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Parables Types

Ada Habershon

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baptist, Bible interpretation

The Study of the Types
by Ada R. Habershon

Habershon writes an exhaustive study on types and typology in the Bible. This older classic surveys categories of types used in the elements of things, places, characters, personages (Holy Spirit, Christ, Moses, Joseph, see Table of Contents below). This is an excellent reference book on types for the serious Bible student.

From the Introduction (about the definition of "types"):
It is very important to understand what is meant by a type. In I Corinthians 10, we are told concerning the various wilderness experiences of the children of Israel, that "all these things happened unto them for ensamples [types]"; and Paul explains that the record of these events is given to us in the Bible for a special purpose, i.e to teach us certain lessons.

This passage seems to cover all that befell GOD's redeemed people in their journey from the place of bondage to the land of promise; and we may also conclude from it that other portions of their history are given to us with a similar purpose. But although teaching spiritual lessons, the incidents really took place. Some who are giving up their belief in the inspiration of the Bible would try and make us believe that though there is spiritual meaning in these old stories they are only traditions and fables; not records of real events, but merely allegorical, and no more to be taken literally than Bunyan's "Pilgrim's Progress." It is enough for us that the Lord Himself and the writers of the New Testament looked upon them as truthful records of actual events.

Certain Bible characters are clearly referred to in the New Testament as types. They were real living people, not mythical characters that never lived; and the record of their history is evidently given to teach us of Him whose coming they foreshadowed.

The story of Joseph is a striking example of this; and when we see in his life a picture of "the sufferings of Christ and the glory that should follow," and the deliverance He has wrought, we understand how it is that so large a portion of the Book of Genesis is devoted to Joseph's history. He is perhaps the most complete type of our Lord that we can find; and unlike so many heroes of the Old Testament, there seems no blot on the page of his life to mar the picture.

But besides typical incidents and characters, there is another very important class of types, i.e., all those things which were expressly commanded by GOD in connection with the Tabernacle and Temple service, and which in every detail were clearly given as types, "The Holy Ghost this signifying" - some lessons about our Lord and His work. Some would try to make us believe that the Hebrew religion, as described in the Books of Moses, was only borrowed from the heathen nations around; but the careful study of the types leaves no room for doubting that the whole Levitical economy was divinely instituted to foreshadow the work and person of the Lord JESUS CHRIST Himself.

We cannot state with certainty that anything is a type unless we have some warrant for doing so. If we can turn to no New Testament passage for our authority, or if there be no expression or analogy which indicates the antitype, it is safer and more correct to call it an illustration.

Useful and good.

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