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#36143 A word to those who have downloaded e-Sword

Posted by chuckfiedler on 10 July 2019 - 11:09 PM

According to the official e-Sword chronology, as of 2016, twenty-five MILLION downloads of e-Sword had occurred throughout the world. Also according to the chronology, e-Sword and its associated costs are Rick's sole source of income as well as his personal burden. 


If every down-loader simply contributed one dollar a year to the effort, Rick would both be able to cover the expenses associated with this ministry and be a bloody millionaire besides.


I encourage every e-Sword user to make a contribution that God's Word would continue to be spread throughout this sinful, broken world.


Chuck Fiedler

#36131 My old E-Sword accounts

Posted by chuckfiedler on 09 July 2019 - 10:53 AM

I know I had at least one old E-Sword account and that I can find, along with my current one.


Is there any way to see if I had some other account over the many years I have used E-Sword?

#36117 NIV 1984 iPhone Module

Posted by chuckfiedler on 06 July 2019 - 11:29 PM

Lonnie, IF you purchased NIV '84 from E-Sword before the publisher put out NIV 2011, Rick tells me you should be able to get it again by requesting your number from E-Sword although I must admit I have been unsuccessful in doing this. I *thought* I had successfully reinstalled NIV 84 which I purchased in 2005 but when I go to NIV in E-Sword all I get is the PC "inclusive" nouns and pronouns.


Like you, I would like to fix this and be assured that I have the Biblical version of the NIV and not the politically correct version. God spoke to men because Eve sinned first and we followed hence we miserable men were made the head of the woman to teach us not to follow others into sin. I say this not to denigrate women, I love them -- one in particular for now 55 years -- but to acknowledge what I feel is God's intent.


As an alternative in my published devotions I frequently use the MKJV, also available for E-Sword.


To all of you, Rick has made a tremendous tool available to the world for free! I encourage you to contribute ANY amount to support his efforts. God will bless his efforts regardless but, if you have been blessed by his product, show your thankfulness in a tangible way.