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  • Author: Jabez Burns
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Jabez Burns

e-Sword Version:

This e-Sword resource combines Jabez Burns' two most popular sermon books: Five Hundred Sketches And Skeletons Of Sermons and Cyclopedia Of Sermons, together forming more than 840 sermon sketches and skeletons.

This massive resource contains:
  • Sketches and Skeletons Of Sermons
  • Parables And Miracles Of Christ
  • Christian Missions
  • Scripture Characters and Incidents
  • The Sick Room, Family Reading, And Village Worship
  • Special Occasions (Christmas, funerals, openings/anniversaries of churches, etc.)
  • Types, Metaphors, and Parables of Christ
This collection includes material from the Old Testament, the New Testament, mostly from Burns but also from other preachers he liked. These sketches and skeletons will help pastors, preachers, teachers, and other Christians who study God's Word.

About Japez Burns
Jabez Burns, for many years an eminent minister of the English General Baptists, was born in Oldham, Lancashire, Dec 18, 1805. In his youth he connected himself with the Methodists, but some years later he was baptized, and became associated with the General Baptists. He was engaged for some years in lecturing and preaching in Scotland, mainly in connection with the temperance movement, of which throughout life he was an able and conspicuous leader.

In June 1835, he was called to the pastorate of the church in London. Here for upwards of forty years he labored with distinguished success. He also wrote and published largely, his best-known works being "Helps to Students and Lay Preachers" and "Manuals for Devotionals Use and Family Worship."

Burns is said to be the first to preach Teetotalism, the total abstinence from alcoholic beverages.

He visited this country in 1847 as a delegate from the General Baptist Association to the Free-Will Baptist Triennial Conference, and also in 1872. His "Retrospect of a Forty Years' Ministry," published in 1875, gives an interesting description of the modern progress of religion, temperance and philanthropic enterprises. In recognition of his merits as a religious writer, and particularly of the character of his "Pulpit Cyclopaedia," the Wesleyan University of Connecticut conferred upon him the degree of D.D. in 1846, and in 1872 Bates College, Me., added the degree of LL.D. He was very efficient to the end of his life, and as a preacher and public speaker he was highly esteemed. He died Jan. 31, 1876, aged seventy.

Table of Contents
001. Five Hundred Sketches and Skeletons of Sermons
003.---Sketches, &c.
004.-----1Co 3:11. The Only Foundation
005.-----Num 10:29. The Christian Invitation
006.-----Psa 74:22. God's Own Cause
007.-----Joh 9:35. The Important Question
008.-----2Co 6:1. Danger of Receiving the Gospel in Vain
009.-----Joh 13:8. Necessity of Moral Purity
010.-----Psa 122:7. Zion's Peace and Prosperity
011.-----Joh 14:2. The Heavenly Mansions
012.-----1Jn 5:3. Love and Obedience
013.-----2Co 6:2. The Day of Salvation
014.-----2Th 3:1. The Ministerial Request
015.-----Mat 6:33. The Most Important Pursuit
016.-----Isa 27:4, Isa 27:5. God's Gracious Proposal to His Enemies
017.-----Heb 10:19-22. The Christian's Exalted Privilege
018.-----1Jn 3:14. Brotherly Love the True Evidence of Religion
019.-----Heb 6:19. Hope the Anchor of the Soul
020.-----Luk 18:35-43. Bartimeus
021.-----1Jn 5:11. The Gospel Record
022.-----Psa 65:4. The Good Man's Blessedness
023.-----Isa 66:13. Divine Comfort
024.-----Exo 17:5, Exo 17:6. The Smitten Rock
025.-----Rom 9:5. Divinity of Christ
026.-----Gen 22:1, Gen 22:2. Trial of Abraham
027.-----Gen 5:24. Scripture Characters
028.-----1Co 11:23-26. The Lord's Supper
029.-----Heb 9:4. The Pot of Manna
030.-----Mat 8:25. The Cry of the Perishing
031.-----Luk 11:1. Prayer
032.-----Psa 119:127. The Saints' Estimate of the Word of God
033.-----Eph 3:15. The Divine Family
034.-----2Co 4:5. Evangelical Preaching
035.-----Joh 3:2. Christ a Divine Teacher
036.-----Psa 144:15. The Happy People
037.-----Heb 3:7. The Solemn Caution
038.-----Joh 15:9. The Love Of Christ To His People
039.-----1Co 3:22. Christian Prerogatives
040.-----Gen 6:9. Scripture Characters
041.-----Pro 23:26. The Heart Demanded
042.-----Hos 6:4. Religious Inconstancy
043.-----Eze 34:29. The Plant Of Renown
044.-----Neh 8:10. Christian Joy
045.-----Isa 12:3. The Wells of Salvation
046.-----Gen 28:11-22. Jacob's Vision
047.-----Jam 2:23. Moral Character Of Abraham
048.-----2Ti 1:12. Paul's Happy Experience
049.-----Act 18:21. Importance of Regular Communion
050.-----Act 1:9. Ascension of Christ
051.-----Zec 4:6. The Spirit the Only Source of Success
052.-----Mar 11:17. The Dumb Spirit Cast Out
053.-----Mat 5:7. Christian Mercy
054.-----1Co 7:29-31. Time Considered and Improved
055.-----Psa 27:4. Attachment to God's House
056.-----Mat 11:29-30. Christ's Yoke
057.-----Mat 2:11. The Visit of the Wise Men to Christ
058.-----Luk 7:37-38. The Woman That Was a Sinner
059.-----Luk 16:8. The Children of Light Reproved
060.-----Php 2:1. Consolation In Christ
061.-----Joh 19:25-26. Nearness to the Cross
062.-----Rom 2:4. Long-Suffering of God Despised
063.-----1Pe 5:10. The Saints' Glorious Calling
064.-----Lev 16:21. The Scapegoat
065.-----Rom 8:1. The Christian State and Character
066.-----Mat 4:1-11. The Temptation of Christ
067.-----Rev 4:3. The Rainbow
068.-----Heb 11:24-26. Choice of Moses
