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e-Sword Utility:
Download Bible Search Tool 1.05

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Brent Hildebrand

See PDF file on the download page

Bible Search Tool (BST)

The purpose of this utility is to aid in the building of modules for e-Sword, and secondarily as an aid to personal Bible study. The tool works in conjunction with e-Sword, and requires that it be installed along with any version of the e-Sword Macros.
First, install BST. Then before using BST, you need to create an index to at least one Bible. To create an index, click Bibles+Create Index. Select the Bible version you want to index, then click OK. The Status bar will give you information on the progress of the indexing. My slow laptop takes about 15 seconds per version.

Once you have created the Bible indexes you want to use, then click Bibles+Select Bibles. Drag and drop the Bibles you want to use from the left pane to the right pane. You can rearrange the order of the Bibles in the left pane by drag and drop also. The order on the right is how they will display in the text display window after a search. To remove a Bible, just drag it out of the Right pane.

There are 3 ways to use BST.
1) word or phrase lookup
2) text lookup
3) hotkey phrase lookup

Method 1 – Word or phrase lookup. In this method, you enter words or a phrase you desire to search for. Phrases are delimited using quotation marks. “Jesus Wept” looks for the phrase, “Jesus wept”. While enter, Jesus wept, would look for the word wept, and the word Jesus and return all scripture verses with these words. This method uses the left text edit box at the bottom of the main window. Partial word matches are also included. If you enter just the word “a”, thousands of hits will be made, perhaps the entire Bible! BST limits the display and will not continue if more that 500 hits are found.

Method 2 – Enter a scripture reference or references in the right text edit box at the bottom of the main window. A sample entry might be, John 3:16-17; Gen 1:1. This is in my mind the least useful reason to use BST.

Method 3 – Hotkey phrase lookup. Select the phrase you’d like to look up, which can be in any document you are reading, copy it to the clipboard, then press the BST HotKey. BST will look up the phrase, and display the text if found. How I use this method is when cross-checking text with a scripture reference. Occasionally in OCR’d files, scripture references get garbled and point to an invalid reference. If the scripture reference is quoted, then using this method on a portion of the quotation can aid in revealing the real scripture reference. This is also of course dependant on which version of the Bible is quoted.

What's New in Version 1.05 (See full changelog)

  • Bible Search Tool - a utility to use in conjunction with e-Sword, http://e-sword.net.
  • e-Sword(R) is a registered trademark of Rick Meyers.
  • Bible Search Tool is written by Brent Hildebrand. (c) 2013
  • ========================================
  • Version 1.05 9/15/2013
  • ========================================
  • -- Fixed - version search order was not preserved
  • ========================================
  • Version 1.04 9/9/2013
  • ========================================
  • First Public Release

Nice tool will it eventual display and  search greek

No plans for Greek at this time.  

Forgive my ignorance, but what does this do that e-sword "cannot" do? Thank you in advance

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