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  • Last Updated: Nov 06 2018 02:08 PM
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  • Author: Donnie Barnes
  • e-Sword Version: 10.x

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e-Sword 10 Module Download:
Download The Cross of Christ -- 125 Bible Charts 1.0

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Donnie Barnes

e-Sword Version:

This .refi (HD) Reference Work is a wonderful collection of Bible
Charts as created by the late Donnie Barnes (deceased). You
may visit his website at http://biblecharts.org. This reference
module currently contains dozens of Color Bible Charts pertaining
to the Cross of Christ and the Death of Christ (i.e. atoning sacrifice).
The title for this reference (.refi) module in the e-Sword reference
library is: "Cross of Christ"

Current update for 11/06/2018 now contains all 125 Bible Charts
in this e-Sword reference module.

Here's a list of some of the Color Charts in this collection:
Introduction to the Cross of Christ-1
Introduction to the Cross of Christ–2
Introduction to the Cross of Christ–3
Introduction to the Cross of Christ–4
Great Statements about the Cross
Why Study the Cross of Christ?
Why Study the Cross of Christ-Reason 1
Why Study the Cross of Christ-Reason 2
Why Study the Cross of Christ-Reason 3
Why Study the Cross of Christ-Reason 4
Why Study the Cross of Christ-Reason 5
Why Study the Cross of Christ-Reason 6
Why Study the Cross of Christ-Reason 7
Why Study the Cross of Christ-Reason 8
Four Factors behind the Cross
What Does the Cross Declare – 1
What Does the Cross Declare – 2
The Cross of Christ Proves Much
The Work of the Cross
Results of the Cross
What the Cross has Done For Christians
Preach the Cross of Christ
Christ in Gethsemane
The Tears of Our Lord
The Jewish Set of Trials
The Roman Set of Trials
From the Trials – Basic Issues That All Must Face
When the Cock Crew
Pontius Pilate
Five Questions Asked By Pilate
Five Statements Made by Pilate
The Three Persons on the Three Crosses
A Look at the Three Crosses
The Cross
And Pilate Wrote A Title
Preparation for Crucifixion
Doctors Speak About Crucifixion
Pathological Phases of Death by Crucifixion
Suffering on the Cross
Sins That Crucified Our Lord
Sevenfold Virtue of the Blood
The Seven Sayings from the Cross
It Is Finished
Things Said at the Cross
At the Cross
The Triumphs of the Cross
Who Was Your Stand-in at the Cross?
Joseph of Arimathea
The Burial of Christ
The Garden Tomb in Jerusalem
The Empty Tomb
The “Missing Body” Theories versus the Truth
The Resurrection of Christ
Post-Resurrection Appearances
When Jesus Ascended–1
When Jesus Ascended–2
Christ’s Great Going Home Promise
Events Foretold in Prophecy
Messianic Prophecies of the Psalmist
Messianic Prophecies of the Messianic Prophet
Uninspired Statement from Josephus
How to Come to the Christ of the Cross
Christ’s Death, Burial, Resurrection & Romans 6
The Blood of Christ
Christ as Seen Through the Cross
Christ’s Last Will & Testament
The Bible Centers around Christ
The Bible Stresses Christ’s Coming
When is Jesus Coming Again?
For what is Christ Not Coming?
For what is Christ Coming?
How is Christ Coming Again?
What Will Happen When Christ Comes Again?
Powerful Words from Peter & Paul
Be Patient the Lord is Coming
There is much to be Considered
The Final Judgment
Judgment Day Surprises–1
Judgment Day Surprises–2
Witnesses Against Us – 1
Witnesses Against Us – 2
Witnesses Against Us – 3
The Rich Man & Lazarus
Is There Really a Hell?
What is Hell Like?
People Going to Hell
Some Who Will be in Hell
What is Heaven?
What Heaven is Like–1
What Heaven is Like–2
What Heaven is Like–3
What Will Not Be in Heaven?
The Populace of Heaven
How to Prepare for Heaven
Hebrew Criminal Law-An Introduction
Hebrew Criminal Law-Basis of Hebrew Criminal law
Hebrew Criminal Law-The Pentateuch
Hebrew Criminal Law-The Mishnah & the Germara
Hebrew Criminal Law-Competent & Incompetent Witnesses
Hebrew Criminal Law-Witnesses under Hebrew Law
Hebrew Criminal Law-Mode of Examining Witnesses
Hebrew Criminal Law-Testimony & Evidence
Hebrew Criminal Law-Illegalities that Surrounded Christ–1
Hebrew Criminal Law-Illegalities that Surrounded Christ–2
Hebrew Criminal Law-Illegalities that Surrounded Christ–3
Hebrew Criminal Law-Illegalities that Surrounded Christ–4
Hebrew Criminal Law-Illegalities that Surrounded Christ–5
Hebrew Criminal Law-Illegalities that Surrounded Christ–6
Hebrew Criminal Law-Three Hebrew Tribunals
Hebrew Criminal Law-The Sanhedrin–1
Hebrew Criminal Law-The Sanhedrin–2
Hebrew Criminal Law-Matthew 16 & the Sanhedrin
Hebrew Criminal Law-Qualifications for Members of the Sanhedrin
Hebrew Criminal Law-Disqualifications & the Sanhedrin
Hebrew Criminal Law-Hebrew Jurisprudence
Hebrew Criminal Law-Punishment for Capital Crimes–1
Hebrew Criminal Law-Punishment for Capital Crimes–2
Hebrew Criminal Law-Punishment for Capital Crimes–3
General Calendar & Order of Events-1
General Calendar & Order of Events–2
The Lifting Up of Christ
Christ Lifted Up
Christ’s Invitation in Matthew 11:28-30