069.-----Rev 21:9. The Church Christ's Bride
070.-----Rom 8:6-7. The Carnal and Spiritual Mind Contrasted
071.-----Joh 12:21. The Inquiring Greeks
072.-----Rom 8:3-4. Inability of the Law to Save the Sinner
073.-----Mat 17:1-8. Transfiguration of Christ
074.-----Mat 17:1-8. Transfiguration of Christ
075.-----Mat 17:1-8. Transfiguration of Christ
076.-----Exo 3:2-6. The Burning Bush
077.-----2Ch 26:5. The Connection Between Religion and Prosperity
078.-----Luk 22:56-60. Peter's Denial of Christ
079.-----Exo 2:9. Birth of Moses
080.-----Rev 3:20. God Knocking at the Sinner's Heart
081.-----Luk 8:35. The Demoniac
082.-----Joh 3:16. The Love of God to a Perishing World
083.-----Isa 5:2. God's Expectation From His Vineyard
084.-----Isa 5:2. God's Disappointment From His Vineyard
085.-----Heb 9:22. The Atonement
086.-----1Co 5:7. The Passover
087.-----Psa 37:34. Waiting Upon God, &c
088.-----1Ti 3:16. The Mystery of Godliness
089.-----1Ti 3:3-16. Manifestation of God in the Flesh
090.-----Psa 20:5. The Church's Banners
091.-----Act 13:31. God's Witnesses
092.-----Rom 8:9. The Necessity of Having the Spirit of Christ
093.-----Psa 119:80. Being Sound in God's Statutes
094.-----Mat 6:9. The Lord's Prayer
095.-----Mat 6:9. The Name of God Should Be Hallowed
096.-----Mat 6:10. The Coming of God's Kingdom, and Universal Obedience
097.-----Mat 6:11. Daily Bread,
098.-----Mat 6:12. Forgiveness Implored
099.-----Mat 6:13. Temptation Deprecated
100.-----Mat 6:13. Deliverance From Evil
101.-----Deu 5:3. For the Last Day of the Year
102.-----Col 3:11. Christ All and in All
103.-----Psa 57:7. The Heart Fixed
104.-----Jer 13:16. The Importance of Giving Glory to God
105.-----Deu 18:18. Moral and Typical Character of Moses
106.-----*** 2:11-12. The Grace of God in Bringing Salvation to All Men
107.-----Mar 7:24. Concealment of Christ. Impossible
108.-----Mat 28:6. A Visit to the Tomb of Christ
109.-----Exo 14:15. The Christian's Watchword
110.---Specimens From Celebrated American Preachers
111.-----Mar 12:17. Our Obligations to God and Men
112.-----Rom 1:16. The Power of the Gospel to Save
113.-----Psa 103:20. The Character and Employment of Good Angels
114.-----Psa 86:8. The God of the Christian and the God of the Infidel
115.-----2Ch 33:12, 2Ch 33:13. Manasseh
116.-----Mat 27:51. The Rent Veil
117.-----Psa 77:13. God's Way in the Sanctuary
118.-----Luk 18:13. The Publican
119.-----Pro 22:2. Human Equality
120.-----2Co 12:10. Weakness, Strength
121.-----Joh 19:17, Joh 19:18. The Place, Etc., Of Christ's Death
122.-----Gen 18:19. Family Worship
123.-----Psa 51:17. The Heart Which God Will Not Despise
124.-----Mat 19:14. Christ's Encouraging Observations Respecting Children
125.-----Mat 27:46. Christ's Lamentation On the Cross
126.-----1Co 16:13. Paul's Charge to the Corinthians
127.-----Num 21:9. The Brazen Serpent
128.-----Psa 126:6. The Ministerial Sower
129.-----Act 28:15. Gratitude and Courage
130.-----Lam 3:24. The Christian's Portion and Hope
131.-----Psa 81:10. Enlargedness in Prayer
132.-----Amo 7:2. Means of a Revival of Religion
133.-----Jer 8:6. The Solemn Question Answered
134.-----Rev 1:7. The Second Advent
135.-----Rom 8:15. The Spirit of Adoption
136.-----Mic 2:10. The Present Not the Christian's Rest
137.-----1Co 11:26. The Lord's Supper
138.-----Luk 7:12-16. The Miracle of Nain
139.-----1Pe 5:4. The Saints' Coronation
140.-----Isa 55:1. The Gospel Invitation
141.-----Rom 8:17. Children and Heirs of God
142.-----Rom 8:17. Suffering and Glorification
143.-----Zec 4:10. The Day of Small Things
144.-----Rev 22:16. The Morning Star
145.-----Mat 14:15-21. The Miracle Of The Loaves And Fishes
146.-----Luk 9:26. Shame of Christ, and Its Consequences
147.-----Rom 8:11. God For His People
148.-----Rev 1:12-16. John's Vision Of The Church
149.-----Rev 1:13-16. John's Vision of the Glorious Redeemer
150.-----Isa 35:8-10. Zion's Travellers
151.-----Psa 92:12-14. The Lord's Plantation
152.-----Luk 23:34. The Unknown Depths Of Sin
153.-----Isa 55:6. Sinners Entreated to Seek the Lord
154.-----2Ti 2:10. Salvation In Christ Jesus
155.-----2Co 7:5. Inward Fears
156.-----2Ti 1:7. The Rationality of Religion
157.-----Hos 14:1, Hos 14:2. Israel Exhorted to Return to God
158.-----Act 4:13. Intimacy With Christ, And Its Effects
159.-----Isa 51:1. The Experimental Retrospect
160.-----Joh 13:1. Christ's Unchanging Love to His People
161.-----Nah 1:7. Nahum's Description of Jehovah
162.-----Luk 12:15. Covetousness
163.-----Heb 1:1-2. The Various Communications of the Divine Mind to Man
164.-----Rom 8:34. Death of Christ
165.-----Pro 3:17. The Pleasantness of Religion
166.-----Amo 4:12. The Solemn Requisition
167.-----Psa 1:15. The Saint's Remedy in Trouble
168.-----Psa 130:4. Forgiveness with God
169.-----Zec 9:11, Zec 9:12. God's Address To The Prisoners Of Hope
170.-----Zec 9:11, Zec 9:12. God's Address to the Prisoners of Hope
171.-----Luk 18:18. The Rich Youth's Address to Christ
172.-----Psa 63:8. Spiritual Ardor
173.-----Heb 3:13. Deceitfulness of Sin
174.-----Jam 4:11. Evil Speaking
175.-----Heb 11:16. Heaven a Better Country
176.-----2Co 5:14. Christ's Constraining Love
177.-----2Ki 5:1, &c. The History of Naaman
178.-----2Ki 5:10-19. Naaman's Cure
179.-----Rom 8:35-39. The Triumphant Believer
180.-----Act 16:31. Faith and Salvation
181.-----Eze 33:5. The Importance of Taking Warn Ing
182.-----Gal 4:4-5. God's Gift to the World
183.-----Col 1:18. The Pre-Eminence of Christ
184.-----2Co 8:12. The Measure of the Sinner's Duty
