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Reference Books (topx) - Huss, John - The Church

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Posted 15 October 2016 - 09:38 AM

File Name: Huss, John - The Church

File Submitter: billhuff2002

File Submitted: 15 Oct 2016

File Category: Reference Books (topx)

Author: John Huss
e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x

The Church
By John Huss
Huss’s most famous work for which he was burnt at the stake for claiming that Christ was the founder of the Church not Peter.
Chapter I: The Unity of the Church
Chapter II: The One Universal Church Divided Into Three Parts
Chapter III: All Christians Are Not Members of the Church
Chapter IV: Christ the Only Head of the Church
Chapter V: Good and Bad In the Church
Chapter VI: Christ the Head of the Elect
Chapter VII: The Roman Pontiff and the Cardinals Not the Universal Church
Chapter VIII: The Faith Which Is the Foundation of the Church
Chapter IX: The Church Founded On Christ, the Rock
Chapter X: The Power of Binding and Loosing
Chapter XI: The Abuse of Scripture In the Interest of Clerical Power
Chapter XII: Christ the True Roman Pontiff Upon Whom Salvation Depends
Chapter XIII: The Pope Not the Head of the Church But Christ’s Vicar
Chapter XIV: When the Cardinals Are the True Successors of the Apostles
Chapter XV: The Church May Be Ruled Without Pope and Cardinals
Chapter XVI: The Law of God the Standard of Ecclesiastical Judgments
Chapter XVII: Huss’s Resistance to Papal Authority
Chapter XVIII: The Apostolic See, Or Cathedra Petri
Chapter XIX: When Ecclesiastical Superiors Are to Be Obeyed
Chapter XX: Obedience Not Always to Be Rendered to the Church Or Its Prelates
Chapter XXI: Circumstances Under Which Obedience Is to Be Rendered to Prelates
Chapter XXII: Excommunications, Just and Unjust
Chapter XXIII: Suspension and the Interdict

Module courtesy of: TWModules.com: David Cox, a great e-sword / TheWord friend who is dedicated to converting materials into bible software formats.

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