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  • Author: Rienk Bouke (R. B.) Kuiper
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Download Kuiper, B. K. - The Church in History 1.0

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Church History Copyrighted
Rienk Bouke (R. B.) Kuiper

e-Sword Version:

Kuiper's The Church In History is one of the best surveys of Christian church history ever written, complete with timelines, maps, illustrations, and 57 chapters (see table of contents below). This fact and detail filled book presents a panoramic view of the church growth from A.D. 33 to the 1960s. Because the text is easy to read and understand, it's frequently used as a primary text for homeschoolers and Christian schools. The book has also been used as a secondary text at Bible institutes.

By bringing the saints stories to life, Kuiper presents history as alive and fascinating instead of dead and boring. The book relates very easily to the modern reader with the original existence of the church, it's historical development, doctrinal growth, and the proliferation of Christianity.

The average e-Sword user will benefit from this resource as a general (fast and well organized) reference to Church History.

About B.K. Kuiper
Rienk Bouke (R. B.) Kuiper was born on January 31, 1886 in Garrelsweer, a village in the northern province of Groningen, in the Netherlands.

After studies at Calvin and Princeton Seminaries, Kuiper served five western Michigan congregations over the course of seventeen years. He then embarked on a career in higher education, first as professor of systematic theology at Westminster Seminary in its inaugural academic year, 1929-30. He then answered the call to serve as President of Calvin College. Three years later, he returned to Westminster where he taught practical theology for twenty years. After his "retirement" in 1952 he served as president of Calvin Seminary for four years.

Kuiper was a ministerial member of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church for 16 years, and he moderated the fourth General Assembly in 1938. He was the author of several popular books, including As to Being Reformed, The Glorious Body of Christ, and God-Centered Evangelism. In his writing and especially in his preaching, "he had the gift," wrote Robert Nicholas in the Presbyterian Guardian, "of making the profound simple as he proclaimed the whole counsel of God."
Kuiper died on April 22, 1966 in Grand Rapids, at the age of 80.

Table of Contents

Title Page
Prepared by BibleSupport.com

Part One: When the Christian Church Was Young
-----Chapter 1: The New Testament Church is Born, A.D. 33
-----Chapter 2: The Church Grows Outwardly, 33-313
-----Chapter 3: The Church Grows Inwardly, 33-325
-----Chapter 4: The Church Is Tempered, 33-313
-----Chapter 5: The Church Is Victorious, 313
-----Chapter 6: The Church Consolidates, 325-451
-----Chapter 7: The Church Deteriorates, 100-461
-----Chapter 8: The Church Survives and Grows Again, 376-754

Part Two: The Church in the Middle Ages
-----Chapter 9: The Church Loses Territory, 632-732
-----Chapter 10: The Church Is Divided, 1054
-----Chapter 11: The Church Forms an Alliance, 751 - 800
-----Chapter 12: The Church Develops Its Organization, 461 -1073
-----Chapter 13: The Church in Bondage to the State, 885-1049
-----Chapter 14: The Church Develops Monasticism
-----Chapter 15: The Church Makes Efforts to Free Itself, 1049-1058
-----Chapter 16: The Church Continues Efforts to Free Itself, 1059-1073
-----Chapter 17: The Church Faces a Great Struggle, 1073
-----Chapter 18: The Church Is Forced to Compromise, 1073-1122
-----Chapter 19: The Church Inspires the Crusades, 1096-1291
-----Chapter 20: The Church Rises to the Greatest Height of Its Power, 1198-1216
-----Chapter 21: The Church Declines in Power, 1294-1417

Part Three: The Church in Reformation
-----Chapter 23: The Church Is Shaken, October 31, 1517
-----Chapter 24: The Church Is Convulsed, 1517-1521
-----Chapter 25: The Church Is Reformed in Germany and Scandinavia, 1520-1530
-----Chapter 26: The Church Is Reformed in German Switzerland, 1523-1529
-----Chapter 27: The Church Is Reformed in French Switzerland, 1541-1555
-----Chapter 28: The Church Is Reformed in France, 1541-1559, and in the Netherlands, 1561-1571
-----Chapter 29: The Church Is Reformed in Scotland, 1557-1570
-----Chapter 30: The Church Is Reformed in England, 1534-1563
-----Chapter 31: The Roman Church Undertakes Reform, 1545-1563
-----Chapter 32: The Protestant Churches Fight for Their Life, 1546-1648

Part Four: The Church After The Reformation
-----Chapter 33: The Church in the Post-Reformation Era
-----Chapter 34: The Church in England Continues to Ferment, 1558-1689
-----Chapter 35: The Conflict Between Catholics and Protestants Continues, 1667-1690
-----Chapter 36: The Rise and Growth of the Congregationalists
-----Chapter 37: The Rise and Growth of the Baptists
-----Chapter 38: Serious Departures from Historic Protestantism
-----Chapter 39: More Moderate Departures from Historic Protestantism
-----Chapter 40: The Origin and Development of Methodism
-----Chapter 41: Modernism's Break with Historic Christianity
-----Chapter 42: The Eastern and the Roman Church since the Reformation, 1648 to the Present
-----Chapter 43: Controversy Continues in Germany and England
-----Chapter 44: The Reformed Churches Survive Persecution

Part Five: The Church In The United States
-----Chapter 46: The Church Is Extended into the New World
-----Chapter 47: The Church Experiences a Great Awakening
-----Chapter 48: The Church and the War for Independence
-----Chapter 49: The Churches in the New National Period
-----Chapter 50: The Church Moves West
-----Chapter 51: The Church Experiences a Second Awakening
-----Chapter 52: The Church in a Time of Turmoil
-----Chapter 53: The Civil War and Reconstruction Periods
-----Chapter 54: The Church Faces Modern Problems
-----Chapter 55: The Church Seeks to Preserve the Faith
-----Chapter 56: The Churches Seek Co-operation and Union
-----Chapter 57: A Look Backward and Forward

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Thanks Josh, this module looks great.
Thanks, Josh. This looks interesting.
Josh, I and many others are even more indebted to you for your sacrifice and hard work in producing this work. It was requested by our African educators and I know it will be invaluable in the training of a new generation of pastors.
This module really looks awesome with Good quality pictures and neatly organized text. thanks josh. In indian official language "Josh" Means "100% happy peson". I think it best suited you

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