185.-----Ecc 6:3. The Sorrows of Old Age Without Religion
186.-----Luk 19:8. The Duty of Restitution
187.-----2Ch 29:16-17. Something Must Be Done
188.-----Rom 8:34. Exaltation and Intercession of Christ
189.-----Pro 15:32. Importance of Soul Instruction
190.-----Rev 7:9-10. The Heavenly Company
191.-----Pro 4:18. The Path of the Just
192.-----Mar 13:37. Christian Watchfulness
193.-----Exo 32:26. The Lord's Side
194.-----Jam 3:2. Christian Imperfection
195.-----Mat 5:44. The Difficult Commandment
196.-----Mat 27:3-5. History Of Judas
197.-----Gal 3:1. The Folly of Disobeying the Truth, &c
198.-----1Th 1:10. The Blessed Deliverance
199.-----Php 2:5. The Importance of Possessing the Mind of Christ
200.-----Php 2:5. The Importance of Having Christ's Mind
201.-----Job 9:4. The Certain Connection Between Incorrigibleness And Ruin
202.-----Rev 22:20. Longing for Christ
203.-----Rev 22:20. Longing for Christ
204.-----Rev 22:20. Longing for Christ
205.-----Rom 12:1. Self-Consecration
206.-----Dan 4:33. History of Nebuchadnezzar
207.-----Heb 10:23. Steadfastness in the Christian Profession
208.-----Heb 10:24. Mutual Christian Duties
209.-----Heb 10:25. Importance of Public Worship, &C
210.-----Joh 1:29. The Lamb of God
211.-----Psa 63:3. The Loving-Kindness of God
212.-----2Pe 1:1. The Preciousness of Faith
213.-----Exo 33:14. God's Presence and Rest
214.-----1Pe 2:9. The Marvellous Change
215.-----Act 11:23. Barnabas at Antioch
216.-----Heb 7:25. Christ's Saving Ability
217.-----Psa 149:4. The Objects of the Divine Delight
218.-----Joh 6:27. The Best Labor
219.-----2Co 4:4. The Glorious Gospel
220.-----Num 14:24. Character of Caleb
221.-----Mat 7:24-27. The Two Builders
222.-----Isa 26:3, Isa 26:4. Trusting God
223.-----Joh 13:7. Mysteriousness of Present Dispensations
224.-----Psa 61:2. The Saint's Asylum in Distress
225.-----Jer 22:29. God's Solemn Address to Man
226.-----Eze 9:4-6. The Distinguishing Signs of the Righteous
227.-----Gal 6:9. Constancy in Well-Doing
228.-----Mat 24:14. The Gospel of the Kingdom
229.-----Eze 34:26. God's Gracious Engagements with His Church
230.-----Luk 15:17. The Madness of Sin
231.-----Psa 25:4. The Lord's Paths
232.-----Psa 103:1-4. Divine Goodness Celebrated
233.-----Psa 34:11. Address to Children
234.-----Mat 5:20. Necessity of Evangelical Righteousness
235.-----2Co 9:15. The Unspeakable Gift
236.-----Act 26:17. Way of Salvation
237.-----Mat 16:25. The Way of Salvation
238.-----Mat 16:25. The Losses and Gains Connected with Religion
239.-----Mat 16:25. The Losses and Gains Connected with Religion
240.-----Isa 57:15. The Momentous Word
241.-----Psa 78:41. Unbelief Limiting God
242.-----Heb 9:17. Christ a Testator
243.-----Joh 16:24. Encouragement to Prayer
244.-----Exo 23:16. The Feast of Harvest
245.-----Jdg 2:4-5. The Israelites at Bochim
246.-----Isa 55:7. Divine Pardon
247.-----Act 3:6. The Cure of the Impotent Man
248.-----Mar 8:36. The Value of the Soul
249.-----Mar 6:6. The Loss of the Soul and Gain of the World Contrasted
250.-----Mar 6:6. Unbelief
251.-----Psa 119:72. The Preciousness of the Divine Word
252.-----Joh 15:5. The Believer's Entire Dependence On Christ
253.-----Jdg 8:18. The Royal Appearance of God's Children
254.-----Pro 23:23. The Important Purchase
255.-----Pro 23:23. The Prohibited Sale
256.-----1Sa 12:24. Samuel's Address to Israel
257.-----Luk 20:36. Saints and Angels
258.-----Job 33:24. The Ransom Found
259.-----Gen 1:27. Creation of Man
260.-----Gen 3:6. The Fall
261.-----Pro 28:26. Folly of Self-Confidence
262.-----2Co 5:14, 2Co 5:15. The Love of Christ to Ruined Man
263.-----Luk 14:17. The Gospel Invitation
264.-----Heb 6:18. The Cities of Refuge
265.-----Psa 17:14. The Worldly Man's Portion
266.-----Heb 4:14. Christ a Great High Priest
267.-----Zec 8:23. Uniting with God's People
268.-----Eze 36:27. The Promise of the Spirit
269.-----Job 19:25. Job's Faith in the Redeemer
270.-----1Ti 2:8. Ministry Of Angels
271.-----1Ti 2:8. Prayer
272.-----Heb 13:8. Immutability of Christ
273.-----Lam 3:39. Address to Complainers
274.-----Jer 13:21. Future Punishments
275.-----Col 2:10. Completeness in Christ
276.-----Psa 87:2. God's Regards for the Assemblies of His People
277.-----Lev 25:10. The Jubilee
278.-----Luk 22:44. The Agony of Christ
279.-----Act 11:26. The Christian Character
280.-----2Co 2:14. The Believer's Triumph
281.-----Psa 138:3. Successful Prayer
282.-----Joh 10:10. The Gracious Design of Christ's Coming
283.-----Mat 27:42. The Saviour of Others Not Able to Save Himself
284.-----Isa 22:22. Christ Bearing the Key of the House of David
285.-----Deu 32:6. The Paternal Character of God
286.-----Pro 4:23. On Keeping the Heart
287.-----Isa 32:11. God's Address to the Careless
288.-----Isa 60:8. The Increase of the Church
289.-----Job 14:10. The Momentous Event
290.-----Dan 5:30. Belshazzar
291.-----Amo 4:12. The Solemn Warning
292.-----Neh 10:39. Attachment to God's House
293.-----Joh 3:3. Regeneration
294.-----Joh 21:17. Love to Jesus
295.-----Rom 9:33. Christ a Rock of Offence, &C
296.-----Gal 6:10. On Doing Good
297.-----1Co 13:12. Heavenly Knowledge
298.-----1Co 15:58. Christian Constancy
299.-----Heb 12:14. Following Peace
300.-----Jam 3:17. Wisdom From Above
301.-----1Pe 1:12. Angelic Students
302.-----Rev 6:8. The Pale Horse
303.-----Heb 4:16. The Throne Of Grace
304.-----Php 3:8. The Knowledge of Christ
305.-----Rom 5:8, Rom 5:9. The Love of God to Man
306.-----Gen 7:23. The Deluge
307.-----Dan 6:10. Daniel
308.-----Jer 9:23, Jer 9:24. Sinful Glorying Prohibited
