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In Topic: Looking for Chronology study Bible.

16 April 2013 - 05:52 PM

DoctorDave i'm finding your site a good one, thank you for the link. :)

In Topic: Looking for Chronology study Bible.

16 April 2013 - 05:43 PM

TY for the responses, I have one Bible reading plan i'm following at the moment with my pastor and a few others. Will indeed though check out the URL's given. Thank you. Was hoping for a Bible itself, would come in handy for me. Have already done up the Chronology of the Bible a few times, and at the moment writing a book on the Chronology, Typology and Christology in the Scriptures. So you see it would be good to have it.



Baunllaw you said...


Because of the formatting required to make a bblx module a chronological Bible module would be impossible, a "harmony" module would is (or can be) a close approximation at least for the Gospels.  The best bet if you want a chronological e-Sword module, would be to convert the PDF version that Patchworkid supplied a link to and the Tooltip NT utility file to make a topx or refx module.


The module might not be distributable (depending on the copy right), but it, as I understand it, making a copy in a different format of a document you have a copy of is a violation of copy right only if distributed without proper permission. The copy right experts here will be able to correct me if I am wrong.


I'm afraid that goes a bit over my head, also afraid I wouldn't have the time. Thank you very much for the suggestion though. :)


Lord Bless you all.