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  • Submitted: Oct 26 2014 07:27 AM
  • Last Updated: Nov 07 2014 04:46 PM
  • File Size: 2.38MB
  • Views: 11463
  • Downloads: 1,301
  • Author: E.M. Zerr
  • e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x
  • Tab Name: ZERR

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e-Sword 9+ Module Download:
Download Zerr New Testament Commentary 1.0

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New Testament Church of Christ

E.M. Zerr

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

Tab Name:

New Testament Commentary by E.M. Zerr. Copyright 1948 by E.M. Zerr. Includes up to 75 Questions for each chapter. Questions are from E.M. Zerr's Book "16,000 New Testament Questions," which is copyrighted 1944 by E.M. Zerr. This Version includes the books of Philemon through Revelation. This is a work in progress. Includes Questions For Colossians through Revelation.. This commentary is a Verse-by-Verse Commentary of the New Testament. Perhaps the most Conservative Commentary available. This commentary is comparable to B.W. Johnson's People's New Testament Notes, but many consider Zerr's to be just as good, if not better.

The Book of Revelation (verse by verse) is now complete!


What's New in Version 1.0 (See full changelog)

  • 10/27/14 -- Added Hebrews 9-13.
  • 10/28/14 -- Added Hebrews 1-8
  • 10/28/14 -- Added all Questions for Hebrews 1-13
  • 10/28/14 -- Added Questions For Titus and Philemon
  • 10/28/14 -- Added Questions For 1st & 2nd Timothy
  • 10/29/14 -- Added Questions For Colossians
  • 10/29/14 -- Added Questions For 1st & 2nd Thess.
  • 10/29/14 -- Added Commentary For Philemon
  • 10/30/14 -- Added Commentary For Revelation 1
  • 10/31/14 -- Added Commentary For Reveoation 2 & 3
  • 10/31/14 -- Added Questions For Revelation 2-5
  • 10/31/14 -- Corrected Typos in Hebrews, Revelation
  • 11/01/14 -- Add Commentary for Revelation 4-9
  • 11/01/14 -- Add Questions for Revelation 4-12
  • 11/02/14 -- Added Commentary for Revelation 10
  • 11/05/14 -- Added Commentary for Revelation 11-20
  • 11/05/14 -- Added all Questions for Revelation
  • 11/06/14 -- Added Commentary for Revelation 21
  • 11/07/14 -- Completed the Book of Revelation

This is a review on the module only you make your own choice on the content


The font is set by the module


This means you can not change the font and to change the font size you have to zoom in on every verse and when you change a verse you have to zoom again this is also true for the chapters also


It is I think so much better to have the font and font size set by eSword

Forgive me, but I haven't figured that part out.   I use the ESword Tool Tip Utility to create the Commentary.


No worries. In Tooltip, click Modules. Then click Font Size Set by e-Sword. Then re-generate the cmtx file.

Josh,  I had the option in Tooltip "Font Size Set by e-Sword" already selected.  Now that puzzles me.  If I already had that option selected, Why is there a problem with the fonts in the Module?  Any help would be appreciated.  If nothing else, I can send you the ZERR.rtf file and maybe you can tell me what's wrong.  It appears to be OK on my end.  I'm using the latest version of e-Sword.

I used tooltip tool's Remove font specification from eSword module and it did not work 


Maybe you can post the problem in ToolTip Tools thread along with the rtf 

Are you planning on making the rest of his commentaries available as part of this module?  He covered the entire Bible in four volumes (I think).

I have his 4 vol. commentary in book form, but would really like to have it for my e-sword program. This download is FAR from complete. Looks more like a sample of his work than anything else. I'll keep waiting!

To Bradley S. Cobb and tomofid:


E.M. Zerr's Commentary was originally six(6) volumes.  It was originally published by Carl Ketcherside in  the early 1940s (I think) at great expense to him.  Anyway, the hardback copy I have was copyright 1948 by E.M. Zerr and published in 1948.  The Old Testament is four(4) volumes and the New Testament is volumes 5 & 6.   Revelation is almost complete.   Please realize  that the Chapter Notes are strictly Questions by E.M. Zerr. There are a minimum of 50 questions per chapter and as many as 75 Questions per chapter.   Zerr's book of questions can be found elsewhere on  the internet in Adobe (.PDF) format.  Seemed like a good idea  to incorporate the Commentary and Chapter Questions in one e-Sword module.  My apologies for any typos in  the questions.  They were simply copied from the .PDF File and pasted into the Tootip Program... 


The book of Revelation is almost complete in Zerr's New Testament Commentary.  By tomorrow I hope to begin on the books by the Apostle Paul.  After that will work on Matthew through Acts.   I anticipate that the ZERR.cmtx file will probably be at least 10 MB in size.  Not sure at this point.   Completion of this module will take awhile.  Hope that everyone who reads this will understand that the commentary doesn't type itself or enter itself into the Tootip program!!  Please be patient.  Good things come to those who wait.....



Forgot to tell you that one of the elders at church was a personal friend of E.M. Zerr when he lived in New Castle, Indiana.  Needless to say, Zerr's is one of his favorite commentaries...

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