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Soteriology (Salvation)

J.E. Conant

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

Written in 1941, Dr. Conant provides an excellent scriptural, logical, philosophical, and systematic approach to the doctrine of salvation. He organizes and caps a life-long study to fully understand salvation, and present it in a clear and understandable manner.

Unlike other approaches from those who do not grasp the fundamentals of Scripture, nor respect for the verbal and plenary inspiration of the Holy Bible, this book has a firm foundation on which to build. From this foundation, a practical understanding of salvation and its importance can be gleaned.

Dr. Conant explains the plan of salvation through the substitutionary death of Christ. Cleansing from sin, and how God made it possible--that is the place to start. Indeed, it is the one place where reason must start, if the moral problems of life are to have any solution. For when reason comes to see how a holy God can be just and still justify the sinful, the clue to the solution of every moral problem whatsoever will be in our hands. With the purpose of making some contribution, if even a slight one, to an understanding of God’s solution of that problem, the following pages seek to show that the only method of salvation of which reason can possibly conceive, when self-evident, axiomatic truth is reckoned with, is the very plan of salvation set forth in the Bible.

The thesis is that both the Word of God and reason agree in the absolute necessity of atonement by substitution, as accomplished by Christ on the cross, as the only possible ground on which sin could be dealt with and the sinner saved from its consequences. The only philosophy of the cross conceivable to reason, when all the requirements of the whole moral universe are reckoned with, is also the divine philosophy found in the Word of God, and which is therefore eternal and unshakable truth because it inheres in the very nature of things-which is the nature of God Himself.

The doctrine of the atonement is and doubtless always will be of unfailing interest. Its depths are so profound that new angles of vision are now and again coming to view, and its principles so comprehensive of all those throughout the moral realm, that they seem to penetrate to the very limit of moral truth.

0.1. Title Page
0.2. Prepared by BibleSupport.com
01. Introduction
02. The Nature of God
03.-----Man Needs a Direct Word from God
04.-----The Fact of God Is Inescapable
05.-----Can Man Come to Know God?
06.-----Reasoning from Effect to Cause
07.-----The Reign of Law and Order
08.-----The Clue That Never Fails
09.-----Is Holiness or Love God's Fundamental Attribute?
10.-----The Final Moral Fact in God's Being
11.-----The Scripture Intimations
12.-----Mutual Relation of Holiness and Love
13.-----How Will God Deal with Sin?
14. The Nature of Moral Being
15.-----Love and the Power of Choice
16.-----How God Safeguards Our Happiness
17.-----Man Needs a Direct Word from God
18.-----The only Moral Force Is Love
19.-----Innocence Is not Holiness
20.-----How a Moral Character Is Achieved
21.-----No Warning against Satan
22.-----The Way to Permanent Character Opened
23.-----Where Rationalism Began
24. The Nature of Sin
25.-----The Birth of Religion
26.-----The Awful Nature of Sin
27.-----All Men Are Born Sinners
28.-----Sin's Wreckage beyond Telling
29.-----The Sinner Is an Anarchist
30.-----The Sinner's Intolerance of Law
31. The Nature of Moral Government
32.-----Suppose God Had Banished Adam
33.-----Is Man's Rescue Possible?
34.-----God's Government an Embodiment of Love
35.-----The Heart of the Problem of Sin
36.-----Shallow Thinking on Forgiveness
37.-----God the Supreme Public Magistrate
38. The Nature of Justice
39.-----The Nature of Right and Wrong
40.-----Can God's Will Be Set Aside?
41.-----Sin's Appalling Destructiveness
42.-----And This Is Hell!
43.-----How Can God Forgive Sin?
44.-----How Leniency Invites Sin
45.-----Anarchists Have No Right to Liberty
46. The Nature of Mercy
47.-----God Must Be Saved from Man's Sin
48.-----Will God's Throne Fall?
49.-----Sin's Penalty Cannot Be Remitted
50.-----A Problem only God Can Solve
51.-----No Salvation without Substitution
52. The Nature of Substitution
53.-----Who Can Qualify as a Substitute?
54.-----God's Own Son Offers Himself
55.-----Tasting Death for Every Man
56.-----Forgiveness without Substitution Impossible
57.-----The Cross a Divine Transaction
58.-----Only God Can Act as Substitute
59.-----Denial of Virgin Birth Irrational
60.-----Was Christ's Life Substitutionary?
61.-----Crucifixion and Resurrection Belong Together
62.-----We Were Executed in Christ on Calvary
63. The Nature of Grace
64.-----How the Cross Uncovers Sin
65.-----The Insult Supreme
66.-----Brazen Impudence of Salvation by Character
67.-----Every One a Murderer by Nature
68.-----How the Cross Uncovers God's Love
69.-----The Nature of Grace
70.-----Grace and Obligation Exclude Each Other
71.-----Man's Weapon against God Goes Astray
72.-----Salvation Cannot Be Forfeited
73.-----Substitution in Picture
74. The Nature of Salvation
75.-----A Dread Foreboding of Eternity
76.-----We Need a Two-Fold Salvation
77.-----Christ's Two-Fold Provision on Calvary
78.-----No Excuse for Spiritual Infancy
79.-----Man's Side of Salvation
80.-----The New Birth Is a Real Birth
81.-----Christ's Two-Fold Ministry in Heaven
82.-----Christ's Intercession for Us
83.-----Christ Our Advocate
84.-----Salvation Good News, not Good Advice
85.-----How to Believe and Be Saved
86.-----The Most Outrageous Sin of All

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