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Abilene Christian University

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

This represents the Abilene Christian College BIble Lectureships
as presented by Abilene Christian College (Now known as Abilene
Christian University) in Abilene Texas.

We have most years from 1919 to 1992. However, for Copyright
reasons, we will only be able to upload years prior to 1963. Check
back for new additions and updates.

Note: Currently working on the Lectureship for the year 1942.

The Current Update (4/20/2018) Now Contains over 240 Sermons and
Lectures and includes the following years:

1919 (Christian Education and the Bible)(Complete)
Introduction By J. P. Sewell
1. A Great Door Is Opened -- By Geo. A. Klingman
2. The Preacher: His Task and Opportunity -- By Henry Eli Speck
3. The Verbal Inspiration of the Bible -- By Maurice D. Gano
4. The World As The Subject of Redemption -- By Arthur R. Holton
5. Our Educational Program -- By J. U. Yarbrough
6. The Well-Armoured man -- By Cled E. Wallace
7. The Religion For Today -- By F. L. Rowe
8. Why Study The Bible? -- By G. Dallas Smith
9. How To Study The Bible -- By G. Dallas Smith
10. Some Present-Day Perils and Problems -- By F. L. Young
11. Origin,and History of Churches of Christ in the British Isles -- By John Stratton
12. God Revealed -- By G. H. P. Showalter
13. Missions -- By F. B. Shepherd
14. Who Wrote The Bible? -- By G. Dallas Smith
15. Christian Education -- By Batsell Baxter
16. Mysteries of the Bible -- By G. Dallas Smith
17. Divisions of the Bible -- By G. Dallas Smith
18. Destructive Criticism -- By G. A. Klingman
19. Christian Education -- By Henry Eli Speck
1922-1923 (Christ, Christianity, The Church) (Complete)
1. The Religion of the Man of UZ – By R. D. Smith

2. Room For The King – By A. B. Barrett
3. The Sweet Hour of Prayer – By A. B. Barrett
4. When That Which Is Perfect Is Come – By George A. Klingman
5. Lasting Memorials – By Thomas E. Milholland
6. The Perils of the Child – By James F. Cox
7. When Weighed In The Ballance, Are We Found Wanting? – J. N. Armstrong
8. The Advantage of the Jews – By John T. Smith
9. Effective Missionary Work – By C. J. Robinson
10. Paul’s Conversion and Apostleship – By T. M. Carney
11. Our Measure of Responsibilities – By Ira Lee Winterrowd
12. Treasure In Earthen Vessels – By Truman H. Etheridge
13. Undenominational Christianity – By J. P. Sewell
14. Biblical Journalism – By G. H. P. Showalter
15. Character Building – By W. F. Ledlow
16. The Personal Element – By F. L. Rowe
17. The Book of the Past, the Present and the Future – By W. D. Campbell
18. The Church, Which Was Built By Jesus Christ – By Unknown
19. Today’s New Testament Message To Mankind – By W. D. Campbell
20. The Gospel, The Power of God Unto Salvation – By W. D. Campbell
21. The More Excellent Way – By W. D. Campbell
22. Conversion To God – By W. D. Campbell
23. The Christ of Calvary – By E. W. McMillan
24. The Church of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow – By Carl L. Etter
25. Of All That Jesus Began, Both To Do and Teach – By W. L. Swinney
26. Following A Worthy Example – W. D. Bills
27. A Vital Facter – By F. B. Shepherd
28. The Authority of Jesus Christ – By James F. Cox
29. Knowledge Gained By Trial and Experience – By J. S. Durst
30. Christianity The Revelation of Jesus Christ – By Oscar Smith
31. Instrumental Music In Christian Worship – By A. O. Colley
1924-1925 (Work of Christian Workers in the Kingdom) (Complete)
“The Work of Abilene Christian College” by Batsell Baxter
"What Is Man?” by W. P. Skaggs
“God’s Love for the World” by S. E. Templeton

“The Man of Galilee” by Elmer Lee Nichols
“Peter Before and After Pentecost” by John C.Taylor
“The Indestructible' Vitality of the Bible” by W. M. Davis
“The Grandeur of the Church” by W. D. Black
“The Great Invitation” by A. E. Walker
“Exalting the Church” by M. C. Cuthbertson
“Christian Science or the Science of Christianity” by Judge R. O. Kenley.
Church of Tomorrow” by Wilbur P. White.
“God Is Love” by E. W. McMillan
“Universal Nature of Christianity” by John T. Hinds
"Workmen Approved of God” by John T. Hinds
“Christ Before the Cross” by John T. Hinds
“Christ in His Kingdom” by John T. Hinds
“The Christian Warfare” by John T. Hinds
“Coming to God” by John T. Hinds
1926-1927 (The Indwelling Christ and the Church) (Complete)
“The Indwelling Christ” by H. L. Calhoun
“A Much Neglected Command” by H. L. Calhoun
“The Five Great Duties of a Christian Life” by H. L. Calhoun

