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breadcrumbs' Blog > The Word of God about the Word of God

Posted 05 March 2014

Nothing is more important than the Word of God. It is by the Word that faith is strenghtened, spiritual growth takes place, and wisdom is acquired. The Word of God supercedes what we see, and feel. God's thinking must become our thinking, His viewpoint must become our viewpoint.

Our orientation to life, our purpose in life, our glorification of God, and...

breadcrumbs' Blog > Psa 7:17 .............. the LORD most high.

Posted 21 February 2014

Just thought I would share this to anyone interested. File can be downloaded. I read through the Scriptures with about a dozen concepts in mind, compiling verses that correspond to the subject in mind. For example, something I call the Identity of God. These are all Scriptures that indicate who and what God is and what He is doing and has done. Another is...

breadcrumbs' Blog > Tablet tools I use.

Posted 12 December 2013

Just thought I would share something's that work for me using a tablet. This will be with a 7 inch tablet because obviously things look bigger (not necessarily better) on a bigger tablet. So I size for best visuals on the 7 inch.

I use Moon+Reader Pro as my reader app.

Most of my reading is for study purposes, that is I want to highlight info and be abl...