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  • Author: John Peter Lange
  • MySword Version:: 1.X

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Download J. P. Lange's Commentary on the Holy Scriptures (25 volumes) Droid MySword Version Updated 4.0

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John Peter Lange

MySword Version::

1/30/2013 - Version 4: Hundreds and hundreds of changes. Too many to list individually

The most common issue was blank passages (no commentary) and misplaced passages (commentary appearing in the wrong verse). Overlapping comments were also creating problems in various books and they have been greatly reduced. A large number of miscellaneous errors were also fixed, based on your feedback. Context: My original source documents are broken into nearly 1,100 files. About 500+ of those files were changed with this revision.

Valued for generations and consulted by Bible scholars everywhere, John Peter Lange's Commentary on the Holy Scripture has withstood the test of time. Hundreds of times per year, even today, Lange is quoted and cited in dissertations and books.

Master's Seminary lists Langes as a must-have in its 850 Books for Biblical Expositors.

Even Charles Spurgeon, who disagreed with portions of Lange's theology, wrote:

With this volume the English issue of Lange’s great Commentary is completed, and all ministers and students are deeply indebted to Dr. Schaff and the Messrs. Homiletically, these commentaries are of high value. Often by a single sentence they will start the mind and give it a push along a line of thought, and this is the chief thing that most of us need.

About Lange
Johann Peter Lange (1802-1884) was a professor in Zürich, professor of evangelical theology in the University of Bonn, and a prolific author. Lange began this commentary series in 1857.

About the Commentary
As the introduction to the American version says: this commentary series "aims to give all that the minister and Biblical student can desire in one work." The claim is not hyperbole. Lange aims high, and the contributors and editors give it their all.

To this end, the design is a wonder. Many wish modern series would emulate it as effectively. Each book has an introduction that is both academically and homiletically (i.e. with an aim to preaching) focused.

While the Old Testament represents 80% of the Bible and the New Testament 20%, Lange devotes about 50% of his commentary to the New Testament!

Structure of the Commentary
The text is a fresh translation, followed by a threefold commentary on each section.
  • The first part is exegetical and critical, containing the exegetical and interpretive analysis of the original text, including textual notes, often studying every word.
  • The Second part is doctrinal and ethical section, focusing on theological and moral truths gleaned from the passage.
  • The third part is the homiletical and practical section communicates suggestions as to how the passage can be preached and applied, drawing suggestions both from German (Luther, Tholuck, etc.) and English-language (Hodge, Henry, Spurgeon, Clarke, Charnock, etc.) sources.
This is absolute genius. Not only does the commentary help in analyzing a passage, but often it assists in formulating a plan to proclaim or teach it.

The contributors include some of the more prominent German and English-language scholars of the day. The English-language contributors comprise an impressive constellation of scholars from around the doctrinal spectrum, including Philip Schaff, Charles A. Briggs, W. G. T. Shedd, Patrick Fairbairn, W. Henry Green, John A. Broadus, James Strong, and C. H. Toy.

What's New in Version 4.0 (See full changelog)

  • 2.0 Errors in the gospel of John should be fixed
  • 4.0 Many errors fixed

I bought this set as hardbacks a few decades ago, but haven't used it too much, because of the smallness of print and general inconvenience. But since I downloaded your module, I've found it highly accessible and really useful - this is another 'Thank you' for making this classic available!

Is it possible to have the corrected eSword version of this in MySword? Thanks, Arnie

Is it possible to have the corrected eSword version of this in MySword? Thanks, Arnie


Arnie, I will attempt when I get some time...

Thanks! I'm on John's Gospel at the moment, and it's VERY messed up!!

Thanks! I'm on John's Gospel at the moment, and it's VERY messed up!!


The errors should be fixed now.. try the updated version and let me know.


Just downloaded - looks great so far! Thanks for moving so quickly on this, I really appreciate it!

Thanks you again! This new update looks amazing! I really appreciate your labours on our behalf!

Just noticed: John 19:1-16 is missing. Where it should be, there's a repetition of the 18:1-14 page. It's such an amazing commentary, thanks for all your hard work on it!

Also missing: John 20:24-29.

Is the "THEOLOGICAL AND HOMILETICAL INTRODUCTION TO THE OLD TESTAMENT" (which comes, in the original, at the beginning of the Genesis Commentary) anywhere in this digital version? I have it as 2 htm files if you want it. Thanks, Arnie

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