309.-----Luk 4:16, &c. Jesus at Nazareth
310.-----Act 23:9. On Fighting Against God
311.-----Mat 22:5. The Gospel Despised
312.-----Jer 6:16. The Way to Heaven
313.-----Deu 29:29. A Sunday School Sketch
314.-----Eph 2:12. The Various Forms of Atheism
315.-----Gen 18:27. Abraham's Address to God
316.-----1Th 4:14. Funeral Sketch
317.-----1Ch 24:5. New Year's Sketch
318.-----Act 16:13-15. Lydia
319.-----Isa 53:7. The Publication of the Gospel
320.-----Joh 3:35. All Things in Christ's Hand
321.-----Dan 3:16-18. The Three Hebrew Worthies
322.-----Luk 22:19. The Lord's Supper
323.-----1Ti 2:1. On Supplication, Etc., for All Men
324.-----Act 13:39. Justification
325.-----Joh 3:3-8. Regeneration
326.-----Joh 3:3-8. Of Regeneration
327.-----Luk 16:31. The Sufficiency Of Revelation
328.-----Gal 4:5. Adoption
329.-----1Th 5:23. Sanctification
330.-----1Ch 22:19. On Immediately Seeking the Lord
331.-----Rom 10:13. The Plan of Salvation
332.-----Psa 71:9. The Prayer of the Aged
333.-----Psa 37:16. The Happiness of Righteous Poverty
334.-----Jer 14:7. Confession and Supplication
335.-----2Co 6:17. Separation From the World
336.-----Act 20:35. The Blessedness of Giving Over That of Receiving
337.-----1Pe 5:5. Humility
338.-----Exo 33:15. The Importance of God's Presence
339.-----Zec 9:9. The Joyful Appearance of Zion's King
340.-----Luk 15:2. Christ Receiving Sinners
341.-----1Th 1:3. Active Faith
342.-----1Th 5:12, 1Th 5:13. The Church's Duty to Christian Pastors
343.-----Rev 1:10. The Lord's Day
344.-----Psa 63:7. The Help and Refuge of the Godly
345.-----Php 3:3. Spiritual Religion
346.-----Psa 84:10. Delight in God's House
347.-----Psa 84:10. Delight in God's House
348.-----1Jn 3:4. Walking in Truth
349.-----Jer 10:23. Man's Insufficiency to Direct His Steps
350.-----Php 4:13. The Believer's All-Sufficiency in Christ
351.-----Mat 22:37, Mat 22:35. Supreme Love to God
352.-----Mat 13:44. Parable of the Hidden Treasure
353.-----1Ti 1:16. Paul Obtaining Mercy
354.-----Act 16:32-34. The Jailer and His House
355.-----Joh 7:37, Joh 7:38. Christ's Address to the Thirsty
356.-----1Ti 1:18. The Christian Warfare
357.-----Eph 6:13. The Whole Armor
358.-----Eph 6:14. The Girdle
359.-----Eph 6:14. The Breastplate
360.-----Eph 6:16. The Shield
361.-----1Th 5:8. The Helmet
362.-----Eph 6:17. The Sword
363.-----Php 2:23. Man's Ignorance of the Future
364.-----Ecc 7:14. The Day of Prosperity
365.-----Ecc 7:14. The Day of Adversity
366.-----Mar 4:24. On Hearing
367.-----Luk 8:18. On Hearing
368.-----Gen 1:3. Light and the Gospel Compared
369.-----1Th 2:13. Right Reception of the Scriptures
370.-----Mat 21:28. On Working in God's Vineyard
371.-----1Ki 8:38. Sin, the Plague of the Soul
372.-----Jer 8:22. Gilead's Balm and Physician
373.-----Gal 6:14. The Cross of Christ
374.-----Mat 13:33. Parable of the Leaven
375.-----Deu 30:15. The Offer of Life and Death
376.-----Luk 4:16, &c. Christ's First Sermon
377.-----Joh 1:46. Nathanael Invited
378.-----Neh 13:31. Divine Remembrance Implored
379.-----Isa 33:16. The Godly Man's Dwelling and Defence
380.-----Joh 17:15. Christ's Prayer for His People
381.-----Joh 17:15. Christ's Prayer for His People
382.-----2Co 4:8. Christian Perplexities
383.-----2Co 8:9. The Unparalleled Grace Of Jesus
384.-----2Co 8:9. The Unparalleled Grace Of Jesus
385.-----Mat 27:32. Simon of Cyrene
386.-----Col 3:16. On Singing the Praises of God
387.-----Col 3:16. On Singing the Praises of God
388.-----1Jn 4:8. Benevolence of God
389.-----Mar 6:56. Christ's Journeys of Mercy
390.-----Dan 5:30. The Fatal Night
391.-----Dan 5:27. The Solemn Scrutiny
392.-----Psa 46:1. God the Refuge of His People
393.-----1Ch 4:10. The Prayer of Jabez
394.-----Joh 4:28, Joh 4:29. The Woman Of Samaria
395.-----Eph 6:18. Incessant Prayer
396.-----1Ki 18:21. An Appeal to the Undecided
397.-----*** 3:1. Christian Usefulness
398.-----Luk 12:20. The Rich Worldling,
399.-----Psa 119:103. The Sweetness of God's Word
400.-----1Pe 2:2. Means of Spiritual Growth
401.-----Ecc 7:20. Human Imperfections
402.-----Php 3:10. ""And the fellowship of his sufferings."Php 3:10"
403.-----Php 1:6. The Work of Religion
404.-----1Co 16:22. The Certain Doom Of Those Who Love Not The Saviour
405.---Sketches of Sermons on Types and Metaphors
406.-----Rom 5:14. Adam a Type Of Christ
407.-----2Pe 2:5. Noah a Type Of Christ
408.-----Heb 7:11. Melchisedec a Type Of Christ
409.-----Gen 21:3. Isaac a Type Of Christ
410.-----Act 7:9. Resemblance Between Joseph And Christ
411.-----Deu 18:15. Moses a Type Of Christ
412.-----Jos 1:1-5. Joshua a Type Of Christ
413.-----Jdg 13:3-5. Samson a Type Of Christ
414.-----Jer 30:9. David a Type Of Christ
415.-----Luk 2:31. Solomon a Type Of Christ
416.-----Mat 12:39. Jonah a Type Of Christ
417.-----Gen 28:12. Christ Typified By Jacob's Ladder
418.-----Exo 3:2. The Burning Bush A Type Of The Church
419.-----1Co 5:7. Christ Typified By The Paschal Lamb
420.-----Exo 17:5, Exo 17:6. Christ Typified By The Smitten Rock
421.-----Joh 6:49, Joh 6:50. Christ Typified By The Manna
422.-----Lev 16:7, Lev 16:8. Christ Typified By The Two Goats
423.-----Joh 3:14. The Brazen Serpent A Type Of Christ
424.-----Heb 9:4. Christ Typified By The Ark Of The Covenant
425.-----Heb 9:5. The Mercy-Seat A Type Of Christ
426.-----Heb 4:14. The High-Priest A Type Of Christ
427.-----1Pe 2:9. The Priests Typical Of Believers
428.-----Psa 61:4. The Tabernacle A Type Of The Christian Church
429.-----Gal 4:26. Jerusalem A Type Of The Church Of Christ
