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APP: Hebrew Alphabet For Christians — Alphabet את

05 February 2020 - 03:09 AM

Learn the 22 letters of the ancient world — their pictorial representations — and you will be able to discover amazing revelations directly from the Hebrew Bible.


I have a work in progress that has been stationary for a while... I plan to finish it but perhaps if I get some positive feedback and confirmation that people want this I will finish it.


Alphabet את


Hebrew is a language that not only has letters that form individual words but each letter has a number and picture associated with it which means that words often have additional information communicated in the representative pictures of each letter that together form mini stories for a Hebrew word.


This also means that hebrew on this level is the easiest language to learn. Learn 22 letters of the alphabet, its pictorial representation, and get additional insights that even the Strong's dictionary won't tell you.


For example:

The Hebrew word for Father is "Alef Bet — אב"


Alef = ox, bull

Bet = tent, house

So Father Av (Ab) = strong house (picture of a bull and tent)


Now where it gets interesting is when we investigate the Hebrew word for Son " Bet Resh — בר"


Bet = tent, house

Resh = head, person

So the word son communicates that the father puts the son as the head of the house.

Once you learn the 22 letters alphabet and the pictorial representation for each letter you can meditate on any hebrew word from the Tanakh and you will easily recognise the words.

See images attached for more information.

If this interests you and you have an iOS device let me know and I will give you access to the work in progress via Apple's Testflight app.




HNT+ with Strong

04 February 2020 - 11:58 PM


I would like to create a "Hebrew New Testament +" which would be connected to the Strong dictionary of the Hebrew from the Old Testament.


This is not meant to replace the Greek as an authoritative text but simply as an additional reference for insights.


I have access to old e-sword databases but they still have the old non-unicode texts.


KJV+ (bible)

HOT+ (bible)

HNT+ (desire to create)

Strong (dictionary)


Can anyone save me time and help me with unicode databases for e-sword?