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In Topic: Copy Verses - Not keeping Text Formatting

27 April 2018 - 11:17 PM

Maybe at the point that you paste there is a lot of information still on the clipboard. Clear the clipboard. This happens to me occasionally. I just highlight the text that is formatted differently and then select the font and font size then it is good to go. Mine is Georgia / 11 the same as my Bible verses. I should also say I usually have a lot of text files open to capture my thoughts in different categories. So there is a lot going on. It is only software. I think you should only be concerned if it does it over and over consecutively. If it does it over and over consecutively I think closing the e-Sword program and reopening it will clear that problem up. Bottom line it happens to me but just here and there. I know I stress out Word on my computer and I think e-Sword uses WordPad and it does a good job and I love the highlighting colors but it is not as strong as Word. Personally I think it is the clipboard and the info on it and one last thought. If you copy and paste a lot in lets say topic notes do you check if the blank spaces below the text where you paste something new is formatted already. I mean when you click on the blank spaces below text already in there can you see font and font size and bold and highlight change when you click it? If it does just delete those blank spaces. Happens to me a lot because of a lot of copy and pasting.

In Topic: Topic Notes Unavailable

19 April 2018 - 02:38 PM

See my answer in "I Need Help with Topic Notes" and "About Notes". I fixed my problem going to the topic.topx file in your e-Sword folder in Documents. Right click on it and select "Restore previous version". Select the largest and newest file and then click the "Restore Button". Close e-Sword program and the reopen it. Mine worked after doing this. Make sure to back it up by creating a new Word document titled "Topic Notes backup" and copy all of your notes to this new file and create a new folder called Backup in your e-Sword folder and paste it in this folder so you can easily find it whenever you back up your notes.

glantern3 (Jim)

In Topic: About notes

19 April 2018 - 02:12 PM

There is a limit but the main problem is the age of the file. Most likely you haven't hit the limit. I would suggest and I see you wrote this several months ago ... I would suggest backing up your "Topic Notes" to a new Word document and call it Topic Notes backup. Then create a new folder called "Back up" in you e-Sword folder which is in Documents, everything is in alphabetical order and save it to your new Backup folder. Then move your "topic.topx" file which is your topic notes file into your new Backup folder. Then close the e-Sword program and reopen it. There should not be anything in your Topic Notes when you reopen e-sword. Then try to create your border. If you can create the border then most likely it is the old file. If it still doesn't create the border then you can do one of 2 things. First you could go back to your e-Sword folder and delete the new topic.topx file and move the old topic.topx file out of your backup folder and put it back or second you can just copy and paste the text from the new Word document "Topic Notes backup" and paste it in your Topic Notes in the e-Sword program. At least out of the whole thing you will have a backup of your topic notes in your new Backup folder. By the way when I had my "error opening Topic Notes database" my file was 2.76 mb. and my fix was to go to topic.topx and right click select "Restore previous versions" and selected the newest and largest file and click "restore". Then I closed and reopened e-Sword and there it was. The main thing is to backup your Topic, Study and Journal files in your e-Sword program into a Word document in case they corrupt or something like that happens. There is way too much work that goes into these files to loose it. glantern3 (Jim)

In Topic: I Need Help with Topic Notes

19 April 2018 - 01:18 PM

Never delete these files. You may learn how to fix it in the future. E-Sword creates a folder in your Documents folder called e-Sword. Go to e-sword and right click on the file you are having problems with and go to  "restore previous versions" and highlight the most recent and largest file. This is a "restore point". You will see a button that says "restore". Click it and close e-sword and reopen the e-sword program. I did this and all of my Topic notes all 2.76 mb were back. All of these files are the same. They just have those proprietary funny files extensions. They all work basically the same way. Now if you deleted the file it may still be in your "Recycle Bin". Just take the new file that was created and create a new folder in the e-sword folder and name it "Backup". Then go to you recycle bin and right click and select "restore". Windows will put it back in the same spot and then you can try to fix it. If you fix it then go into the e-sword program and highlight all of the text and then copy it and then open up a new word document titles what every like Topic Notes, Prayer Request or whatever and then paste it into this new file and save it into the backup folder. Creating a folder in the e-sword folder will not hurt a thing. Then after time passes go and copy your notes ... all of them and open that backup file and highlight everything in it and then paste. Make sure everything is highlighted or else you will have a duplicate of your notes in it and it will be confusing. I wrote up a big document with pictures and graphics on how to do this but I can't figure out how to upload it. This is the short version.

glantern3 (Jim)

In Topic: e-Sword 10.5 - Problem Opening/Accessing Topic (.topx) Files

09 February 2018 - 03:10 AM

I had the same problem. I fixed it. Basically my resolution for my problem was to go to the topic file and open  properties  then to previous versions and highlight the most recent file and at the bottom right you will see a button that says "restore". Click it and close e-sword then open it again. All of my Topic notes were there. By doing this you are repointing the program to the restore point of that file.  A file can become corrupt after a long time and a lot of information so just back up your notes when you are in e-sword and paste them into a word document and you will have your notes in 2 formats which is smart because e-sword files are proprietary. Just to be safe it you cannot fix it jus cut and paste the file into a new folder in that folder just in case you find out what the fix is you still have it near where you can find it. Also if you take the file out and close and reopen e-sword it will create a new file, not the old one but a new one.