430.-----1Ki 6:7. Solomon's Temple A Type Of The Heavenly State
431.-----1Pe 2:9. The Jewish Nation Typical Of The Christian Church
432.-----Heb 6:18. Christ Typified By The Cities Of Refuge
433.-----Luk 4:19. The Gospel Era Typified By The Year Of Jubilee
435.-----2Co 6:18. God The Father Of His People
436.-----Psa 95:3. The Royal Character Of God
437.-----Psa 62:8. God The Refuge Of His People
438.-----Psa 48:14. God The Guide Of His People
439.-----Gen 15:1. God The Shield Of The Righteous
440.-----Joh 15:1. Jehovah Likened To A Husbandman
441.-----Psa 16:5. God The Portion Of His Saints
442.-----Jer 2:13. God Compared To A Fountain
443.-----Isa 54:5. God The Husband Of The Church
444.-----Deu 32:31. No Rock Like The God Of Israel
445.-----Jam 1:16-17. God The Father Of Lights
446.-----1Jn 2:1. Christ An Advocate
447.-----Mal 3:3. Christ The Refiner
448.-----Joh 1:4. Christ The Light Of The World
449.-----Col 1:18. Christ The Head Of The Church
450.-----Mat 9:12. Christ A Physician
451.-----Isa 55:4. Christ The Captain Of Salvation
452.-----Joh 14:6. Christ The Way To Heaven
453.-----Isa 9:6. Christ The Wonderful
454.-----Isa 9:6. Christ A Counsellor
455.-----Isa 28:16. Christ The Foundation
456.-----Act 17:7. Christ A King
457.-----Mat 5:1, Mat 5:2. Christ A Teacher
458.-----Mal 4:2. Christ The Sun Of Righteousness
459.-----Pro 18:24. Christ The Best Friend
460.-----Joh 10:7. Christ The Door
461.-----1Pe 2:4. Christ The Living And Precious Stone
462.-----Php 1:19. Metaphorical Representations Of The Holy Spirit
463.-----1Pe 5:2. The Church Of Christ A Flock
464.-----Eph 2:22. The Church A Habitation For God
465.-----Jer 31:12. The Church The Garden Of The Lord
466.-----Rev 1:12. Christian Churches Likened To Golden Candlesticks
467.-----Eph 3:15. Christ's Church A Family
468.-----Rom 6:22. Believers Servants Of God
469.-----2 Timothy 2:3. The Christian Soldier
470.-----Pro 3:14. Believers Spiritual Merchants
471.-----Mat 12:49, Mat 12:50. Saints The Relatives Of Jesus
472.-----Psa 46:4. The City Of God, With Its River And Gladdening Streams
473.-----Psa 126:6. Ministers Sowers
474.-----Heb 13:17. Ministers Watchmen
475.-----1Co 3:10. Ministers Builders
476.-----Eze 34:2. Gospel Ministers Shepherds
477.-----1Co 4:1. Ministers Stewards
478.-----Mat 4:4. Word Of God Compared To Food
479.-----Psa 107:20. Word Of God Likened To Medicine
480.-----Psa 119:130. The Word Of God Compared To Light
481.-----Jer 23:29. The Word Of God Like A Fire And Hammer
482.-----Isa 55:10-11. Word Of God Likened To The Rain And Snow
483.-----2Co 4:7. The Gospel Treasure
484.-----Isa 27:13. The Gospel Trumpet
485.-----Rev 22:17. The Gospel Represented As The Water Of Life
486.-----Mat 8:3. Sin The Leprosy Of The Soul
487.-----Luk 4:18. Sinners Captives
488.-----Joh 13:32. The Gospel The Charter Of Liberty
489.-----Heb 12:28. The Gospel Dispensation An Immovable Kingdom
490.-----Rom 12:4-5. Christ's Spiritual Body
491.-----2Co 5:1. Earthly And Heavenly Dwellings Of Believers
492.-----Eph 3:15. Heaven Likened To A Family
493.-----Col 2:17. Christ The Substance Of Types And Metaphors
494.-----1Co 2:2. Christ Crucified
495.---Appendix. Sermons on Special Occasions
496.-----Joh 4:24. The Nature Of Acceptable Worship
497.-----Eze 21:27. Messiah's Final Triumph
498.-----1Co 16:10. The Duty Of Churches To Their Pastors
499.-----Pro 8:17. A Discourse To Children
500.-----1Sa 2:30. Honoring God, Divinely Honored
501.-----1Pe 2:21. The Sufferings Of Jesus
502.-----Job 29:11-16. True Beneficence
503.-----Luk 2:10-11. The Birth Of Jesus
504.-----2Ki 4:26. A New Year's Friendly Interrogation
505.-----Heb 11:16. Heaven The Country Of The Christian's Desire
506. Cyclopedia Of Sermons
508.---Sketches, &c.
509.-----Mat 13:34. Christ's Parabolical Mode of Teaching
510.-----Mat 7:24-27. The Wise and Foolish Builders
511.-----Mat 13:3, Mat 13:9. The Parable of the Sower
512.-----Mat 13:24, &c. The Parable of the Wheat and Tares
513.-----Mat 13:31-32. The Parable of the Grain of Mustard Seed
514.-----Mat 13:33. The Parable of the Leaven
515.-----Mat 13:44. The Hidden Treasure
516.-----Mar 4:26-29. Spiritual Vegetation
517.-----Mat 21:28-31. The Parable of the Two Sons
518.-----Mat 18:23, Mat 18:25. The Parable of the Debtors
519.-----Mat 13:47, Mat 13:50. The Parable of The Net
520.-----Mat 20:1; Mat 20:15. The Parable of the Day Laborers
521.-----Luk 15:3, Luk 15:7. Parable of the Lost Sheep
522.-----Luk 15:11, Luk 15:16. The Prodigal Son
523.-----Luk 15:17, Luk 15:20. The Prodigal Son. (Sketch II.)
524.-----Luk 15:20, Luk 15:32. The Prodigal Son. (Sketch III.)
525.-----Luk 17:7, Luk 17:10. Parable of the Unprofitable Servant
526.-----Luk 14:16, Luk 14:24. The Great Supper
527.-----Mat 21:38, Mat 21:43. The Wicked Husbandmen
528.-----Mat 13:45, Mat 13:46. The Pearl of Great Price
529.-----Mat 25:1, Mat 25:13. The Wise and Foolish Virgins
530.-----Mat 25:14; Mat 25:30. The Parable of the Talents
531.-----Luk 16:1, Luk 16:8. The Unjust Steward
532.-----Luk 12:16-21. The Rich Fool
533.-----Luk 13:6-9. The Barren Fig-Tree
534.-----Luk 16:19, Luk 16:22. Rich Man and Lazarus. (1st Sketch.)
535.-----Luk 16:23-31. Rich Man and Lazarus. (2nd Sketch.)
536.-----Luk 18:1-8. The Unjust Judge
537.-----Luk 18:10, Luk 18:14. The Pharisee and Publican
538.-----Luk 10:30-37. The Good Samaritan
539.-----Luk 7:40, Luk 7:42. The Merciful Creditor
540.-----Joh 10:11-18. The Good Shepherd
541.-----Joh 10:1-18. The Good Shepherd. (2nd Sketch.)
