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#34775 e-Sword 11.2.2 & Windows 10 problem (blurry font; DPI issue)

Posted by jow schmoe on 28 November 2018 - 12:27 AM

So far after an uprgade that included Windows 10 features (?), the blurry font scaling (DPI scaling) has not been fixed.
My DPI scaling is only 125% and e-Sword looks awful.

Is there an alternative software to use until this gets fixed? I'd rather use even a clumsy website like BibleGateway instead of messing with my eyes on blurry font.
If you right click on the e-Sword program within it's folder you can attempt to change the DPI scaling issue in [Compatibility - Change high DPI settings] where 'system (enhanced)' in 'High DPI scaling override' is... however...

it still looks somewhate blurry. I can't imagine anything higher than 125%... and this is on a small wide 15-inch, 1080-res screen.


I sent an e-mail off to Rick Meyers... [removed by moderator]
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Please address mainly the above but there is also a bug where once launched the title bar only looks inactive or in the background of programs/windows... yet once minimized and (maximized) restored it functions fine. Anyone else with that issue too?