What's New in Version 1.0 (See full changelog)

  • 11/04/2018 - Added the first 40 Color Bible charts
  • 11/05/2018 - Added 40 more Color Bible charts
  • 11/06/2018 - Added final 45 Color Bible Charts
  • 11/05/2018 - Completed this Module/Fixed Errors

Two questions on this.  

How can this be viewed so I can see the entire slide?

Is there a way to copy and transport to a document?

To TRDS:    From within the Reference Library, you may click on Edit, then ''Select All''   Then select ''Copy'' and paste the slide (Bible Chart) into your favorite Editor, Paint Program or Word Processor.  I have the slides available in individual .PDF Files, which I have converted most of them into .jPG format.  I have converted the first eighty or so files, with about 45 more to go.  They are rather large files which I loaded into Microsoft Paint, then resized each to a Pixel Size of 1320 X 1020.  I suppose that I could have made it just a little smaller so you wouldn't have to scroll up/down to view the entire slide.  When done with this reference module on the "Cross of Christ"  I may go back and make the charts smaller.  Just don't have the time right now.  


Concerning you question about copying and transporting to a document, the slides are available in .pdf format from the website at biblecharts.org   The creator of these slides passed away over 4 years ago, but his site is still up and running.  All I did was convert the .pdf files in this collection to .jpg, then insert into the reference module for e-Sword.


Anyway, you may simply use the Select-All option in the Reference Library Menu.  This will select the slide.  Next, "COPY" the Slide to your PC's Clipboard, then Paste into you Microsoft WORD or other similar Word Processor.  I haven't tried to print any from the Library itself, but if you copy and paste into your Word Processor, I believe you should be able to resize the slide to fit your document page.

To TRDS:  Just dawned on me that because the Pixel Resolution on each Chart is set at 1320 x 1020, when you paste into your Word Processor you will have to resize the picture or else it will appear to be chapped off.  Each slide will paste just fine into Microsoft WORD.  Changing the Page orientation from Portrait to Landscape won't change anything.  You will still have to resize the slide, regardless of whether your Word Processor is in Portrait or Landscape Mode.   

I am resizing the first four slides in this collection to 1000 x 772 Pixels.   Will upload to Bible Support to test it out.  Let me know if they view better in the Reference Library screen.  If it Seems to work good on my end.  Will go back and change the resolution on the other slides if it all works out...

I have resized the first Fourteen slides.  Will go back and resize the other slides(Charts) in this collection and also upload the module with the remainder of the collection (Approx 125 Charts/slides)...

Thank you for the info.  I have been able to cut and paste and it works fine.

Just downloaded this file. Went through it and find these plates missing:


16, 17, 27, 54, 57-59, 65, 68, 70, 80-84, 91-93, 105-110, 112, 113, 118-120, 122 and 125

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