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  • Author: Mark Johns
  • e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x
  • Tab Name: ITWSB

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e-Sword 9+ Module Download:
Download In The Word Study Bible (Commentary) 1.0

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Mark Johns

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

Tab Name:

Update 7/17/18--Added Book Notes for the Book of Hebrews.

Note: Check out the Commentary on James. Some very extensive
Commentary, especially on James Chapter Five. We have begun
the work on the Book of Hebrews.

Update 7/15/18--Added J.W. Roberts Commentary to the Verse
Notes for James Chapters 4 and 5. This Commentary addition is
Complete for James 1-5.

Update 7/14/18--Extensive Questions for the Book of James
are now Complete. These are located in the Chapter Notes for
each chapter.

Update 7/13/18--Verse Notes for James Chapter Three have
been improved. James 1-3 now feature Verse-by-Verse Commentary
by J.W. Roberts ©1963. James 4-5 almost complete...

Update 7/12/18--Strengthened and improved Commentary for
the Book of James Chapters One and Two. When I get done with
James 3-5, I will begin on the Book of Hebrews. Also, will improve
the Verse Notes and Chapter Notes for 1-2 Peter thru Jude.

Note: While this Commentary is complete from James to Jude,
we will continue to add more information to the Verse Notes for
the Book of James. For the most part, it will consist of Commentary
by J.W. Roberts ©1963. However, we will begin to add commentary
and Greek Word Studies for the Book of Hebrews. Eventually, I
will go back and add more to the Verse Notes and Chapter Notes
for 1-2 Peter, 1-2-3 John and Jude.

Update 7/11/18--Added special Introduction to James by J.W.
Roberts ©1963. This is located toward the end of the Book
Notes for James. Will be adding more Commentary on James as
time allows. This will be a great addition to this Commentary.

Update 7/10/18--Verse Notes for James Chapters 1-5 have been
Completed and Commentary for the Book of James is now
Complete! James thru the Book of Jude is finished! Take a look
at James 1:1 and notice the Outline between James 1:1 and James 1:2
when you go from James 1:1 to the next verse. You will find many
similar Sermons and Bible Study Outlines throughout this Commentary.
Another example is the Sermon Outline for James 1:2-8. This textual
Outline is located right after the Verse Notes for Verse 8.

Update 7/09/18--Verse Notes for James Chapter 1 thru 3 are
are now Complete. Book and Chapter Notes for James are now
Complete. However, we intend to add more to the Chapter Notes
for James. Hope to Complete James by 7/10/18.

Update 7/07/18--Verse Notes for James 1:1-27 are Complete.
Zerr's Commentary for James 1-5 is Complete. Currently finishing
Greek Study Notes, Greek Interlinear and Scripture References(TSK)
for James 2-5. Work on the Book of Hebrews will be next. Please be
patient. Hebrews might take a while, but it will be worth the wait...

Update 7/06/18--Added Chapter Notes for the Book of James

Update 7/05/18--Book Notes for James now included. Part of
James Chapter One Verse Notes has been added. Chapter Notes
for James Chapter One also added. Check out the Greek Word
studies we have added for James Chapter one. Also, we are working
on the Verse Notes for James Chapters 1-5.

Update 7/05/18--This Commentary is now Complete for 1st and
2nd Peter, 1st-2nd-3rd John and the Book of Jude. Book Notes,
Chapter Notes and Verse Notes are Complete for these books. We
have begun adding the Book of James as of this update.

NOTE: This Study Bible/Commentary features several study aids.
Book Notes include Notes and Commentary by Vincent, Robertson,
Wuest, Alford and other Greek Scholars. Verse Notes includes
Interlinear Greek with Popup Strong's Numbers. Also included
in Verse Notes is the Treasure of Scripture Knowledge and Verse
by Verse Commentary by E.M. Zerr.

At the end of each verse note you will find some very special Greek
Word Studies to aid you in your studies of a particular New Testament
Verse. Chapter Notes also include Special Sermon outlines by Mark
Copeland and others. Also included in the Verse Notes, you will find
several of Copeland's Sermon outlines.

Update 7/03/18--Added partial Greek Studies (Verse-by-Verse) to
1st Peter Chapters One thru Five. Still some work to do on 1st Peter,
but, we're getting there! Added about 20 Sermons to 1st Peter in the
Verse Notes. Check out the Verse Note on 1st Peter 1:1 for a thorough
study of the Greek words...

Update 7/02/18--Completed Verse Notes for 2nd Peter through Jude.
I am now concentrating on 1st Peter, but will add more studies to the
Verse Notes as I have time...

Update 7/01/18--Added Verse Notes for 2nd Peter Chapter 1-3.
Book Notes and Chapter Notes for 2nd Peter are now complete.
In The Word Study Bible(Commentary) is now Complete for the Books
of 2nd Peter through Jude. We are now working on First Peter, then
the Book of James. Still need to add some Greek Word Studies to First
John. This commentary is really starting to take shape now!