“Progress in Religion” by H. L. Calhoun
“What Jesus Christ May Be to a Human Soul” by H. L. Calhoun
“Sovereignty of Christ” by S. P. Pittman
“The Three Witnesses” by W. D. Campbell
“Theory vs. Practice” by Carl L. Btter
“The Church” by Foy E. Wallace Sr
“Plea and Principles of Disciples” by C. M. Stubblefield
“Standing by the Cross” by U. R. Forrest
“The Pulpit of Power is the Pulpit of the Gospel” by L. S. White
“Home Missionary Work” by C. A. Buchanan
“Music in the Church” by E. M. Borden
“The Divine Nature” by John T. Smithson
“Putting God First” by W. A. Kercheville
“We Are Here, Why?” by G. F. Mickey
"The Bible and Science" by W. L. Oliphant
“The Prayer of Jabez” by W. Don Hockaday
“What Do Ye More Than Others?” by J. D. Harvey
"From Creeds To Christ" by R. R. Brooks
"Our Unique Sacrifice" by Roy Lanier
1928-1929 (Christianity and the Bible) (Complete)
1. Religious Education In Texas by W. F. Ledlow

2. The Weightier Matters of the La by E. W. McMillan
3. I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ by Warren E. Starnes
4. Christian Education by Jesse P. Sewell
5. When Success Becomes Failure by Robert Alexander
6. Our Misunderstood Bible by James H. Childress
7. The Need For Knowing God by J. B. Nelson
8. Exalting The Church by F. L. Young
9. My Creed by W. L. Oliphant
10. The Bible School by C. A. Norred
11. Power In The Blood by J. L. Hines
12. The Integrity of New Testament Worship by F. B. Shepherd
13. The Righteousness of God by C. M. Pullias
14. The Doctrine of Christ by C. M. Pullias
15. In All Judea and Samaria by C. M. Pullias
16. The Uttermost Part of the Earth by C. M. Pullias
17. "Faith" by Hall L. Calhoun
18. The Human Body by Hall L. Calhoun
19. The Shadow and the Substance by H. L. Calhoun
20. The Human Heart by H. L. Calhoun
21. Our Religion by H. L. Calhoun
1934 (The New Testament Church In History) (Complete)
1. The New Testament Church in Apostolic Times by J. P. Crenshaw
2. The Church in The Ante-Nicene Period by Homer Hailey
3. The Church in Conflict With Pagan Philosophy by John T. Smith
4. The Church and a Clerical Hierarchy by John T. Smith
5. The Church During the Dark Ages by A. O. Colley
6. The Protestant Reformation and the Church by E. W. McMillan
7. The Church and Protestantism by A. Hugh Clark
8. The Church and Denominationalism by A. Hugh Clark
9. The Church and Sectarianism by G. C. Brewer
10. The Modern Schism in the Church by G. C. Brewer
11. A Plea for Unity by G. C. Brewer
12. Ideals and Purposes of Abilene Christian College by James F. Cox
13. How Abilene Christian College Realizes Its Ideals by W. H. Adams

1935(The New Testament Church Today) (Complete)
1. In Comparison With Church In Apostolic Times In Its Organization -- By E. H. Ijams
2. In Comparison With The Church in Apostolic Times In Its Discipline -- By E. H. Ijams
3. In Its Care of The Poor and Sick -- By John Allen Hudson
4. In Its Care of Widows and Orphans -- By R. B. Sweet
5. In Its Giving or Financial Support -- By R. B. Sweet
6. In Its Preaching and Teaching -- By Oscar Smith
7. In Its Building Itself Up In Love -- By Ernest Beam
8. In Its Worship -- By John Allen Hudson
9. In Its Ideas and Ideals of Unity -- By Ernest Beam
10. In Its Leadership -- Batsell Baxter
11. The Larger Vision and Need of the Hour -- By J. N. Armstrong
12. In Its War Against Sin -- By W. S. Long
13. Spreading the Gospel or Sounding Out the Word -- By W. S. Long
1936 (History of the Inspired Word of God) (Complete)
1. God Hath Spoken -- By C. A. Norred

