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Help with display

28 January 2018 - 02:30 PM

I was looking at the Help file trying to learn how to display (or hide) some of the Bibles I have installed.  While looking at the help file, I saw something about minimizing the Bible window by clicking the pushpin in the top right corner.


I did that and now I cannot get my original display back which showed Bible, Commentary, Dictionary, and notes.


How can I restore that display?  I tried closing and restarting e-Sword but it made no difference.


Now my e-Sword is display is blank except for little tabs (or buttons) along the left side.  They are Bible, Dictionaries, Commentaries, Bible Books, and Editors.  I can click on any of these and they will maximize.  Clicking on the show all windows icon at the top does nothing.


Thank you.

Sermonaudio question

28 February 2017 - 11:53 AM

I just discovered sermonaudio in the Tools menu.  However, when I look at the home page of e-sword.net there is an illustration showing the sermonaudio feature (see attached) it shows many sermons from Peter, Kings, Corinthians, etc.  This is good.  In my version of e-Sword (11.0.6)  it only has Psalms (mostly).  See attached pic.


How can I get all the sermon audios?  What I have works fine and I do have a paid version of e-Sword.