remember to view the Properties of any of the downloaded files, and remove the security "Block" because the file came from another computer.
You will need to save the downloaded file to the relevant folder where you want to save and to read your documents. Provide the file with an appropriate filename.

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