542.-----Act 2:22. The Miraculous Power of Christ
543.-----Joh 2:1-11. The Miracle at the Marriage of Cana
544.-----Mat 4:23, Mat 4:24. Miracles Performed in Galilee
545.-----Mat 9:1-8. The Restoring of the Paralytic
546.-----Mar 9:17-27. Casting Out the Dumb Spirit
547.-----Mat 14:15-21. Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes
548.-----Joh 5:2-9. The Bethesda Pool, Etc
549.-----Joh 4:46-54. The Healing of the Nobleman's Son
550.-----Mat 8:1-4. The Leper Cleansed
551.-----Mat 8:28-34. The Restored Demoniacs
552.-----Mat 20:29-34. The Two Blind Men
553.-----Mat 9:32, Mat 9:33. The Dumb Spirit Cast Out
554.-----Luk 4:33-37. The Expulsion of the Unclean Spirit
555.-----Luk 7:1-10. The Centurion's Servant
556.-----Joh 9:1-7. The Restoring of the Blind Young Man
557.-----Mar 7:32. The Cure of the Deaf Man
558.-----Mat 8:23-27. Christ's Power Over the Winds and the Sea
559.-----Mat 12:10-13. The Restoration of the Withered Hand
560.-----Mat 9:18. Recovery of Jairus' Daughter
561.-----Luk 7:11, Luk 7:17. The Restoration of the Widow's Son
562.-----Joh 11:11. The Death of Lazarus, the Friend of Christ
563.-----Joh 11:35. Christ Weeping at the Grave of Lazarus
564.-----Joh 11:36-46. Resurrection of Lazarus
565.-----Luk 17:17. The Ten Lepers
566.-----Mat 26:51-54. The Healing of Malchus's Ear
567.-----Mat 27:45-51. The Miracles Accompanying the Crucifixion
568.-----Eze 17:24. The Proud Abased and the Lowly Exalted
569.-----Gal 1:15-16. Paul's Apostolic Experience
570.-----Mar 13:34. All Christians Should Work for God
571.-----Isa 25:6-8. The Great Feast
572.-----Psa 132:18. Messiah's Triumphs
573.-----Isa 38:19. The Praises of the Living
574.-----Joh 4:39-42. The Faith of the Samaritan
575.-----Joh 19:21. The Blessedness of the Christian Sabbath
576.-----Pro 13:6. The Ruinous Effects of Sin
577.-----Exo 15:24, Exo 15:25. The Waters of Marah
578.-----1Pe 2:5. Saving Religion, Spiritual in Its Nature
579.-----Rom 4:16. Saving Religion a Religion of Faith
580.-----1Jn 4:16. Saving Religion a Religion of Love
581.-----Joh 14:21. Saving Religion a Religion of Obedience
582.-----Mar 8:34. Saving Religion a Religion of Self-Denial
583.-----Rom 12:12. Saving Religion a Religion of Prayer
584.-----1Co 13:13. The Pre-Eminence of Charity
585.-----Jdg 1:2. Jude's Prayer for the Saints
586.-----Rev 2:4. The Charge Against the Church at Ephesus
587.-----Psa 46:5. God's Presence the Security of the Church
588.-----2Co 5:17. The Christian a New Creature. (A New Year's Sketch.)
589.-----Jer 28:16. The Sentence of Death. (A New Year's Sketch.)
590.-----Son 1:4. Remembrance of Christ
591.-----Gen 41:9. Faults Remembered
592.-----Act 17:30, Act 17:31. Ignorance of the Heathen, and the Conduct of God Towards Them
593.-----Mat 13:38. The Moral Dignity of the Missionary Enterprise
594.-----Act 17:16-23. Paul Preaching at Athens
595.-----Act 17:16. Contemplation of Heathen Idolatry an Excitement to Missionary Zeal
596.-----Eph 2:11; Eph 2:12. The Recollection Of The Miseries Of A Pagan Condition, A Motive To ...
597.-----Joh 3:30. The Certain Increase of the Glory and Kingdom of Jesus
598.-----Psa 45:3-5. The Character of Christ's Conquests
599.-----Eze 21:27. Messiah's Final Triumph
600.-----Joh 10:16. Christ's Collected Flock
601.-----Mat 6:10. Prayer For The Coming Of God's Kingdom.
602.-----Joh 21:16. Love to Christ the Only True Motive to Missionary Exertion
603.-----Neh 6:3. No Cessation of the Great Work
604.-----Luk 12:49, Luk 12:50. The Question of Christian Missions Stated and Explained
605.-----Joh 4:35, Joh 4:36. The Fields White to Harvest
606.-----2Co 2:14. The Triumphs of the Gospel
607.-----Zec 6:15. The Spiritual Temple Erected by the Hands of Gentiles
608.-----Isa 55:10, Isa 55:11. Encouragement to Perseverance in Missionary Exertions
609.-----Mar 14:6. Mary's Memorial
610.-----Isa 52:13-15. The Character and Work of the Messiah
611.-----Isa 62:1, Isa 62:2. Hinderances to the Spread of the Gospel
612.-----Eph 1:10. The Fulness of the Times
613.-----Num 23:25. Impregnable Security of Israel, and Gods Wondrous Doings On Their Behalf
614.-----Luk 2:32. The Light of the Gentiles
615.-----Mat 28:18-20. Grounds of the Missionary Work
616.-----Heb 10:12, Heb 10:13. The Sacrifice and Triumph of Christ
617.-----Mat 9:37, Mat 9:38. Gospel Harvest, and Christian's Duty
618.-----Isa 27:6. The Future Prosperity of the Church the Effects of Divine Influence
619.-----Isa 54:2. Happy Influence of Foreign Missions On the Church
620.-----2Co 10:4. The Christian Warfare
621.-----Hos 14:5, Hos 14:7. The Glory and Prosperity of the Church
622.-----Act 16:9. Diffusion of Christianity Dependent On the Exertions of Christians
623.-----Joh 8:32. The Influence of Christian Truth
624.-----Eph 3:8. The Unsearchable Riches of Christ
625.-----Luk 10:1-20. Jesus Christ's Instructions to the Seventy Disciples
626.-----Zec 4:6, Zec 4:7. Insufficiency of Mere Human Efforts to Evangelize the Heathen World
627.-----Mal 1:11. The Universal Greatness and Glory of God's Name
628.-----Isa 35:1. The Wilderness Made Glad
629.-----Jer 31:33, Jer 31:34. Means of the World's Conversion
630.-----Gal 6:14. The Only Remedy for a World's Guilt and Misery
631.-----Gen 42:21. The Guilt of Neglecting the Souls of Our Brethren
632.-----1Ch 29:5. The Duty of Pecuniary Contributions to Religious Purposes
633.-----Psa 119:136. Holy Grief for God's Violated Law
634.-----Dan 2:34, Dan 2:35. The Kingdom of Christ
635.-----Zec 4:6. The Spirit of the Lord the Builder of His Spiritual Temple
636.-----2Co 9:2. Nature and Importance of Christian Zeal
637.-----Psa 40:6-8. Jesus the True Messiah
638.-----Rom 10:1-4. Apostolic Benevolence
639.-----Luk 2:32. The Glory of Israel
640.-----Isa 43:5, Isa 43:6. Obligations of Christians to Labor for the Conversion of the Jews
641.-----Rev 12:1. The Vision of the Church of Christ
642.-----Zec 8:19. Christianity a System of Truth and Peace
643.-----Psa 110:3. The Willing Church
644.-----Isa 52:7. The Heralds of Mercy
645.-----Mat 21:15. What Children Should Do for Christ's Cause Among the Dying Heathen
646.-----Eze 37:1-6. Ezekiel's Vision of Dry Bones
647.-----Rev 11:15. The Universal Reign of Christ
648.-----Gen 4:5, &c. History of Cain, As a Beacon
649.-----Gen 4:4. Abel, As an Example
650.-----Gen 6:8, Gen 6:9. Noah, an Example and Beacon
651.-----Gen 7:1. God's Invitation to Enter the Ark
652.-----Gen 11:32. Formalism and Procrastination Illustrated in Terah
653.-----Heb 11:8-10. Leading Features in Abraham's History
654.-----Gen 12:6-9. Abram's Journeyings
655.-----Gen 24:56. Eliezur's Appeal, Improver
656.-----Gen 25:34. Esau, As a Beacon
657.-----Gen 28:17. Jacob's Pious Exclamation at Bethel. (A Chapel Opening Sketch.)