2. Rightly Dividing The Word of Truth -- By Melvin J. Wise
3. The Church During The Dark Ages -- By Robert C. Jones
4. The History of Our English Bible -- By Cecil E. Hill
5. The Genuineness and Credibility of Our English Bible -- By Clarence C. Morgan
6. The Canonicity of the Scriptures -- By Charles H. Roberson
7. The Bible Must Be Taught -- By G. K. Wallace
8. The Status of Bible Teaching Today -- By George H. Stephenson
9. The Bible Must Be Taught To Those In Regions Beyond -- By F. L. Rowe
10. How To Read and Study The Bible -- By Don H. Morris
11. The Influence of the Bible In World Civilization -- By L. R. Wilson
12. These Are Written That Ye Might Believe -- By Horace W. Busby
13. The Word of God Is Quick and Powerful -- By L. S. White
14. How Shall We Escape If We Neglect So Great Salvation? -- By J. Eddie Weems
1937 (The Purpose and Mission of the Church) (Completed)
1. The Perfected Church—For What Purpose? -- By C. A. Norred
2. How They Went in the First Century -- By Homer Hailey
3. Motives for Missionaries -- By R. C. Bell
4. Ripened Fields -- By John Wolfe
5. The Responsibility of the Local Congregation in Preaching the Gospel -- By E. C. Coffman
6. Responsibility of Each Preacher in Carrying the Gospel -- By J. Emmett Wainwright
7. They All With One Consent Regan to Make Excuse -- By Paul Southern
8. Workable Plans -- By George S. Benson
9. Awakening the Churches -- By B. D. Morehead
10. Characteristics of the Workers -- By J. Dow Merritt
11. Training the Workers -- By James F. Cox
12. Workers and Methods of Work in Oriental Fields -- By George S. Benson
13. The Message for the Workers -- By B. L. Pouthitt
14. The Geography of the Mission Field
15. The Orient
16. The African Work -- By J. Dow Merritt
17. The Populous Northeast -- By P. D. Wilmeth
18. The Extensive Northwest -- By W. Don Hockaday
19. The Great Southwest -- By J. Emmett Wainwright
20. The Religious Southeast -- By I. L. Sohug
21. Women Workers in Foreign Fields -- By Hattie Lee Ewing
22. Satan Is Anti-Missionary -- By R. C. Bell
23. Prayer of a Missionary Heart -- Poem By Charles R. Brewer
1938 (Jesus Christ: Author and Finisher of the Faith) (Completed)
1. Jesus of Nazareth, God’s Gift to Humanity —By A. DeWitt Chaddick
2. Christ Our Savior — By Cecil E. Ilill
3. “Christ, the Fulfillment of Prophecy”— By Melvin J. Wise
4. The Virgin Birth — By Glenn L. Wallace
5. Christ, A Teacher Come from God — By Hulen L. Jackson
6. The Mind of Christ— By Paul Southern
7. Jesus the Manifestation of God in the Flesh — By Roy H. Lanier
8. The Sinlessness of Jesus — By W. W. Otey
9. Historic Evidences of Jesus Christ — By Chas. H. Roberson
10. The Incomparable Christ — By W. D. Bills
11. Proof that Jesus of Nazareth is the Christ the Son of God — By Clarence C. Morgan
12. Jesus in the Heart of the Earth — By T. H. Etheridge
13. The Resurrection of the Christ — By John T. Smith
14. Christ Today, Our Mediator and High Priest — By G. C. Brewer
1939 (Christian Stewardship and the Church) (Completed)
1. Christian Stewardship: Divine Ownership—By Harvey Scott
2. Stewardship of Our Bodies—By J. P. Gibson, M.D.
3. Stewardship of Time—By Homer Hailey
4. Christianity in a Changing World—By Guy N. Woods
5. Evangelists as Stewards or The Stewardship of Souls —By Jesse P. Sewell
6. The Relationship of God’s Natural and Spiritual Worlds —By Dean H. E. Speck
7. The Soul of Man: The Bible View Versus the View of Modern
.....Psychologists and Philosophers—By G. C. Brewer
8. The Steward’s Accountability to God—By Yater Tant
9. The Stewardship of Our Material Possessions—By P. D. Wilmeth
10. What Is a Local Congregation—By K. C. Moser
11. The Need of Organization—By Luther G. Roberts
12. The Purpose of Organization of the Local Congregation —By Basil D. Shilling
13. The Local Congregation: How Organized and the Extent of
.......Organization—By Coleman Overby
14. The Pastoral Work of a Local Church—By Roy H. Lanier
15. Worship—By James Burton Coffman
16. Evangelism in a Local Church—By C. E. McGaughey
17. Benevolence in a Church—By Paul C. Witt
18. Education in a Church—By Alonzo Williams
19. The Relationship of the Local Congregation to Other
......Local Churches in Full Standing—By Ted Norton
20. The Relationship of a Local Congregation to Those Congregations
......of Christians in Error—By Harvey Scott
21. Dangers of Church Co-operation—By G. H. P. Showalter
1940 (The Kingdom and the Church) (Complete)
1. What the Kingdom of Heaven Is—C. H. Roberson
2. The Existence of the Kingdom of Heaven:
......Past, Pi’esent, and Future—W. B. West, Jr
3. The Kingdom and the Church—Reuel Lemmons
4. The Keys of the Kingdom—John H. Banister
5. Christian Unity—John Straiton
6. The Savior’s Prayer for Unity or Personal Righteousness
......a Basis of Christian Unity—Trine Starnes
7. Christian Unity—R. D. Smith
8. Strife in the Church—Wm. S. Willis
9. What Paul Did for the Unity of the Church—Weslie Mickey
10. How To Become a Citizen of the Kingdom
......of Heaven—Forrest R. Waldrop
11. The Privileges of Citizens of the Kingdom—Thos. D. Rose
12. The Ambassadors of the Kingdom—T. B. Thompson
13. Christian Unity: Divisions Among Those Who Believe
......or Claim To Believe Christ Divine—H. L. Reynolds
14. The Kingdom: Its Relationship To Other Kingdoms—F. B. Shepherd
15. The Bible a Feasible Basis for Unity—G. H. P. Sliowalter
16. Unity of Doctrine—Edgar Furr
17. Unity of Spirit—T. B. Thompson
18. Unity in Action—John Straiton
19. The King and His Throne—A. C. Pullias
20. An Efficient Eldership—Otto Foster
21. The Triumph of the King—Paul Southern
22. The Possibilities of Christianity in Australia—Colin Smith
23. Unity of the Church—V. E. Howard
24. The Selection and Appointment of Elders—Paul C. Witt
25. Has Their Plan Failed?—Melvin J. Wise
26. The Purpose of the Leaders of the Restoration Movement—Raymond Kelcy
27. How One May Cease To Be a Ruling Elder—James F. Cox
1941 (Citizenship In The Kingdom) (Working On It...)
Note: This Lectureship a Little Smaller Because of the War Years...
1. Our Heavenly Citizenship—By Chas. H. Roberson
2. Business Life of a Christian Citizen—By Cled E. Wallace
3. Social Life of a Christian Citizen—By Jack Meyer
4. Worship In the Program of a Christian Citizen—By Early Arceneaux
5. Citizenship in an Established Kingdom—By Luther O. Roberts
6. The Citizens of the Kingdom Organized for Work—By L. R. Wilson
7. Every Christian Citizen a Teacher—By Byron Fullerton
8. Opportunities in the South and Southwest—By Frank L. Cox
9. Opportunities Among the Other Races in the South and Southwest—By Harry Payne
10. Opportunities in the South—By Paul L. Wallace
11. Obligations of the Christian to the State—By R. B. Sweet
12. Loyalty to the King and the Kingdom—By Paul Southern
13. The Possibilities of Christianity in Australia—By Colin Smith

