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Reference Books (topx) - The Philocalia of Origen

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Posted 16 July 2019 - 07:07 AM

File Name: The Philocalia of Origen

File Submitter: Jheokorea

File Submitted: 16 Jul 2019

File Category: Reference Books (topx)

Author: Origen of Alexandria
e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x
Suggest New Tag:: Ancient, Origen, Origen of Alexandria, Anthology, Philocalia, Gregory Nazianzen, Basil the Great, Basil, Allegorical Interpretation, Pharaoh

Origen (185 A.D. - 254 A.D.) was an early church father. This work is an anthology from his writings by Gregory Nazianzen and Basil.

The Philocalia of Origen (1911) pp. 1-237. English translation

I. Of the Inspiration of the Divine Scripture
II. That the Divine Scripture is closed up and sealed
III. Why the Inspired Books are Twenty-two in Number
IV. Of the Solecisms and Poor Style of Scripture
V. What is "much speaking," and what are the "many books"? The whole Inspired Scripture is One Book
VI. The whole Divine Scripture is One Instrument of God, perfect and fitted for its Work
VII. Of the special "character" of the Persons of Divine Scripture
VIII That we need not attempt to correct the Solecisms of Scripture, etc
IX. Scripture uses the same Terms in different Significations.
X. Stumbling-blocks in Holy Scripture
XI. On Heretical Interpretation of Holy Scripture
XII. We ought not to despair in reading the Scriptures if we find Difficulties in them
XIII. Philosophy in relation to Holy Scripture
XIV. The Use of Logic in the Study of Scripture
XV. A Reply to the Objection that the Truths of Christianity have been better expressed by the Greeks. Our Lord's Body, etc.
XVI. On the Divisions among Christians
XVII. May we give Heathen Titles to the Supreme God?
XVIII. The "simplicity"of Christian Faith, etc.
XIX. Faith in Christ commendable and accordant with the original Moral Notions of Mankind. How Jesus being God could have a Mortal Body
XX. Man and the Irrational Creatures
XXI. Free Will
XXII. The Dispersion of Mankind, and the Confusion of Tongues
XXIII. Fate, Astrology, etc
XXIV. Matter is not Uncreated, or the Cause of Evil
XXV. God's Foreknowledge, Predestination, etc
XXVI. Scripture Blessings. What things are really "Good" and "Evil"
XXVII. The Hardening of Pharaoh's Heart

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