658.-----Gen 28:18, Gen 28:19. Jacob's Monumental Pillar
659.-----Gen 33:4. Esau and Jacob's Reconciliation
660.-----Gen 40:14. Joseph's Pathetic Appeal to Pharaoh's Butler
661.-----Exo 5:2. Pharaoh's Impious Interrogation
662.-----Exo 12:13. The Blood of the Passover
663.-----Exo 12:43, and Exo 12:47. The Persons Who Kept the Passover, Types of Those Who Should ...
664.-----Exo 15:9, Exo 15:10. Pharaoh's Utter Destruction
665.-----Exo 17:11, Exo 17:12. The Hands of Moses Held Up
666.-----Num 14:8. Joshua and Caleb's Encouraging Declaration
667.-----Num 14:24. Character of Caleb
668.-----Num 16:48. The Plague Stayed
669.-----Num 23:23. Balaam's Declaration of Israel's Security
670.-----Deu 3:23-27. The Prayer of Moses to Go Over to the Good Land
671.-----Jdg 13:24, Jdg 13:25. Samson, Both an Example and Beacon
672.-----Jdg 14:14. Samson's Riddle Improved
673.-----Rth 1:14. Orpah and Ruth Contrasted
674.-----Rth 1:16. Ruth's Pious Decision
675.-----1Sa 15:32. Agag's Exclamation Considered
676.-----1Sa 16:12, 1Sa 16:13. God's Choice of David
677.-----1Sa 17:45-51. David and Goliath
678.-----1Sa 18:2-16. David's Popularity and Peril
679.-----1Sa 23:16. Jonathan's Friendship to David
680.-----1Sa 25:2, 1Sa 25:3. David and Nabal
681.-----2Sa 6:12-14. David's Restoring, and Dancing Before the Ark
682.-----2Sa 7:18-29. David's Address to the Lord
683.-----2Sa 18:33. David's Lamentation Over Absalom
684.-----2Sa 24:20-25. The Altar Built, and the Plague Stayed
685.-----2Sa 24:24. The Cost and Self-Sacrifice of Religion
686.-----1Ch 22:16. David's Address to Solomon, On Building the Temple
687.-----1Ki 2:1-4. David's Death-Bed
688.-----1Sa 31:4. Saul's Suicide
689.-----2Sa 19:34-37. Barzillai
690.-----2Ki 2:12. Elijah's Translation
691.-----2Ki 4:8-13. Elisha, and the Woman of Shunem
692.-----2Ki 7:2. The Unbelieving Lord
693.-----2Ki 8:13. Hazael's Exclamation
694.-----2Ch 12:7. The Humiliation of the Princes, and the King, Pleasing to God
695.-----2Ch 12:14. The Evil of Rehoboam's Character
696.-----Neh 8:5-8. Ancient Worship, and Open Air Preaching
697.-----Est 5:6. The King's Question to Esther, Improved
698.-----Job 1:1-3. His Moral Excellences and Prosperity. [No. I.]
699.-----Job 1:4, Job 1:5. Family Festivities. [No. II.]
700.-----Job 1:6-12. The Wonderful Convocation. [No. III.]
701.-----Job 1:12-22. Job's Calamities. [No. IV.]
702.-----Job 2:1-10. Job's Personal Afflictions. [No. V.]
703.-----Job 2:11-13. Job and His Three Friends. [No. VI.]
704.-----Job 10:1. Job's Weariness of Life. [No. VII.]
705.-----Job 15:11. Eliphaz's Important Interrogation. [No. VIII.]
706.-----Job 19:25. Job's Faith, and Confident Expectation. [No. IX.]
707.-----Job 30:25. Job's Compassion and Grief for the Poor. [No. X.]
708.-----Job 33:12, Job 33:13. Elihu's Address to Job. [No. XI.]
709.-----Job 40:4. Job's Penitential Confession. [No. XII.]
710.-----Job 42:1, &c. The Crisis and Restoration of Job. [No. XIII.]
711.-----Job 42:17. Lessons Taught by Job's History. [No. XIV.]
712.-----Jer 20:9. Jeremiah's Discouragement, and Return to His Onerous Duty
713.-----Dan 6:3. Daniel's Excellent Spirit
714.-----Dan 6:5. The Character Given of Daniel by His Enemies
715.-----Dan 6:10. Daniel Praying As Usual
716.-----Dan 6:21, Dan 6:22. Daniel's Peril and Deliverance
717.-----Dan 9:18, Dan 9:19. Daniel's Prayer for Jerusalem
718.-----Jon 1:4, Jon 1:5. Jonah and the Storm
719.-----Luk 2:26-30. Good Old Simeon
720.-----Mat 11:11. John the Baptist
721.-----Joh 1:41, Joh 1:42. History of Peter. [No. I.]
722.-----Joh 6:68. History of Peter. [No. II.]
723.-----Joh 21:18, Joh 21:19. History of Peter[No. III.]
724.-----Joh 21:7. The Apostle John
725.-----Joh 1:45. Nathanael
726.-----Joh 3:1. Nicodemus
727.-----Act 7:59, Act 7:60. Stephen's Character and Death
728.-----Act 8:5-13. Philip and the Gospel in Samaria
729.-----Act 7:58. Saul of Tarsus. [No. I.]
730.-----Act 9:19-30. The Apostle Paul. [No. II.]
731.-----2Co 11:22. History of Paul. [No. III.]
732.-----2Co 11:23-29. The Trials and Sufferings of the Apostle Paul. [No. IV.]
733.-----2Ti 4:6-9. Paul's Waiting for Martyrdom. [No. V.]
734.-----Rom 16:1, Rom 16:2. Phebe
735.-----Rom 16:3, Rom 16:4. Priscilla and Aquila
736.-----2Ti 1:2-5. History of Timothy
737.-----Joh 4:24. The Nature Of Acceptable Worship. [no. 1.]
738.-----Eph 4:12. The Christian Church The Body Of Christ
739.-----Neh 4:6. The Successful Willing Workers
740.-----Ecc 5:1. Reverence for the Sanctuary
741.-----Rom 1:16. Paul's Noble Avowal
742.-----Psa 5:7. Resolutions Respecting Public Worship
743.-----Hag 2:7. The Glory Connected with Messiah's Appearing
744.-----Rom 15:29. Paul's Evangelical Determination
745.-----Mat 5:47. The Important Question
746.-----Mat 17:4. Peter's Ecstasy On the Mount
747.-----Act 18:6-11. Paul at Corinth
748.-----Act 1:14. The Primitive Disciples
749.-----Nah 1:15. The Heralds of Mercy
750.-----Php 1:12. The Gospel Accelerated
751.-----Psa 110:3. Christ's Volunteers
752.-----Act 17:16-23. Paul Preaching At Athens. Part 1
753.-----Act 17:16-23. Paul Preaching at Athens. Part 2
754.-----Mat 13:38. The Gospel Sphere
755.-----Psa 45:3-5. Messiah's Conquests
756.-----Eze 21:27. Messiah's Final Triumph
757.-----Jdg 5:31. The Enemies and Friends of Jehovah
758.-----Psa 45:17. Perpetuity of Christ's Name and Praise
759.-----Isa 21:12. The Six Mornings
760.-----Isa 62:10. The Gospel Standard
761.-----Exo 10:22, Exo 10:23. Light and Darkness; or the Church and the World
762.-----Eze 10:14. The Christian Ministry
763.-----Col 4:17. a Ministerial Charge
764.-----1Co 16:10. The Duty of Churches to Their Pastors
765.-----Ecc 11:6. Early And Persevering Culture Recommended.
