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e-Sword Hotkey copying/pasting issues into word processor

29 March 2019 - 10:17 AM

I have been using the e-Sword hotkey now for quite awhile, I hesitate to think how long, years.  I do not understand why it gets so few downloads as it is such a useful utility.


I recently went back to using the 390 version because I had problems with the newer versions.  Everything was working as expected until recently.  The hotkey utility finds the verse in e-Sword as expected when copied, but when the hotkey is depressed to bring it into the word processor and then ctrl+v to paste it only pastes the reference that was copied or whatever was copied e.g. a segment of text containing references.  I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it only picked up former settings somehow and the problem continued.  I tried downloading the latest version 2019.320 and the same thing is happening.  (Incidentally the red e icon is not coming up on the taskbar and will not change even from the properties.)


For awhile the popup window would come up instead of pasting into the word processor even though the popup options were not selected.  Somehow or other that has stopped happening, but the pasting issue continues.  I am using this in Windows 7 pro.  I would certainly appreciate help as I depend on the hotkey a great deal.  Thanks