What's New in Version 1.0 (See full changelog)

  • 3/17/2018 - Added Year 1919
  • 3/18/2018 - Added Years 1922-1923
  • 3/19/2018 - Added Years 1924-1925
  • 3/20/2018 - Added Years 1926-1927
  • 3/22/2018 - Added Years 1928-1929
  • 3/24/2018 - Added Year 1934
  • 4/02/2018 - Added Year 1935, TOC For Year 1919
  • 4/02/2018 - Added TOC For Year 1922-1923
  • 4/03/2018 - Added Year 1936
  • 4/04/2018 - Added Year 1937
  • 4/11/2018 - Added Year 1938
  • 4/13/2018 - Added Year 1939
  • 4/14/2018 - Corrected omissions in Year 1939
  • 4/19/2018 - Added Year 1940
  • 4/20/2018 - Added Year 1941

Abilene Christian College Bible Lectureship for 1939 has been uploaded (4/13/2018)

Corrected error for the Abilene Lectureship of 1939, which was an omission of the last two lectures.

Everything we have for the years 1919 thru 1939 has been uploaded.  If any Bible Support users

have any of the missing years, please let me know.  We need the years 1930-1933.  If you have

them in PDF Format, no problem....

Abilene Christian College Bible Lectureship for 1940 has been uploaded (4/19/2018)

Abilene Christian College Bible Lectureship for 1941 has been uploaded (4/20/2018)

Currently working on the years 1942, 1943 and 1944.

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