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Templates and Bible Alternative - Mysword Help

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Posted 11 May 2016 - 07:44 AM

Dear Biblesupport,


Before I post I just wanted to say what a blessing this site is - along with the entire community! You guys do so much and I am very grateful for all the resources and help you provide :)


I am writing because I finally made the leap into mysword. I decided to donate for the deluxe edition and really am loving it. I do have a few questions and I am sorry if the answers have already been discussed elsewhere but I am very new to mysword (only a few days in).



Templates in Mysword

1) I really like being able to add the insight templates into your notes. I am aware we can edit the insight templates, but what if I wanted to have multiple templates for different occasions (maybe 1 say for my daily reading and another for my supplemental studying) is this possible?



1a. If it is not possible to have multiple insight templates (which are very easy to add into your journal entries) is it possible to have templates that you can save as for a new entry - or does anyone have a good workflow that they use regarding templates.



1b. Also, if anyone does, would you mind sharing your templates with me - I like the editor WYSIWYG but I don't know how to save general templates for reuse and I am curious if anyone has made any that might be helpful




Bibles in MySword


2. I know this has been covered before but I am aware we cannot use MySword to download our NIV or NKJV and other Bible editions onto mysword. I did purchase them through e-sword and was wondering though if there was a way for users who had purchased the premium modules though?



2a. If we cannot install our premium purchases from estudysources online, is there a recommendation as to which edition would be a good replacement for either of the two: NIV or NKJV? I have tried the ISV but sometimes the wording "trips me up" so to speak and was looking for one that is easier to read but still faithful (as much as possible) to the original KJV (which I was told is the standard outside of having an interlinear with Greek and Hebrew).






3) Wanted to also ask if anyone knew how to sync your iPad e-sword notes with e-sword on a PC? I have windows 10 with E-sword but from what I can tell, E-sword HD on the IPad uses only ICloud to sync and does not have any options to change that. I do also own a Macintosh if that might help in syncing things, but do not have the E-sword for Mac OS Edition (the E-Sword extended or ultimate edition [I forget what they call it]).






Sorry in advance if this post is very wordy but any help with any of the above questions is much appreciated. Also, sorry for any typos.


God Bless everyone and I cannot thank you all enough! :)

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