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In Topic: Can't find folder containing E-Sword X modules in Mac OS El Capitan v. 10...

30 January 2019 - 02:52 PM



I am looking for the e-Sword X modules also. Here is the reason:


I have been using Logos for eight years. There are only a couple features that I like and use frequently,  which e-Sword X has. I also have lots of personal books on Logos. I am considering dropping Logos for e-Sword X.


In the last couple of days, I have been testing e-Sword X on my Mac (Mojave). I downloaded 10 modules (4 public 6 purchased). I also started some Study and Topical Notes. Then, this morning, e-Sword X would not open. The icon was just jumping up and down. Finally, a message came up saying something to the effect, "... you must completely delete e-Sword X and re-download from the App Store..."  I did exactly that and it downloaded just fine. But, everything is gone!  I'm thinking that this is NOT the first time that this will happen. I had to download all of the modules again. And, my Study and Topical Notes... who knows where they are!


IF I cannot save my modules and notes right now and restore them quickly later (when this happens again), I am not spending any more time with e-Sword X, nor will I ever recommend it to serious Bible Students.


Thank you in advance!