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John Kitto

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Bible History

This resource spans 4,000 years of Biblical history, including the 400 years of Jewish history between the Old and New Testaments. The Bible's history is shown through remarkable events, characters, manners, and customs of the Old and New Testaments, illustrated with hundreds of images.

From an advertisement in 1865:
"It presents, in a clear and beautiful style, a continuous history of the events embraced in the Sacred Record; describing the manners, customs, and religions that prevailed in the different periods; narrating the numerous conflicts that marked the progress and decline of nations; and furnishing biographical sketches of the individuals whose names are inscribed on the rolls of virtue and fame.

This volume comprises an amount of varied and useful information that cost the author much labor and research, and which could be obtained from the original sources only at great expense. ... The numerous Engravings and Colored Maps that are found in the volume not only add to its beauty and attractiveness as embellishments, but illustrate, more accurately than words, the ancient customs and scenes which they represent.

This work is approved and commended by all denominations of Christians."

About John Kitto
John Kitto lived just 50 years, from 1804 to 1854.

Kitto had been a careful observer of physical detail – the topography, the animals, architecture, agricultural methods, the manner of interaction between people. His retelling of Bible stories in the light of what he had seen brought the narratives to life and confirmed the accuracy of the ancient texts. He showed how the activities described by the prophets and apostles accorded with the realities of Eastern culture. He supplemented his own observations with details from the journals of other travellers, and helped the Bible reader to understand many things previously obscure or contradictory to the Western mind. His careful research into the geography, biology and archaeology of Bible lands served to support and encourage confidence in the accuracy of the Bible.

In his generation Dr Kitto was a most significant contributor to Christian scholarship, and he provided much help for Evangelicals defending the Bible against the attack of liberal critics. He eventually wrote a total of twenty-three books, of which Charles Spurgeon considered the Daily Bible Illustrations to be "more interesting than any novel that was ever written, and as instructive as the heaviest theology."

John Kitto summed up his life with the following words:

"I perhaps have as much right as any man that lives, to bear witness that there is no one so low but that he may rise, no condition so cast down as to be really hopeless, and no privation which need, of itself, shut out any man from the paths of honourable exertion or from the hope of usefulness in life. I have sometimes thought that it was possibly my mission to affirm and establish these great truths."

Excerpt from the Preface:
Bible History,” says Dr. Lange, “differs from the general history of the kingdom of God, in that it delineates only the foundation of this kingdom by means of and during the course of revelation. It traces, in historical succession, the narrative contained in the Scriptures in all its essential features. In the Old Testament it shows us all the elements of the life of faith, and sets before us many a precious example of faith and patience for our imitation; while in the New Testament it exhibits the history of faith and salvation ‘made perfect,’ both in the miracles and triumphs of the Lord, and in the deeds of His apostles. Thus Bible history forms the basis of Church history.”

As a department of useful knowledge, it possesses an intrinsic value and interest, surpassing whatever can be claimed for any other history. It covers a long period in the age of human society, whose chronicles, in an authentic form have been nowhere else preserved. It runs back to the eventful epoch whence the creation of the world, in its present organic state, dates its existence; and furnishes the only reliable record of the origin of man, of his primitive condition, his fall, his subsequent development, and the fortunes of his family.

Biblical history is the source of all we know of the antediluvian period, and subsequent ages of the world down to the time of Herodotus, the father of history. It contains the only truthful account of the ancient and long since vanished civilizations. Herodotus was a contemporary of Ezra and Nehemiah, the last of the Old Testament historians. The antediluvian period, and that intervening between the Noachian deluge and the times of Nehemiah, embrace an era of about three thousand five hundred years, the history of which is nowhere found but in the Old Testament. True, there are fabulous legends and cosmogonies in which may be found a confused intermingling of traditional lore and the inventions of the imagination, but thy are wanting in all the essential elements of authentic history.

It has been said by Dr. Kitto, that “Admidst the various profane authors who have written more or less in detail on Egypt, the Bible remains our best and fullest authority for the early history of this country…. The Bible supplies, either by express statement or obvious implication, facts and principles which constitute genuine history and go far to give the past all the value which it can possess for the men of these times.”

The history of the pre-Christian era embraces, 1. the primeval ages till the deluge, and the re-settlement of Noah and his family in Armenia. 2. The dispersion of the posterity of Noah’s three sons till the calling of Abraham. 3. The origin and establishment of the Hebrew Theocracy, and its relations to the ancient empires of the world, comprising the period from Moses to David—the period of the kings from David to the Babylonian exile—the period of sacerdotal rule under the Maccabean administration, or what is called the middle period. 4. Primitive Christianity to the close of the first century.

Thus surveyed, it appears that Biblical history covers a period of four thousand years—from the morning of creation to the establishment of Christianity in all parts of the Roman empire. When considered in respect to the infallible sources whence it is derived, and the long flight of ages which it embraces, it must be regarded as possessing the highest claims to our careful study.

