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  • Author: James Gray
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James Gray

MySword Version::

About James Martin Gray
James M. Gray (1851-1935) was a Bible scholar, editor, and hymn writer, and the president of Moody Bible Institute.

Gray was an early fundamentalist who upheld the inspiration of the Bible and opposed the contemporary trend toward a social gospel. Gray was also a dispensationalist who believed in thepremillennial, pre-tribulational return of Jesus Christ at the Rapture.

About Primers of the Faith
In this 50+ chapter work, Gray presents (the equivalent of) a modern day, Baptist defense of our faith in God and the Bible, using clear, simple terminology. The work introduces the Bible, defends the Protestant 66 book canon, examines Christian evidences, and compares Christianity with other, well known religions. Mechanical reproductions of this classic are still in print and sold today. (This was a special request module).

01. Part 1: How We Know the Bible is Genuine
02. The Names of the Bible
03. Tracing the Records
04. Examining the Text
05. The English Versions
06. How the Books Came Together
07. Why I Believe Moses Wrote the Pentateuch
08. Why Question the Mosaic Authorship of the Pentateuch?
09. Answering the Critics
10. The Early Historical Books
11. Two Isaiahs, or One?
12. The Other Major Prophets
13. "Daniel in the Critics Den"
14. The Minor Prophets
15. Is Jonah Historic?
16. The "Holy Writings"
17. The Poetical Books
18. The Titles of the Psalms
19. The Wisdom Literature
20. The Old Testament Apocrypha
21. The New Testament Canon
22. Why Four Gospels?
23. The Story of the Synoptics
24. Did the Apostle John Write the Fourth Gospel?
25. Internal Evidences of John's Gospel
26. The Book of the Acts
27. Paul's Epistles--the First and Second Groups
28. Paul's Epistles--the Third Group
29. The Pastoral Epistles
30. The Epistle to the Hebrews
31. The General Epistle of James
32. The General Epistles of Peter and Jude
33. The Epistles and Revelation of John
34. Part 2: How We Know the Bible Is Credible
35. The Bible as a Historic Fact
36. Evidence of the Pick-Axe and the Spade
37. More Buried Proofs
38. The Contents of the Bible a Proof of Its Credibility
39. Judaism and Other Ancient Religions
40. The Mummy and the Tower of Silence
41. Christianity and Buddhism
42. Christianity and Muhammadanism
43. Christianity and All Other Religions
44. Miracles--their Definition and Proof
45. Miracles--the False and the True
46. Prophecy--Its Value
47. Prophecy--Its Nature
48. The Idea of Jesus Christ
49. Christianity Meeting with Success
49. Christianity Overcoming Difficulties
50. Christianity Judged by Its Historical Effects
51. Part 3: How We Know the Bible Is Divine
52. The Meaning of Inspiration
53. The Argument for Inspiration
54. The Bible Claim of Inspiration
55. The Objections to Inspiration
56. The Objections to Inspiration

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