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Download Leupold, H. C. - Commentary Genesis Volume I and II

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Old Testament Pentateuch (Gen-Deu) Genesis OT Survey Expository Topics

Leopold, H.

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

Introduction (1:1-2:3) - The Creation Account.

I. The First History—that of Heaven and Earth (2:4-4:26).
A. Supplementary details of the Creation count (2:4-25).
B. The Temptation and the Fall (chapter 3).
C. The Early Development of the Sinful Human Race (chapter 4).

II. The History of Adam (5:1-6:8).
A. The Separate Development of the Godly (chapter 5).
B. The Commingling of the Two Races (6:1-8).

III. The History of Noah (6:9-9:29).
A. Noah’s Piety (6:9-12).
B. How Noah was preserved (6:13-9:17).
C. The Future of the Races of Mankind Foretold (9:18-29).

IV. The History of the Sons of Noah (10:1-11:9).
A. The Sons of Japheth (10:1-5).
B. The Sons of Ham (10:6-20).
C. The Sons of Shem (10:21-32).
D. The Tower of Babel, or The Confusion of Tongues (11:1-9).

V. History of Shem (11 :10-26).

VI. The History of Terah (11:27-25:11).
A. The Life of Terah (11:27-32).
B. The Life of Abraham (12:1-25:11).
1. The Call of Abraham and the Exodus from Haran (12:1-9).
2. A trip to Egypt during a Famine (12:10-20).
3. Separation from Lot (13:1-18).
4. The Defeat of the Kings by Abraham (14:1-24).
5. God’s Covenant with Abraham (15:1-21).
6. The Birth of Ishmael (16:1-16).
7. The Covenant Sealed by New Names and by Circumcision (17:1-27).
8. The Manifestation of Yahweh at Mamre (18:1-33).
9. Guilt and Destruction of Sodom (19:1-38). Sequel: Lot’s Degeneration.
10. Abraham and Sarah at Gerar (chapter 20).
11. Birth of Isaac and Expulsion of Ishmael (21:1-21).
12. Abraham’s Covenant with Abimelech at Beersheba (21:22-34).
13. The Sacrifice of Isaac (22:1-19).
14. Nahor’s Descendants (Rebekah) (22:20-24).
15. Death and Burial of Sarah (23:1-20).
16. Isaac’s Marriage (24:1-67).
17. Abraham’s Second Marriage and His Death (25:1-11).

VII. The History of Ishmael (25:12-18).

VIII. The History of Isaac (25:19-35:29).
A. Birth and Early History of the Twin Brothers (25:19-34).
B. Various Scenes from Isaac’s Life (chapter 26).
C. Isaac blesses Jacob (27:1-45).
D. Jacob’s Dismissal from Home and His First Vision (27:46-28:22).
E. Jacob’s Double Marriage (29:1-30).
F. Jacob’s Children and His Increasing Wealth (29:31-30:43).
G. Jacob’s Flight from Laban; their Treaty (31:1-54).
H. Preparations for Meeting Esau (31:55-32:32).
I. Reconciliation with Esau; Settling in Canaan (33:1-20).
J. The Outrage on Dinah Avenged by her Brothers (chapter 34).
K. The Last Events of Isaac’s History (35:1-29).

IX. The History of Esau (chapter 36).

X. History of Jacob (37:2-50:26).
A. Joseph Sold into Egypt (37:2-36).
B. The Danger that Threatened Jacob’s Sons (chapter 38).
C. Joseph’s Imprisonment because of his Steadfastness (chapter 39).
D. Interpretation of the Prisoners’ Dreams by Joseph (chapter 40).
E. Joseph’s Exaltation (chapter 41).
F. The First Journey of Joseph’s Brethren to Egypt without Benjamin (chapter 42).
G. The Second Journey to Egypt with Benjamin (chapter 43).
H. The Test Successfully Met by Joseph’s Brethren (chapter 44).
I. Joseph Revealed to his Brethren; The Family Summoned to Egypt (chapter 45).
J. The Temporary Emigration of Israel to Egypt (chapter 46).
K. Israel Established in Goshen; Egyptian Famine Measures (47:1-26).
L. Jacob’s Preparations for his End (47:27-49:32).
M. Jacob’s Death and Burial (50:1-14).
N. Conclusion of Joseph’s History (50:15-26).

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