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  • Author: Thomas Paul Simmons
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Download Simmons, Thomas Paul - A Systematic Study of Bible Doctrine

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Covenant Calvinism Systematic Theology Eschatalogy (Endtimes) Baptist
Thomas Paul Simmons

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

A Systematic Study of Bible Doctrine
BY: Paul Thomas Simmons

"A Logical Arrangement And A Diligent Treatment Of The Teachings Of God's Holy Word"

Systematic - Calvanistic - Baptistic - Premillennial

I have always considered it the best book of my acquaintance in the field of systematic theology. During my seminary days I was under the necessity of studying several text books on systematic theology, and since that time I have studied and read many volumes along that line, but none of these have been as satisfactory as this volume. There are several reasons for my making this statement.
  • So many texts along this line CONTAIN A MIXTURE OF THEOLOGY AND PHILOSOPHY. This book deals with theology and leaves out the philosophizing.
  • This volume while of satisfactory size, covers much more territory than other books far more bulky. The reason for this is the fact that the author without superfluous words delves immediately into his subject. He acquaints the reader with sufficient Scripture to prove each point.
  • I prefer this book because THE AUTHOR IS WHOLLY UNINFLUENCED BY MODERN THEOLOGICAL TRENDS. He believes that if God says something that settles it, hence to him the field of theology is not to be compared to a beach that is constantly being changed by erratic tides and shifting winds.
  • I find this book most satisfactory BECAUSE IT TEACHES THE DOCTRINES THAT HAVE BECOME UNPOPULAR because of the changing times and the doctrinal looseness that characterizes whole denominations of this day. I recall a large and attractive volume published some years ago by a very gifted and popular theologian. The author seemed unwilling to commit himself concerning some of the doctrines that are of a controversial nature. He contented himself with a middle-of-the-road position, seeking to state the various views pro and con, without revealing his own position. You will not find such theological cowardice on the part of the author of this book. Moreover, if you reverence the Scriptures, you will probably end up by agreeing with him, whether you started out to do so or not.
  • One fine thing about this book is the fact that IT IS ADAPTED TO THE NEEDS OF BOTH THE THEOLOGIAN AND THE AVERAGE READER. Many times in talking with a young minister, I have urged that he procure a copy of this book and read it carefully. I knew that if he did it, he would get started out on the right road. When laymen have asked if I could recommend a book that would give them a good grasp of Bible doctrine, I have recommended this book, and I have never had such persons to express disappointment.
  • Through the years I have found this book A VALUABLE REFERENCE WORK. Often in writing articles I have had need to refresh my memory along some doctrinal line. I turned to this volume because I knew that I would in brief compass find the information I sought.
  • This book is not only very suitable for classroom study in college, Bible Institutes and the like, IT WOULD REVOLUTIONIZE THE DOCTRINAL BELIEFS OF THE AVERAGE CHURCH if it were used by the pastor as the basis for a series of doctrinal messages, or for instructional classes in Bible doctrine.
As I have used Brother Simmons’ book through the years I have found myself more nearly in accord with its doctrinal teachings than with any book on systematic theology that I have known. One thing that has enhanced the value of the book to me, is the fact that I have known and appreciated the author for nearly half a century. I am glad that he is planning to reissue the book, and I trust that it will have a wide sale.

Roy Mason, A. B., Th. D, Aripeka, Florida

Table of Contents
01. Chapter 1 - The Existence of God
02. Chapter 2 - The Bible, A Revelation From God
03. Chapter 3 - The Inspiration of the Bible
04. Chapter 4 - Objections to Verbal Inspiration
05. Chapter 5 - The Nature and Attributes of God
06. Chapter 6 - The Will of God
07. Chapter 7 - The Doctrine of the Trinity
08. Chapter 8 - The Lord Jesus Christ
09. Chapter 9 - The Holy Spirit
10. Chapter 10 - The Doctrine of Angels
11. Chapter 11 - Satan, His Origin, Work, and Destiny
12. Chapter 12 - God's Relation to the Universe
13. Chapter 13 - The Creation of Man
14. Chapter 14 - The Essential Elements of Human Nature
15. Chapter 15 - The Moral Nature of Man
16. Chapter 16 - The Original State and Fall of Man
17. Chapter 17 - The Doctrine of Sin
18. Chapter 18 - Human Responsibility
19. Chapter 19 - The Free Agency of Man
20. Chapter 20 - The Doctrine of Election
21. Chapter 21 - The Doctrine of the Atonement
22. Chapter 22 - The Outward and Inward Calls
23. Chapter 23 - The New Birth
24. Chapter 24 - The Doctrine of Conversion
25. Chapter 25 - Repentance and Faith
26. Chapter 26 - The Doctrine of Justification
27. Chapter 27 - The Doctrine of Sanctification
28. Chapter 28 - The Three Tenses of Salvation
29. Chapter 29 - The Perseverance and Preservation of the Saved
30. Chapter 30 - The Doctrine of the Church
31. Chapter 31 - The Doctrine of Baptism
32. Chapter 32 - The Lord's Supper
33. Chapter 33 - The Office of Bishop
34. Chapter 34 - The Deaconship
35. Chapter 35 - The Place of Women in the Church
36. Chapter 36 - The Present State of the Dead
37. Chapter 37 - The Second Coming of Christ
38. Chapter 38 - The Two Phases of Christ's Coming
39. Chapter 39 - The Great Tribulation Period
40. Chapter 40 - The Man of Sin
41. Chapter 41 - The Battle of Armageddon
42. Chapter 42 - The Millennium
43. Chapter 43 - The Final State of the Righteous and the Wicked

If you can only have one systematic theology book and you don't have time for excessive verbosity, this is the one to get.  Simmons establishes Scripture to back up his position, succintly and sufficiently.  In the realm of theology, it is more sound than many out there and does not compromise to the popular, ecumenical, one-world view of today.

When I first started preaching many years ago, my pastor had an old copy of this book that his pastor had given him. I found it very useful then. I've been pastoring Baptist churches for over 25 years now. I picked up my own copy over 20 years ago, and I still use it and recommend it often. I'm glad to see it here. While I don't agree with all the stands Bro. Simmons took, no one who seriously reads this book can say that he didn't know his positions well, and present them in a very clear, logical way. Even if one doesn't lean toward a Sovereign Grace position, there's still a lot in here that's very useful for anyone who wants to go deeper into God's Word.

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