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Commentaries - E.M. Zerr Commentary on Genesis and Exodus

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Posted 10 February 2019 - 04:22 PM

File Name: E.M. Zerr Commentary on Genesis and Exodus

File Submitter: djmarko53

File Submitted: 10 Feb 2019

File Category: Commentaries

Author: E.M. Zerr
e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x

This 2/21/19 update includes the following:

  • Genesis Verse Notes by E.M. Zerr Complete
  • Genesis Chapter Notes by Zerr, Coffman, others - Complete
  • Exodus Verse Notes by E.M. Zerr Complete
  • Exodus Chapter Notes by Zerr, Coffman, others - Almost Complete
    Added Chapter Outlines for Exodus 1-32 to the Chapter Notes
    When these Outlines are done, will begin work on Leviticus.
  • Book Notes on Genesis and Exodus Complete
  • Added Some Book Notes for Leviticus and Numbers
Genesis Book Notes includes 400 Bible Study Questions
by E.M. Zerr.
Exodus Book Notes includes 300 Bible Study Questions
by E.M. Zerr.

All Verse Notes are by E.M. Zerr. The Tab Name has
been changed to ''ZERR-P" P standing for Pentateuch.
includes Chapter Notes by Coffman and others. Includes:
Approx. 100 Colorful Bible Charts and Bible Maps whiich
are embedded in the Book Notes, Chapter Notes and
some Verse Notes for Genesis and Exodus.

This .cmti (HD) Commentary Module requires Version 11.2
of e-Sword to run and view the graphics on your PC. This
module should also work on iPAD and iPhone as well as on
your PC. This HD Module created with Tool Tip Editor and
tested to run on a Hewlett Packard All-In-One PC running
Windows 10.

As mentioned above, the TAB name has been changed and
am currently working on the Book of Exodus by E.M. Zerr and
others. Consider this a Beta Version which, so far, runs just
fine on my PC. If all goes well, I will release Zerr's Bible
Commentary to cover all of the Pentateuch.

When Exodus is completed, I will begin working on the book
of Leviticus. If the file size isn't too large, I will try to add
Numbers and Deuteronomy. I may release a version without
the Graphics so that users can choose to install a smaller
module into their e-Sword.

The screenshot posted on this page is just one of the many
color charts or maps available from within this Commentary.

Click here to download this file

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