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  • Author: Jonathan Welton
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Jonathan Welton

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

I, Jonathan Welton, care more about truth than about money. My heart is to empower others and release the truth that sets people free.

That is why I have provided my latest manuscript free of charge. Most likely you have not heard the contents of this material anywhere. Not because I am presenting something fringe, but because I am speaking biblically and historically, not in the trend of popular culture.

I am taking great personal risk to stand up for the truth that will set people free. It would be much easier to continue traveling and speaking popular messages about the prophetic seer realm, but the Lord has directed me to take a stand in this arena. Although the hate mail from the close-minded is piling up in my inbox, I have heard from so many more voices of encouragement as people’s lives are being dramatically impacted by this book. I challenge you to give it a fair chance.

Your brother
Jonathan Welton

Hi all,


I do not believe this teaching, but I uploaded for research, comparison of different view points.  Here is what I do believe:

If you would like a little more understanding of the Pre, Mid, & Post Tribulation check this out:
I am going to state what I have found out as I study the End Times. Some of this is found in my Study Bible Set.  I try very hard to Merismos the Scriptures.
The POWER Of 3’s In The WORD Of GOD  H430
1. First Dimension   2. Second Dimension   3. Third Dimension
1. Pre-Tribulation = The Church (Jews and Gentiles) Rev_4:1;
2. Mid-Tribulation = 144,000 Jews Rev_14:1-4; Gentiles - Rev_15:2;
3. Post-Tribulation = Jews and Gentiles Rev_20:4;
The POWER Of 3’s In The WORD Of GOD  H430
1. First Dimension   2. Second Dimension   3. Third Dimension
Rapture: Gathering Together
 1. Caught Up - 1Th_4:17; 
 2. Changed - 1Co_15:51; 
 3. Come Up - Rev_4:1; 
The POWER Of 3’s In The WORD Of GOD  H430
1. First Dimension   2. Second Dimension   3. Third Dimension
Jews and the Church (Type): or H30157
1. Mary = Church Joh_20:11-18;
2. 10 disciples = 144,000 Jews Joh_20:19-24;
3. Thomas = the Jews who doubt Joh_20:25-29;
The POWER Of 3’s In The WORD Of GOD  H430
1. First Dimension   2. Second Dimension   3. Third Dimension
Jewish Harvest:
1. Barley Harvest Rth_1:22; Rth_2:23; 2Sa_21:9; Joe_1:11; Rev_4:1; 
2. Wheat Harvest Gen_30:14; Exo_34:22; Num_18:12; Deu_8:8; Jdg_15:1; Rth_2:23; 1Sa_6:13; 1Sa_12:17; Mat_3:12; Rev_7:1; 
3. Grape Harvest Gen_40:10; Num_13:20; Deu_24:21; Isa_5:2; Isa_18:5; Isa_63:3; Rev_14:17-20; Rev_19:15; 
Put all the 1's together, 2's and 3's and you will see more of what I am trying to say.
The Trumpet in 1Th 4:16; 1Co 15:52 - the last... is the last trumpet of the Jewish feasts. It cannot be the 7th trumpet of Rev because Paul wrote before John wrote Rev.
From the Reference Topic:
Jewish Wedding Traditions Compared to the Relationship between Jesus Christ and his Bride the Church
The Rapture is found in the Old Testament:
The Rapture in Exo_19:1-25 and The Coming of The Lord:
The Apocolypse (End Times) in The Book of Genesis:
also for the Rapture: Isa 26:19-21 = Mat 25:1-13; Mat 25:11-12 = Mat 7:21-23 (Lord Lord)
Nah_1:2 =1Th 5:9 wrath for His enemies not his Church; wrath of Lamb Rev 6:16-17 or the wrath of Christ - Punish men who mistreated the Church who is the Bride of Christ.  The Wrath of God is to those who mistreated Israel, who God is married to.
check out my set to see what I am talking about. 

What is his website?  Where did this come from?



here is his website




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