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  • Submitted: Jul 31 2012 10:22 PM
  • Last Updated: Jan 02 2022 07:02 PM
  • File Size: 89.85MB
  • Views: 49440
  • Downloads: 6,207
  • Author: Noah Webster
  • e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x
  • Tab Name: Webster 1913

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e-Sword 9+ Module Download:
Download Webster, Noah - American Dictionary of the English Language (1913 edition) 1.0

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Noah Webster

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

Tab Name:
Webster 1913

This e-Sword module contains the unabridged, 1913 Webster's dictionary with 115,837 entries. The text is from the "The Project Gutenberg text of Webster's Unabridged Dictionary".

Performance Note: 115,000+ entries apparently stretches the limits of e-Sword's capabilities—I notice a several second delay when switching from other dictionaries to this dictionary. Once in this dictionary, I noticed no delay when switching from entry to entry. The initial delay is because of the size of the dictionary and how e-Sword loads dictionary entries.

Credit: This file was downloaded from Doug Hamp's website and converted to e-Sword format.

What's New in Version 1.0 (See full changelog)

  • Uploaded Mac/e-sword 11 version.

Thanks Josh....this is a fine addition to our Dictionary and study needs !

Thanks, well I hope it's beneficial. I've been advised by some that the 1828 version is the only version you should use (those comments came from the KJV only crowd). Others seem to like it. Doug Hamp went to a considerable amount of trouble to make it, so I feel it has some value at least.
if you make it into a two piece set A-__, and ___ -Z then it will not have the problem with delay.

I've been advised by some that the 1828 version is the only version you should use (those comments came from the KJV only crowd).

That is because the definitions in the 1828 Webster's are closer to what the vocabulary in whichever version of the KJV that they use, means, than later editions of Websters.

The KJV Only crowd, act as if this is the only version the Apostles of the Christ used (get it? Joke). It was not God that "authorized" this version, it was King James. KJV is actually a government enforced version of the Holy Scriptures. Imagine if our President decided to commission a new translation of the Holy Bible and then demanded every chruch and lay memeber read only that version?

dbax, but what many do not understand is that all of the so called "new" translations use the jesuit's mr. westcott and mr. hort's tainted "manuscript" as their basis of "authority"!  in other words, they are quite frankly, all vatican, anti-semitic, anti-protestant, anti-reformation abominations.  which have several omissions, even complete chapters, not only individual verses and groups of verses omitted.  as well they also downplay the "salvation in Messiah alone" and many other problems which speak volumes to the henious changes they incorporate.  no, the kjv is not the perfect translation.  as it also uses the so-called "original greek manuscripts"  which can hardly be called "original" since not even ONE of them can be dated prior to 400A.D.!!!  and it is well known that the Word of God was translated into OVER 500 languages between 90 a.d. and 400 a.d.!  and yet after 400 a.d. there was only ONE language of the new testament(fortunately the Jewish people retained their manuscripts untainted and undestroyed by Rome) but that one language of the New Testament that Rome "allowed" to be copied was of course Latin and from the original Aramaic and Hebrew manuscripts the "church of rome"  made greek translations and foisted them as "original" leaving the romanised aka helenised world to believe that greek was the ONLY language spoken and written in the land of israel!  fortunately, rome had no power east of turkey and the original Aramaic was kept untainted for nearly two mellenia.  now you can reject the truth, but if you are really a seeker after the Master's truth and not the lies of CORPORATE RELIGIOUSITY, you will have to examine ALL the evidence, then and only then, can you faithfully come to the truth.  those who worship HIM must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.  His Spirit will lead you into ALL truth.  those who claim to have the Holy Spirit because they speak in glosolalia yet are living in lies are a lie unto themselves as well as the Congregation of the Almighty.  and btw, i don't know of anyone, or of any church that says or believes that the kjv was the version the Apostles used!  that is pure ignorance, either by you or by those you "claim" say something so stupid.

It seems to be very useful. I appreciate the work that went into it and I thank those that produced it, but I'll be utilizing both the 1828 Dictionary & the 1913 Dictionary in the future.

I found the 1913 Webster Dictionary lacks the Scripture references found in the 1828 Webster Dictionary. I found those references in the 1828 edition to be very useful, but the 1828 lacks the numerous entries of the 1913 edition.

PS: I'd suggest a comparison of the entries for the words "Love" or "Hate" in both dictionaries if anyone would like to see a distinction between the two editions.

The 1828 & 1913 dictionary both freeze or crash e-sword. The files must be too big. Does anyone have them split into smaller files?

The Noah Webster - American Dictionary of the English Language, (1913 edition) goes beautifully along with an in-depth Bible studyThank you for making it available.

For some reason, my initial Webster download from years ago was "abridged."  At lest half of my word searches had to be performed on Google because the word in question did not exist in the E-Sword dictionary.  This module installation corrected that issue.  There is still a delay of several seconds when I access the dictionary, but I am far more interested in accurate data, so having to exercise a little patience is of no consequence.

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