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Download King, Matt - Misled Millions - Biblical Neglect and Deceit

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Dispensationalism Eschatalogy (Endtimes) Hell Rapture Soteriology (Salvation) Theology Proper (NatureOfGod) Bibliology (BibleDoctrine)
Matt King

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I like preachers. Some of my dearest friends are preachers. I like hanging out with a preacher. He will talk about spiritual things without changing the subject. He can be your greatest ally, supporter, mentor, and friend (next to Jesus, of course, see John 5:13). He can love you enough to learn and tell you the truth that enlightens your path to eternity. But, a preacher can fail miserably as a shepherd of the flock. He may not think so or may not actually realize it. He is neglectful if he does not learn and teach the “word of the kingdom” to his flock (Matthew 13:19).

Now, I am not yet talking about the grievous, ravening wolves that mislead millions on the simple plan of salvation. I am now talking about the nice preacher who can guide you to salvation, but not much beyond that. You are responsible to the Lord yourself for your own testimony and your own faith. But he is responsible to the Lord for what he preaches and teaches to you. And since almost all “Christians” do not study the Bible for themselves, and he knows this, his pulpit responsibilities are heightened beyond man’s imagination. “For unto whomsoever much is given (by God), of him shall be much required (by God).” If he steps into God’s pulpit unprepared to teach eternal things beyond salvation, he might as well sing a lullaby and let you sleep for awhile. This is part of Satan’s plan to remain the god of this world. He wants you ignorant of God’s plan for eternity and therefore quiet about it. It is time for you to wake up (for the days are short), even if your preacher won’t.

Now, a preacher that misleads you on the simple plan of salvation is a spiritual liar and murderer, like his spiritual father (in the words of Jesus of course - John 8:44). He will deceive you. He cannot correctly explain simple child-like salvation by rightly divided scripture, so he automatically cannot explain the “word of the kingdom”. Even his educated guesses are pathetic. Jesus spotted him and warned him (Matthew 23:13). If he reads this and the shoe fits, I pray he will wear it. But we have no reason to believe that he will.

You, however, have zero excuse for being one of the misled millions. You are responsible for your own relationship with God through Jesus Christ on your own spiritual foundation. Your foundation is to be established by studying and rightly dividing the word of truth. You are not to lend your itching ears to fair words and good speeches. Following is your own personal wake-up call. When I appear at the judgment seat of Christ, He will ask me, “Did you tell them?” My answer will be “Yes, Lord, I told ‘em.” So here goes!

About Matt King
Not a professional theologian. Not a book seller. Not a TV preacher. Not a pastor. He's not here to sell you anything. He does not derive his living from a church. He has no conflict of interest. His sole motivation is your spiritual well being.

He's made mistakes. He spent time in a federal prison. That gave him the opportunity to turn his life over to God. And this book is the result of his personal Bible study.


Chapter 1: So Here Goes!
----- You were where?
----- Tribute To Whom Tribute Is Due
----- Thy Word Is Truth
----- The Measure Of Faith

Chapter 2: How To Study The Bible
----- The King and His Kingdom
----- Scriptural Instruction
----- Types
----- Is It Just Me?

Chapter 3: A Doctrinal Foundation
----- Only 3 Beliefs
----- Dead In Trespasses And Sin
----- How Long Lord?
----- The Godhead
----- Who's In Charge?
----- Here Comes The Judge!
----- Heaven and Hell
----- God Is
----- Kingdom of Heaven -- Kingdom of God

Chapter 4: From Here To Eternity
----- Important Short Days
----- The Rapture
----- The Judgment Seat Of Christ
----- The Tribulation
----- The Marriage Of The Lamb
----- The Second Coming
----- Millenial Reign Of Christ
----- The Great White Throne Judgment
----- New Heavens and New Earth
----- Eternity

Chapter 5: Nuggets
----- Names of God
----- Baptism
----- Lord's Supper
----- Acts Axed
----- Signs, Signs, Who Got The Signs?
----- Gospel, Gospel, Who Got The Gospel?
----- Greek, Greek, Who Got The Greek?
----- TV Preachers
----- Women Preachers
----- Spiritual Music
----- Angels
----- An Angel Of Light
----- Elected, Elected, Who Got Elected?
----- How To Find A Good Chruch
----- Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?
----- Can I Get A Witness?
----- Sex As It Is Defined Today
----- Where Did All That Water Come From?
----- Jesus Went To Hell And Back?
----- As Far As The East Is From The West
----- Greater Love Hath No Man
----- How Great Thou Art!
----- Plagues Of The Heart
----- Time To Pray
----- Husbands, Love Your Wives
----- My Testimony
----- Paul's Prayer For Us
----- My Prayers For You

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