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#28343 e-Sword 11 Released

Posted by Josh Bond on 23 July 2016 - 09:42 AM

Hi Journey


Has the ability to drag and drop returned




No, drag and drop copy/pasting is still gone. And the highlighting bug (where text moves) when toggling Pericope remains.


The bug that Larry reported (search for a term, choose a result midway through, press OK, and e-Sword returns to the first verse in the search results) is fixed.

#28296 Just Upgraded to 11.02- Problems (Highlights and

Posted by Josh Bond on 18 July 2016 - 09:34 PM

Having Pericope's turned on is causing this. Pericope adds the text before each passage summarizing what the passage is about. If you disable Pericope, this fixes the highlighting and underlining bug.


The highlighting and underlining is based on a character count from the chapter beginning and it's stored in markup.ovlx. When the pericope adds the passage headings, this throws off the character count, skewing the highlighting. 


The character count needs to take into consideration the length of each pericope or ignore the pericope text when calculating from the beginning of the chapter. Or a different tracking system needs to be implemented, hopefully one that doesn't involve everyone losing their existing highlights.

#28294 Bible Search Utility Problems

Posted by Josh Bond on 18 July 2016 - 09:09 PM

Yep, that's a bug. :)

#28273 e-Sword 11 Released

Posted by Josh Bond on 17 July 2016 - 07:26 PM

Costas at theWord will release an update to the converter tools if someone brings this to his attention.


However, in the meantime, you can generate a cmti (html/apple) for e-Sword use and then generate an RTF module for conversion within theWord. You're able to create different module formats for different distribution channels.


Is html convertion to the Word going to be ok? Or will it cause a problem?
Because I like to convert e-Sword to the Word then the Word to MySword.


#28262 e-Sword 11 Released

Posted by Josh Bond on 17 July 2016 - 04:24 PM

Just to keep this simple (for anyone confused or who doesn't know): You do not need to rename any modules. :) You can use a bible.bbli module in e-Sword for the PC. Or in an Apple device. 


This is ultimately the direction our BibleSupport repository is going. Rather than labeling downloads as PC or Apple or iPad/iPhone, it makes sense to eventually host just one module: the html version (cmti, refi, bbli, dcti, etc). And the user downloads one module for any platform. And those modules can be copied from one platform to another if needed.


I converted a bblx file to a bbli one, then deleted that bblx file, and then in the Command Prompt (DOS environment) renamed the bbli to bblx. That means you can have all your extensions the same, e.g., bblx, topx, cmtx, and etc, and should be able run the resources in all e-Sword platforms irrespective of the file extension name.
Oh yeah, this means that you can rename all your e-Sword HD, LT, and X to match e-Sword PC resource extensions. So on that note, it only remains this to said, great stuff!.

#28248 update to version 11???

Posted by Josh Bond on 17 July 2016 - 10:59 AM

You're modules are still on your PC, as others have said. We're assuming you were already using e-Sword 9 or greater? If you are coming from e-Sword 7 or 8, then your old modules are not compatible with e-Sword 9 or greater (but getting modules in 9+ format is easy).


I'm guessing that under Options > Resources > Resources Location, you (at some point) changed the location of e-Sword resources to a new folder. You just need to return there (Options > Resources > Resources Location) and change that to wherever you keep your e-Sword modules. 


Yikes! I just realized my previously download commentaries disappeared when I updated to e-Sword 11.   I don't remember which ones I had previously downloaded.  Is there any place in the system where I might find them?  They may still be on my computer... just not showing in the tabs in the commentary window.

#28245 e-Sword 11 Released

Posted by Josh Bond on 17 July 2016 - 10:47 AM

On the Apple versions, the format of the Lexicon is the same as Dictionary, just with a different extension (.lexi). On Apple, this seems to have been done for organizational purposes with the user interface. In the Apple UI, under Lexicon, the dictionaries include BDB, King James Condordance, Strong's Hebrew/Greek Dictionaries, Thayers, etc. Rick Meyers wanted to separate the Lexicon resources from the normal Dictionary resources and maybe that's for usability with the Apple product.


On e-Sword for the PC, there is not a user-interface difference between Lexicons and normal Dictionaries. It's all under the Dictionary tabs in the Dictionary window. The reason the Lexicon module format was introduced for the PC was because the PC now reads Apple modules (and Apple/HTML modules are now the preference/future of e-Sword). So it made sense to bring the Lexicon format to the PC, even though it adds no functionality right now.


The new module format has also introduced a new Lexicon module type



Is there an example of this New module type



#28199 e-Sword 11 Released

Posted by Josh Bond on 15 July 2016 - 08:11 PM

E-Sword modules are now HTML-based! This change will allow many new and unique resources to be created for e-Sword. Don't worry, e-Sword will still work with the older RTF-based modules as well. Most of the [official] resources have been updated to this new format, so you may want to download the updated versions of these modules, especially the non-English Bibles as they now contain the actual Unicode characters which makes for better search results.

The new module format has also introduced a new Lexicon module type.

There is a new Pericope feature which places section headings throughout the Bible. This feature can be turned on/off by selecting "Options > Display Pericope" from the e-Sword menu.

The Copy Verses feature has been expanded with an option to include the Lexicon definition for Strong's numbers in any Bible with them.

There is a new Morphology popup tooltip for any Bibles that include these grammatical parts of speech codes.

The new Reference Book modules now adapt to the user-defined font settings as the other module types do.

e-Sword 11.0 is now (or soon will be) available for download!

