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  • Author: The Assembly of Yahweh
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The Assembly of Yahweh

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

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This is a King Iames Version that has corrected the text in places while retaining the Archaic English.

This version also restores The Sacred Name instead of rendering The Sacred Name as "THE LORD". It restores The Sacred Name using the English transliteration "Yahweh", and also uses a more friendly transliteration for The Anointed One' Name, i.e. - "Yahshua". While these may not be the best transliterations for these Names it is a far cry closer than the rendering "THE LORD" or the total mis-transliteration "Jesus". It also uses the name Jacob instead of the misnomer James for the Apostle.

Transliteration: To represent letters or words written in one alphabet using the corresponding letters of another. To transcribe a word from one language into another language by using the new languages alphabet to accurately reproduce the same exact sounds of the word in the original language.

There is no "J" sound in the Hebrew or Aramaic much less the Greek' languages. In English the "J" can make the "Y" sound, see: hallelujah. Hallelujah is two pure Hebrew words, the first meaning praise ye, and the second is the short form of The Heavenly Father Sacred Name. This means that when we say hallelujah we are say "praise ye Yahu".

for the Hebraic rules of grammar and the evidence left to us in the Ancient Text on the Sacred Name see: http://thetexasrat.w....com/index.html

Hi. Will. Very Good. It's your style, just missing one thing your Hebrew & Greek no's.

Once again Very Good Job.


I'll check it out, but I would thnk God cares more about what we believe about Him then what we call Him.

I have my doubts about a "corrected" KJV when the descripition is spelled as "King lames."  How lame can we get?  Before I rely upon the authority of someone who tells me that they "corrected" the text, I need to know thier qualifications for doing such.  What has been suggested here has been done to various versions stretching from Rotherham in 1898 and several other times over the century.

This is a wonderful version, and I have owned the physical copy of the Word of Yahweh for over a year now. I love the use of the beautiful names. Please don't misjudge this work based on a typo in the above description. 

I think the king "lames" part is human error and only Jesus is perfect. Besides, the typo only exists here on the webside in the description for this software. Also, Romans 10:13 says that whoever shall call in the name of the Lord shall be saved. Is Lord His name or a title? No one is taking authority and correcting the word of God, they are simply bringing back the name of the Lord which is Yaweh which was taken out by human translators and replaced with one of His titles when Yaweh Himself said those who call on His name YAWEH shall be saved, not those who call on one of His titles which was hijacked by the evil one to create further confusion in the times of old. Lord/Master is translated from Baal. In the hebrew Bible, which is Yaweh's language and the language the Old testament was originally written in, Baal which means lord was also later used to refer to a variety of spirit deities worshipped through idolatry regarded in that context in the Hebrew Bible as baal. Baal and lord can be applied to other things which are not Yaweh and Yaweh Himself says those who call in His name Yaweh shall be saved, not those who call one who calls on one of His many titles, one of which is Lord. Yaweh is God'same and only applies to Him.  Yaweh knows why he said things the way He said them and knows exactly what He is doing. No one is correcting the word of Yaweh, just bringing back the proper names in place of titles as it was in the original Hebrew and in Yahshua's case that is what He and His disciples knew Him as. It's about Yaweh and Yahshua. If Yaweh says to call Him by His name, why not lead people to the way it should be which was actually "changed" by human translators?

4. Do not debate doctrinal issues except in the Theology Discussion Forums. The support forums are for e-Sword and MySword users to learn more about e-Sword and Mysword—it is not here to discuss doctrinal persuasions. You can ask about a resource's doctrine if you need assistance. You can ask what resources discuss a doctrinal viewpoint. You cannot debate or discuss the perceived accuracy of any given doctrinal viewpont. Please discuss them in Theology Discussion Forums. The moderators solely reserve the right to make necessary doctrinally related comments in the support forums.

King Iames is spelled with an I... as the letter J is less than 600 years old and therefore James was not his actual name. King Lames would be spelled with an "L" as shown. LOL.

Excellent article Brethren I have owned this bible for 2 years now and Enjoy it everytime I read it.... Like the article said..... Yahweh gave you His Real name and people Still call him by a Title because MAN said to call Him that.... If you read Exodus 3:14-15 you will see the Most High telling you what his name is For All Generations. Stop doubting the Truths that you dont know and Research for yourself and cease being Blind Sheep. You would be surprised how much you will find out has been hidden if you research for yourself instead of Listening to everything Told to you...

I'll check it out, but I would thnk God cares more about what we believe about Him then what we call Him.

Exactly! Too many people get hung up on "You should call Him Yehoshua NOT Jesus!" The Lord knows our hearts. Just like you said. Well said!

Thank you so much for sharing this! :D

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