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Reference Books (topx) - Audio Bible

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Posted 06 March 2018 - 08:04 PM

File Name: Audio Bible

File Submitter: djmarko53

File Submitted: 06 Mar 2018

File Category: Reference Books (topx)

Author: djmarko53
e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x

This is just a plain and simple audio bible (King James Version).
No fancy bells and whistles, but it works. Am also thinking about
adding Chapter Links for my Audio Bible .mp3 files to the Zerr Combined
Bible Commentary which is also on this site, thus giving users the
ability to access the .mp3 files from the Reference Library (.topx) or
from within the Zerr CBC Commentary Module (.cmtx).

Contains only a sample of Genesis Chapters 1-10. Bible Support
won't allow users to "ZIP" or "RAR" the .mp3 files, so I had to upload
the individual .mp3 files. They must be copied directly to a subdirectory
on your Hard Drive 'C:'

1. PC Users: You must name the subdirectory 'C:\KJV' and put the .
mp3 files in this subdirectory. If you don't like the files provided, and
you have other.mp3 files, simply rename them like the ones provided.
In the .topx module, All the Links for Genesis are good active links,
but if you provide your own files and rename them as suggested here,
you must copy them to "C:\KJV" subdirectory. The files should be
name as in the blue example below:

01 Genesis 001.mp3 (Genesis Chapter One)

01 Genesis 002.mp3 (Genesis Chapter Two)

01 Genesis 003.mp3 (Genesis Chapter Three)



01 Genesis 048.mp3 (Genesis Chapter Forty-Eight)

01 Genesis 049.mp3 (Genesis Chapter Forty-Nine)

01 Genesis 050.mp3 (Genesis Chapter Fifty)

2. Copy the .topx file to your e-sword subdirectory.

3. In e-Sword, click on ''Tools." then click on ''Reference Library''

4. Scroll to the listing for "audiobible" and click on it to display the
the audiobible. The Menu on the Left side in the Reference Library
will contain these items: Pentateuch, History, Poetry/Wisdom,
Major Prophets and Minor Prophets.
Note: I have done it this way on my system, because it works just
fine for me. Suppose this could be done using a Thumb Drive
or an external USB Hard Drive as well. The .rtf file from the
tooltip program has been provided for your consideration. And
I should say that I created the table first in Microsoft Word 2010
then just copied it and pasted it into the Tool Tip Program to
create the .topx file for e-Sword.

As I find time, I will complete this audio bible with all the proper and
active links for every chapter in the Bible. Then users can rename
their own .mp3 files as shown above. I used 'KJV' for a subdirectory
name, but might change that to something more like BibleKJV for the
King James Version, BibleNIV for the NIV Version or maybe simply
BIble1, Bible2, Bible3 and so on....

Click here to download this file

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