Update 6/28/18--Added Book Notes and Chapter Notes For
Second Peter.

Update 6/28/18--Book Notes, Chapter Notes and Verse Notes
for the Book of First John is now complete. This completes
First John thru the Book of Jude. However, I will be adding
more Commentary to these books this weekend. I am now
working on the Book of Second Peter, then on First Peter. After
1st and 2nd Peter I will next add the Book of James. What's after
that? Probably Hebrews. Before going on to the Epistles of Paul,
I will go back over Hebrews thru Jude and "beef up" the commentary
and Greek Word Studies. Check out the Screenshot above.

Update 6/28/18--Added Verse Notes for 1st John Chapters
Three thru Five

Update 6/25/18--Added Verse Notes for 1st John Chapter Two.
I have changed the design for 1st John 3. You're invited to check
it out. Along with the information listed below, there is the addition
of an enhanced Vincent's Word Studies. Check out 1st John 3:4
for an example. The tables are now just a little larger, and the font
size for the text is a little larger, to make it easier to read.
Update 6/24/18--Added Verse Notes for 1st John Chapter One.
Also added Chapter Notes for 1st John 1-5.
The Screenshot (see above) is for 1st John 3:4. You will notice
that in the left column there is the Greek Interlinear with the
Greek Word, the Strong's Number and the English Equivalent.
In the Middle Column the is the TSK (Scripture References), and
in the Third Column Verse Commentary by E.M. Zerr.

Update 6/23/18--Added Special Greek Word Study for First John
Chapters 1-5. This Study is located in the Book Notes for First John.
Verse Notes are still under construction for First John. When these
are completed, I will finish 1st and 2nd Peter Greek Word Study
and Verse Notes for 1st and 2nd Peter. After 1st and 2nd Peter,
I will begin work on Special Studies for the Book of James.

06/20/18 -- Still planning to add AUDIO BIBLE to this module.

05/31/18 -- I urge you to check this out. This is something I've been
working on, but got side-tracked creating other Modules for e-Sword.
Sometime this summer I hope to get back to this, and try to release
this, including Romans thru Jude. If you have any suggestions, please
let me know, as nothing is set in stone yet. Just wanted you to know
that I still plan to work on this and eventually include most, if not all
of the New Testament....The design and layout will probably change,
and will welcome any suggestions. I am not a professional programmer,
but have been preaching for about 40 years and sure love to create
modules like this...

04/11/18 Update Now Includes: 2nd John, 3rd John and Jude.
Currently working on 1st & 2nd Peter and 1st John.

Three Column Table in Verse Notes Features Greek Interlinear,
The Treasure of Scripture Knowledge, and [b]Verse-by-Verse Notes.
Includes Outlines and Studies by Mark Copeland and Others.
Book Notes Includes Special Word Studies From The Greek New Testament.

Works best with King James, American Standard or New King James Versions
More Books To Be Added as time allows. Believe that I might add an AUDIO BIBLE to this module.

What's New in Version 1.0 (See full changelog)

  • Ver 1.0 uploaded 4/08/18 -Books of 3rd John & Jude
  • 4/09/18 - Added Outlines to 3rd John
  • 4/11/18 - Added Commentary/Notes for 2nd John
  • 6/23/18 - Added Greek Word Study for 1st John
  • 6/24/18 - Added Verse Notes For 1st John One
  • 6/25/18 - Added Verse Notes For 1st John Two
  • 6/28/18 - Added Verse Notes for 1st John Three
  • 6/28/18 - Added Verse Notes for 1st John Four
  • 6/28/18 - First John thru Jude is Competed
  • 6./29/18 - Added 2nd Peter Book, Chapter Notes
  • 7/01/18 - Completed the Book of 2nd Peter
  • 7/02/18 - Verse Notes for 2nd Peter-Jude Complete
  • 7/05/18 - 1st Peter Completed
  • 7/05/18 - James Book Notes and Some Verse Notes
  • 7/06/18 - Added Chapter Notes for James 1-5.
  • 7/07/18 - James 1:1-27 Verse Notes Added
  • 7/09/18 - James 2:1-26 Verse Notes Added
  • 7/09/18 - James 3:1-18 Verse Notes Added
  • 7/10/18 - James 4:1-17 Verse Notes Added
  • 7/10/18 = James 5:1-20 Veres Notes Added
  • 7/11/18 - Added Introduction to James(JW Roberts)
  • 7/12/18 - Added JW Roberts Notes For James 1-2
  • 7/13/18 - Added JW Roberts Notes for James 3
  • 7/14/18 - Added Questions for James 1-5
  • 7/15/18 - Added JW Roberts Notes For James 4-5
  • 7/17/18 - Added Book Notes for Book of Hebrews

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