Table of Contents
Title Page
History of the Bible
Prepared by BibleSupport.com

-----Historic And Literary
-----Integrity Of The Text
-----Ancient Versions
-----The Septuagint And Vulgate
-----Modern Foreign Versions
-----English Versions
-----The Apocrypha
History Of The Old Testament
-----The Creation--Fall Of Man
-----Family Of Adam--Universal Depravity--The Flood
-----Call Of Abraham--Migration--Birth Of Ishmaelat The Close Of The Preceding Chapter, We Ob...
-----Destruction Of Sodom--Birth Of Isaac--His Marriagesodom And Gomorrah
-----Life Of Isaac--Fortunes Of His Familyesau And Jacob's Birth
-----History Of Joseph--Jacob And Family Removed To Egyptjoseph's Party Colored Coat
-----Life And Mission Of Moses-Departure From Egyptoppression Of The Hebrews
-----Israelites In The Wilderness--Sinai--Tabernacle--Sacrifices
-----Encampment Of Israelites--Murmurings--Korah's Sin
-----Fiery Serpents--Balaam--Approach To Canaan--Death Of Moses
-----Joshua Becomes Leader--Conquest Of Canaan
-----Wars--Idolatry--Story Of Ruth--Deborah's Heroism--Gideon
-----Murder Of Gideon's Sons--Jephthah's Victory--Samson
-----Eli--Defeat Of Israel--Administration Of Samuel
-----Saul's Reign--His Wars--David Anointed King
-----David's Reign--His Conquests--Purpose To Build A Temple
-----Solomon's Accession--Builds The Temple--His Commerce
-----Revolt Of Ten Tribes--Jeroboam--Rehoboam--Ahab
-----Judah, From B.C. 990 To B.C. 929
-----Israel, From B.C. 931 To B.C. 895
-----Kingdom Of Judah From B.C. 929 To B.C. 725
-----Israel, From B.C. 931 To B.C. 895
-----Kingdom Of Judah From B.C. 929 To B.C. 725
-----Israel From B.C. 895 To B.C. 719--Hezekiah--Jerusalem Burnt
-----Judah, From B.C. 725 To B.C. 586
-----The Captivity--Daniel--Belshazzar--Darius
-----The Restoration--Artaxerxes--Ezra--Nehemiah
-----End Of Inspired History 420 B.C--Jewish History To B.C. 163
-----Maccabean Rule--Pompey's Invasion--Roman Power
-----Antipater Governor Of Judea--Herod--Birth Of Christ
-----Prophecies Concerning Christ--Their Fulfillment
History Of The New Testament
-----Birth Of Christ--Temptation--Enters On His Ministry
-----Miracles--Transfiguration--Blesses Little Children
-----Last Passover--Entry Into Jerusalem--The Agony--The Trial
-----Christ's Condemnation--Crucifixion--Resurrection--Ascension
-----Miracles, Parables, And Discourses Of Jesus
-----From The Ascension To The Martyrdom Of Stephen
-----Philip The Evangelist--Conversion Of Saul
-----Persecution By Herod--Labors Of Barnabas And Saul
-----Paul And Silas Visit Churches--Paul At Athens--In Ephesus
-----Paul Leaves Ephesus--Returns To Jerusalem--Is Arrested
-----Paul's Defense--Is Sent To Rome--His Shipwreck
-----Paul's Travels--Imprisoned At Rome--Is Beheaded
-----Biographical Sketches Of The Apostles
-----Notice Of The Seven Churches Of Asia
-----Destruction Of Jerusalem As Foretold By Christ
Bible Chronology
-----From The Creation To The Deluge
-----From The Deluge To The Calling Of Abraham, 426 Years And 6 Months
-----From The Calling Of Abraham To The Exodus Of The Israelites, 430 Years
-----From The Exodus Of The Israelites To Their Entrance Into Canaan, 40 Years
-----From The Entrance Of The Israelites Into The Land Of Canaan To The Building Of Solomon's...
-----From Building Of The Temple To The Babylonish Captivity, 400 Years
-----From The Beginning Of The Babylonish Captivity To The Birth Of Christ, 586 Years
-----The Era Of Inspired History Ends About This Time, And The Old Testament Canon Is Finished
-----From The Birth Of Christ To The Completion Of The Canon Of The New Testament
-----Synchronical Tables Of The Kings Of Judah And Israel

Thanks for this excellent work by Mr. Kitto, it really looks nice Josh. I am already in love with all the charts in the back of the book. :)) Thanks again Josh. Blessings, lg
Josh, there seems to be a chapter missing between Chapters 12 and 13. 12 finishes with the curse of Canaan and 13 picks up with the call of Abraham. The comments at the start of 13 also indicate there is text missing.

Thanks for this resource.. !!!

May YAH bless you for sharing this wonderful resource! Thank you!

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