766.-----Gen 48:16. Jacob's Prayer for the Sons of Joseph
767.-----Gal 4:18. Christian Zeal
768.-----Exo 33:18. The Sublime Prayer of Moses
769.-----Deu 1:11. The Promised Increase Pleaded
770.-----Pro 8:17. a Discourse to Children
771.-----1Sa 10:26. The Consecrated Band
772.-----1Sa 2:30. Honoring God, Divinely Honored.
773.-----Job 13:4. Valueless Physicians.
774.-----Act 26:28. The Real and the Almost Christian
775.-----2Co 8:5. Consecration to the Lord
776.-----Isa 44:5. Personal Religion
777.-----Ezr 8:22. Seeking the Lord, and Its Advantages
778.-----Act 8:30. Reading the Scriptures
779.-----Eph 5:1, Eph 5:2. The Offering And Sacrifice Of Christ.
780.-----Zec 13:7. The Awakened Sword
781.-----Deu 24:18. The Necessary Remembrance
782.-----Joh 14:15. Affectionate Obedience
783.-----Zec 12:10. The Spirit of Grace and Supplications
784.-----1Pe 2:21. The Sufferings of Jesus
785.-----Mat 27:50. The Expiring Saviour
786.-----Joh 19:41. The Garden Sepulchre
787.-----Joh 2:19-21. The Temple Of Christ's Body.
788.-----Job 24:11-16. True Beneficence.
789.-----Act 10:38. The Benevolence of Jesus
790.-----Isa 58:11, Isa 58:12. The Rewards of Benevolence
791.-----Gal 2:10. Remembrance of the Poor Enjoined
792.-----Luk 2:10, Luk 2:11. The Birth Of Jesus.
793.-----Gen 49:10. The Promised Shiloh
794.-----Eph 5:15. Admonitory Counsels For The Concluding Year. [Part 1.]
795.-----Eph 5:16. Admonitory Counsels for the Concluding Year. [Part 2.]
796.-----Mat 19:20. a New Year's Personal Inquiry
797.-----2Ki 4:26. a New Year's Friendly Interrogation
798.-----2Co 4:18. Temporal and Eternal Things
799.-----Exo 32:29. Immediate Devotedness to God
800.-----Heb 11:16. Heaven The Country Of The Christian's Desire.
801.-----Jer 15:9. Death in the Midst of Life
802.-----Joh 9:4. Diligent Working
803.-----Isa 40:6-8. Human Frailty and Perpetuity of the Divine Word
804.-----Luk 19:41, Luk 19:42. The Sinner's Day
805.-----Psa 90:9. The Tale of Life
806.-----Jer 31:7. The Salvation Of The Church.
807.-----Psa 102:13. Hope for the Church
808.-----Eph 6:24. Christian Catholicity
809.-----2Jn 1:3. Christian Catholicity. II
810.-----1Jn 1:8. Sinlessness, Self-Deception.
811.-----1Jn 1:9. Confession and Pardon
812.-----Pro 13:15. The Misery of a Sinful State
813.-----1Co 15:11. Faith and Its Prerequisites
814.-----Php 4:1. Ministerial Solicitude
815.-----2Th 3:18. The Apostolic Benediction
816.---Sermons Designed for the Sick-Room, Family Reading, and Village Worship
817.-----Isa 28:20. The Short Bed; or an Inefficient Religion
818.-----Pro 7:7. a Beacon to Young Men
819.-----Jdg 12:6. Bigotry's Password
820.-----Psa 101:1. The Twofold Song of The. Believer
821.-----Gen 41:45. Joseph's Egyptian Name
822.-----Ecc 3:12. Joy and Beneficence
823.-----Rom 12:15. Christian Sympathy
824.-----1Pe 4:3. The Life of Sin Long Enough
825.-----Pro 23:15. Religion, True Wisdom. (A Sermon to the Young.)
826.-----Joh 6:28, Joh 6:29. Faith in Christ, the Work God Demands
827.-----Psa 73:28. Advantages of Communion with God
828.-----1Sa 4:21. Ichabod, The Departed Glory
829.-----Act 13:41. Despisers of Christ Addressed
830.-----Psa 119:71. The Profits of Affliction
831.-----Isa 30:10. Infatuated Hearers
832.-----Php 2:12, Php 2:13. Salvation the Work of God and Man
833.-----Gen 22:14. Jehovah-Jireh
834.-----Psa 66:16. a Declaration of Religious Experience
835.-----Neh 13:17, Neh 13:18. On Profaning the Sabbath
836.-----Lam 1:14. The Two Yokes
837.-----Dan 5:23. Our Breath in God's Hand, &C
838.-----Col 2:10. Believers Complete in Christ
839.-----2Sa 22:36. David's Song of Triumph
840.-----1Sa 7:12. Ebenezer
841.-----1Ti 2:1-4. On Praying, &C., for All Men
842.-----Eze 30:31-32. Formal and Unprofitable Worshippers
843.-----Jdg 6:24. Jehovah-Shalom
844.-----Gal 3:28. Christians All One in Christ Jesus
845.-----Heb 12:3. Arguments Against Being Weary in Christ's Cause
846.-----Jam 4:13-15. The Uncertainty of the Future
847.-----Col 1:10. Increasing in the Knowledge of God
848.-----Job 9:33. The Office and Work of a Daysman
849.-----Rom 4:7-8. The Bliss of the Pardoned
850.-----Eph 3:18-19. The Wonders of Christ's Love
851.-----Isa 21:5. The Overthrow of Babylon
852.-----Isa 7:14. "Immanuel."
853.-----Rom 14:7-8. Selfishness
854.-----Eze 36:31. Self-Loathing
855.-----2Co 13:5. Self-Examination
856.-----1Co 1:30. What Christ Is Made to Believers
857.-----Lam 3:31-33. God's Unwillingness to Afflict His People
858.-----Jer 10:25. Family Worship
859.-----2Ch 30:23. Delight in Divine Ordinances
860.-----2Ch 31:20-21. Doing God's Work From Right Principles and with All the Heart
861.-----2Ti 2:11-13. Fellowship with Christ
862.-----Psa 108:12. Help in Trouble
863.-----Isa 59:16, Isa 59:17. Christ Our Great and Wonderful Saviour
864.-----Son 5:16. Christ the Beloved, and Friend of His People
865.-----Jer 17:9. The Greatest Deceiver
866.-----Jam 1:27. Pure Religion
867.-----Job 38:17. The Solemn Question
868.-----1Co 14:16. The Concluding Word

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thank you so much for helping having it will help a lot in sermon preparetion

Thank you for these great sermon helps



I hope this would be available for mysword.

I download it but it does not open, it appears the file is corrupt, could you fix it please? Many thanks. 

The file does not open on my system, can you fix it please.

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