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In Topic: html codes recognized by e-Sword 12

02 November 2020 - 01:38 PM

It depends what you want to link to.  I like this website: https://www.w3school.../html_links.asp


For modules I have made for e-Sword 12.x I have used two kinds of links:


Mouseover tooltips

The following appears as superscripted [n] and the message appears upon mouseover:

<a href="The information that shows in a tooltip"><not>[n]</not></a>

The advantage of this is that a separate Commentary module is not needed to display the notes.

The disadvantage of this is that the tooltip note cannot display formatted or utf-8 text (such as Greek or Hebrew).


e-mail link

In the module Details table under Information I place a link to my e-mail.  What appears is 'agsper652' and what happens upon click is that your email client (Windows Mail or whatever) opens up and has put in my email address. It has the following format:

<a href="mailto:agsper652@google.com">agsper652</a>


Link to outside website

One can also make links to outside websites such as the one I suggested above.

What shows up is 'See w3schools', upon mouseover is a message (on my computer anyway) that says 'CTRL+Click to follow link', and when I push down the CTRL key on my keyboard while I click on the 'See w3schools', then my web browser (Firefox) opens the website.  It has this format:

<a href="https://www.w3school.../html_links.asp">See w3schools</a>

I haven't used this outside website link, but it can be useful. For example, in a Commentary module it might take one to a website with a reference book or a map or a photo of the location.



Another link, which I have not used, would be to link to a footnote at the bottom of the page. e-Sword Version 12.2.0 I believe now enables doing this, but I don't know how that looks like in html code specific for e-Sword.  (Some html code that works fine in Firefox, or some other web browser, will not work in e-Sword probably because it would take a lot of javascript code in the background to make that particular html code work.)


I hope this is helpful for what you wish to do.



Yes it helps alot,

Thank you so much

In Topic: html codes recognized by e-Sword 12

02 November 2020 - 12:48 AM

Thank you!  That's a good start.


Does anyone know how the pop-up notes (as in the ESV notes module in iPhone) are encoded?  For example for Luk_23:34:


<not>N1 omitted in several of the oldest greek mss. P75 ℵ2a B D* W Θ 070 579 1241; also omitted in VL mss. Vercellensis and Bezae and by the Old Syriac Sinaiticus (but present in the Old Syriac Curetonian ms) and also omitted in the Coptic (Sahidic & Bohairic). Present in ℵ* ℵ2b A C D3, etc., and over 15 early church writers from the late 100s to 400 AD. Also present in versions: Vg, Ethiopic, Armenian</not>


shows up on the screen in its entirety, though colored olive and superscripted, but not simply as N1.

How then is it to be formatted so the longer text is seen only with mouseover?


Thank you.



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