A few additional notes:


e-Sword is now capable of using the same module format as the Apple versions of e-Sword. Those module types are Commentary (.cmti), Dictionary (.dcti), Bible (.bbli), Reference Libary (.refi) etc.

Because the modules are now HTML based a lot more can happen with the presentation (i.e. poetry line breaks), and content (i.e. links). Module creators can use stylings in creative ways to produce new results in e-Sword.

Module creators can use the Morphology popup tooltip as long as the Bible as TVM codes as defined in Robinson's Morphological Analysis Codes (RMAC).

#28193 Features I would like to see in the new e-Sword

Posted by Josh Bond on 15 July 2016 - 03:32 PM

A new version of e-Sword will be out very soon. There's always folks who wished they had a copy of the older install file after trying the new version. If you want a copy of the old version, you might want to go download it now. Once the new version appears, the older one will not be available anymore.

#28164 How to type plain text after a hyperlink

Posted by Josh Bond on 10 July 2016 - 07:18 PM

Both issues are legitimate bugs. I can reproduce both Jon's bug and the original poster's bug. I've noticed them before but never remembered to say anything. e-Sword uses a third party text control that's probably responsible for the behavior.


The details on Jon's bug are this:


First you do this:




And then the text control duplicates the text you highlighted when making the link:




I didn't have that problem. See attached screenshot in my reply to Josh. So, why are you experiencing this problem?




#28156 How to type plain text after a hyperlink

Posted by Josh Bond on 08 July 2016 - 10:48 PM

I can confirm your problem and it's annoying:




Whenever I insert a hyperlink into my topic notes and then hit the return all text that follows is forever linked to the hyperlink. This is esspecially frustrating if the hyperlink happens to be the first item in the note, because thereafter all text is linked to the hyperlink even if it is just spaces. And therefore it becomes impossible to insert another hyperlink because it will just change the original. It also becomes impossible to remove the hyperlink if there is no plain text or at least an invisible-plain-text-carriage-return already in the note.


My workaround is to add empty carriage returns before and after the hyperlink, but I often forget that and end up having to delete the enitre note. Also toggle between Raw format and Rich format does nothing.


Has anyone had this problem and/or know the solution? It is not in the manual.





#28137 Lost my program due to harddrive failure

Posted by Josh Bond on 07 July 2016 - 11:46 AM

Sounds like you need to:

  • Install the latest e-Sword version.
  • Regain the premium e-Sword modules you had by going to estudysource.com and ask them what modules you own, if you don't know.
  • Download any other modules you may have had, either from here or within e-Sword itself.

#28109 Any Plans for Editing K&D?

Posted by Josh Bond on 01 July 2016 - 05:59 PM

I have the K&D text in a large RTF document that can be edited with ToolTip and a module generated from that. But I think what you're asking for is changes to the way e-Sword handles versification, which can't be accomplished through editing the module.



Hmmm. Thanks for your suggestion.


I think I understand your suggestion, but I'm not sure it is possible to correct the hundreds (or thousands) of errors there are in the text "manually". It's not like the verse reference links in K&D are incorrect. If a user selects Options | Scripture tooltips ... | Old Testament | HOT, or another Hebrew language version of the OT, then the links in K&D will point to the correct verses in Scripture tooltips. The problem is the versification difference I mentioned. I think e-Sword needs a means of recognizing the versification type of each Bible resource and Commentary resource, so that when a user selects Options | Scripture tooltips ... | Old Testament | KJV, then e-Sword itself will automatically make the adjustment in versification needed so that the commentary verse references point to the correct verses via the Scripture tooltip in whichever resource a user wants to use.


If what you say is correct about K&D being "locked up" (and I have no reason to doubt that what you say is true) that's too bad. There are many other typos and incorrect formatting error that could possibly corrected manually.


I think what I'm suggesting is something that needs to happen at the next major upgrade in the entire e-Sword application and resource hand-shake. For that reason, this may need posting on another forum.


Thanks again.

#27256 e-Sword ToolTip Tool NT

Posted by Josh Bond on 10 March 2016 - 10:31 PM

"that works but when I tool tip it produces ÷÷Gen_1:1-31"

Ah - don't tooltip it.

2 ways:
1) Select "No Chapter tooltips" on the tooltip tool bar.
2) in setttings, set DoNotTooltipMarkedLines to 1


You might consider changing DoNotTooltipMarkedLines to 1 as default. I can't think of a reason why someone would want marked lines tooltipped. Those lines don't show in e-Sword, so it makes no difference to the reader. And any errors will get reported by ToolTip during the generation of the module.

#27178 Bible Support Website

Posted by Josh Bond on 26 February 2016 - 12:14 AM

We're not formally connected with e-Sword or Rick Meyers, so we don't know what premium modules are being developed.


If we (BibleSupport users) had more modules in development, a short list on the front page would be a good idea. But we seem to have completed the most sought after public domain projects. I base "sought after" on user suggestions--for years, we had a list of texts people wanted, many of them multiple volume commentaries. We completed each one. I'm not aware of anything currently in development, although someone could be working on something. This also doesn't mean there's nothing worthwhile left to do--it just means that the larger, public domain projects that people were the most vocal about have been completed (as far as I know).


I agree definitely on the video instruction. The PDF for the Tooltip tool is probably in it's last written version and future documentation for this tool will be in the form of YouTube videos. I'm also thinking of making a general introductory video to e-Sword because a lot of people stumble into this website having never heard of e-Sword or any Bible study software. It would help reduce the number of emails we get from people confused about how to read the modules.


Edited: 2/29/2016 for clarity, specifically to clarify that not all worthwhile projects have necessarily been completed.