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#35671 e-Sword using Wine fonts not rendering?

Posted by warmbreezes@earthlink.net on 21 March 2019 - 06:37 PM



Step 1:

Open the Wine Stable 4.0 application, which brings up a Wine terminal window

Type at the prompt:  winecfg

This brings up a windows Wine Configuration dialogue box

Click on the graphics tab

Click to select the "Emulate a virtual desktop" option

Set the screen resolution to 120 dpi

Click Apply

Close the window


Step 2: 

This is a known bug, with a workaround to fix it

The fix is that you need to downgrade to XQuartz 2.7.9 which is available here:



bug report at wineHQ:

Wine with freetype 2.7 causes font rendering issues



WineHQ forum post:




I will note that even after applying these fixes, Wine still only seems to use one font, regardless of which font is selected in the dialogue box, but it’s not bad, and you can adjust the size, etc. as usual within the e-Sword application. I decided I didn’t care about the not being able to change fonts issue (it may be something on my machine, you may not have this problem), as these fixes improved the appearance so much. It is definitely livable now, and I can get back to using e-Sword for what it was intended for.  I also have not gotten far enough to know if Hebrew and Greek fonts will render appropriately or not with these fixes.   


I do have duplicate font files in both my Mac-Fonts and the .wine-Windows-Fonts folders, dont know if that is affecting anything.  Blessings, and I hope someone finds this useful either now or in the future.