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v10.2.1 problem displaying 1st page of Reference Library Resources

01 September 2013 - 09:17 AM

Is anyone having problems with V10.2.1 having trouble displaying the first page of .refx files?  


Attached File  refx sc1.png   74.91K   10 downloads


Then Click on page 2:


Attached File  refx sc2.png   109K   11 downloads


Then click back on the first page and it appears:


Attached File  refx sc3.png   96.88K   9 downloads


I am running v10.2.1 on three machines: Windows 7 Pro, Windows 7 Home, and Windows 8.  I have also been able to recreate this on all three installations.


I have just recreated this by opening a .refx resource, clinking on the first page. closing the reference library and closing e-Sword.  Restart e-Sword, and open the reference library and the first page of the resource will not display until I have clicked on another chapter or section of the resource file.  This method has recreated the problem on every reference file that I have tried it on!  


If you do this on a single page resource it will not display no matter what you do.  You can search a single page resource but it will still not display!


As I said I have confirmed this on 3 separate machines, is anyone else able to recreate this problem?