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Download Scofield, C.I. - Scofield Reference Bible Notes with Topical Index (Updated) 1.0

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C.I. Scofield

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

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Updated 4/25/2012: Updated the commentary module to include about 30 new comments.

The Scofield Reference Bible is one of the earliest and best known study Bibles, helping readers see the plan of salvation unfolding through the ages. The first Scofield Study Bible, published in 1909 and revised in 1917, is one of the most influential theological works of the early 20th century.

Edited by Cyrus Ingerson Scofield, the Scofield Reference Bible was published by the Oxford University Press and became known to many as a handbook of fundamental theology.

The Scofield Reference Bible contains very brief commentary, often consisting of no more than a few sentences and several cross-references. The brevity of the notes allowed Scofield's commentary to be included in the margins and footnotes in study Bibles, which countless Christians use as their primary study Bible.

"The Bible, incomparably the most widely circulated of books, at once provokes and baffles study. Even the non-believer in its authority rightly feels that it is unintelligent to remain in almost total ignorance of the most famous and ancient of books. And yet most, even of sincere believers, soon retire from any serious effort to master the content of the sacred writings. The reason is not far to seek. It is found in the fact that no particular portion of Scripture is to be intelligently comprehended apart from some conception of its place in the whole. For the Bible story and message is like a picture wrought out in mosaics: each book, chapter, verse, and even word forms a necessary part, and has its own appointed place. It is, therefore, indispensable to any interesting and fruitful study of the Bible that a general knowledge of it be gained."

—From the Introduction

A modern version of the Reference Notes (called the New Scofield Reference Bible) exists, but is a 1967 revision having no relation to C. I. Scofield.

This e-Sword Edition:
Contains the complete Scofield Reference Note text (as far as we know) and retains the hundreds of instances of Greek characters (colored in blue, see Matthew 2:4 for example).

The zip and exe installation files also include a Topical Index to Scofield's Reference Bible. Locate the Topical Index in the Dictionaries window under the "Sco" tab.

What's New in Version 1.0 (See full changelog)

  • Uploaded Mac/e-sword 11 version.

Timeless! the best reference bible ever. Thanks 

Please Update for Mac. Thank You


I can't Convert to Mac version. It says Locked.

Is this from my understanding just the notes?  I would love to download the actual Scofield Bible but cannot seem to find it here.  If you can help that would be greatly appreciated.  God bless.

Scofield brought in Dispensationalism which is a new, innovative, naïve, peculiar, cumbersome, complicated, contradictory, and incoherent system of theology. Other than these problems, however, it is apparently quite compelling. It is compelling to tens of millions of Christians who themselves are often "innovative, naïve, peculiar, cumbersome, complicated, contradictory, and incoherent" and who are usually captured when they are "new" to the Christian faith as recent converts. Now it very hard to find a church that isn't a  instead of the traditional Covenant theology.



Dispensation theology always, forever, and without fail holds, maintains, defends, and promotes a distinct and dominant future for geo-political Israel. It teaches that God has two peoples, the Church and Israel, and the Church is a prophetic parenthetical to be supplanted by the Jews, (all of whom God is going to save in spite of their unbelief,) during the supposed thousand-year earthly reign of Christ wherein there will be a return to the Jewish animal sacrifices and each Jew will be served by 2,600 Gentiles who become Noahides (See the Noahide Laws (which President signed into Law in the USA in 1991; they just aren't in-effect yet); in Sub-law to Law # 2, it states all professing Christians and Hindus will be decapitated for idolatry.)


Dispensation theology interprets the Old Testament without reference to Jesus or of Apostles and regardless of what they say.

Once a person comes to understand the New Covenant promised to Israel and Judah in Jeremiah 31:31-34, which is found fulfilled by Christ during the first century in Hebrews 8:6-13, and Hebrews 10:16-18, and specifically applied to the Church in 2 Corinthians 3:6-8, and Hebrews 12:22-24, the Two Peoples of God doctrine of modern Dispensational Theology falls apart, and the pretribulation removal of the Church falls with it. To get more indepth understanding of the fallacies of 

Dispensationalism, very good easy-to-understand and scriptually-verifiable articles to read are on-line on  against dispensationalism blogspot.



Dispensationalism snuck into Protestantism in the 1800’s starting with a fellow named Barnes and mainlined by the Rockefeller-funded Scofield who made his famous Bible with his commentary which tell reader how to understand verses. The origin of Dispensationalism is in the AD 1500s ; it was invented by a crypto-Jewish rabbi who was a Jesuit of the Roman Catholic Church Jesuits which is a crypto-Jewish organization from it's very start. It was created in aid to gain the power of evangelical political and monetary support of the manufacture of geo-political Israel which is not of God but the Synagogue of Satan. 



The 13th Tribe by Arthur Koestler tries to show us that geo-political Israel (created by British-Zionist mandate in 1948) does not really represent the Israelites of the past.


DNA-testing has confirmed Arthur Koestler’s well-researched book by showing 95% of the Jews in geo-political Israel are NOT the same bloodline as the Jews of the Bible : they are not Semitic but are of a turko-mongol-hun bloodline : the Khazars of the Khazar Empire (c. 650–965) a major commercial empire covering the southwestern section of modern European Russia (whose Emperor at some point forced conversion all citizens to Judaism and imported some rabbis to teach the people how to be rabbinical Jews), the same later became the Ashkenazi Jews of Europe.

Well for this person that found it wise to call Dr.Scofield and those of us who have seen scriptures just as they are naive,complex and incoherent, I have one word. We may be all that TO YOU but better that and Saved Healed and prospers in God's way than religious dogmas with no power in the order of a graveyard

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[3] Scofield, C.I. - Scofield Reference Bible Notes with Topical Index.exe
[4] Scofield, C.I. - Scofield Reference Bible Notes with Topical Index.zip
[5] scofield_reference_index.dcti
[6] scofield_reference_notes.cmti


The zip container has two files [1] Scofield Reference Index.dctx as modified 2011-03-29 and [2] scofield reference notes.cmtx as modified 2012-04-25

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