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Bibles - GRVi 4.2 (corrected); Greek-English Interlinear NT (Interlinear; Variants + NA28 markers; Strong's no.; Parsing; English glossary [Mac/iP...

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#1 Eliran Wong

Eliran Wong

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Posted 04 April 2016 - 04:19 AM

File Name: GRVi 4.2 (corrected); Greek-English Interlinear NT (Interlinear; Variants + NA28 markers; Strong's no.; Parsing; English glossary [Mac/iPad/iPhone or PC v11] & [Android - MySword]

File Submitter: Eliran Wong

File Submitted: 04 Apr 2016

File Category: Bibles

Suggest New Tag:: GRV, interlinear, variants, strong, parsing, morphology, english, greek, new testament

Updated on: 16 OCT 2016: Five more apple files adapted for PC e-Sword version 11+, work with a newly uploaded LSJU for e-Sword at:

Updated on: 16 SEPT 2016: ONE file updated ONLY: GRVi.bbl.mybible

- corrected versification in Rev 12:18-13:1

Updated on: 26 AUG 2016: ONE file updated ONLY: greekntint+27AUG2016.zip

corrected the following definitions, noted by Jon.
Thanks Jon for corrections (please refer to review session for details).

- X better
- another form for
- but perhaps strengthened from the base of
- or perhaps rather of a base of
- perhaps by reduplication of the base of

remarks: in the future, I will only work on updating the file greekntint+.bbli, if necessary, as Rick had corrected some of my old data. so this file should contain all the best updates so far.

Updated on: 26 AUG 2016

ONE e-Sword File [Mac/iPad/iPhone or PC v11] uploaded: greekntint+.bbli (corrected an error found in the official e-Sword module "Greek NT INT+")

First, thanks you Rick Meyers reformatting materials here to make it as an official module for wider public.
He also help correcting versification in Rev 12:18 - 13:1

The module I uploaded here is modified from that official file, adding one more correction.
56 instances of English glossary for the Greek word "Πιλάτος" had been corrected from "close-pressed" to "Pilate"
This error was first noted by Katoog, a biblesupport.com user here.
Thanks Katoog for pointing out this mistake.

Eliran Wong


Files you may need:

For e-Sword (Mac, iPad, iPhone, PC version 11),
All *.bbli files are bible files, only difference in layout
GRVi.dcti is ONLY needed for checking Strong's no. and morphology information of words in GRV.bbli
(Please help check the modules with PC version 11, the most up-to-date one. I don't have a PC, but I was informed that these modules now run in most up-to-date e-Sword for PC.)

For MySword (Android),
GRVi.bbl.mybible (bible module), the most up-to-date one, 4.2, no longer need ALBG

LSJU.dct.mybible and MOUNCE.dct.mybible are two useful Greek lexicons for lookup of Greek lexemes embedded in bible module.

GRVii+.bbli added (this is in inline-interlinear layout whereas GRVi+ is in traditional interlinear layout; their contents are the same.)

Version 4.2 - Only e-Sword (Apple / Mac / iPad / iOS) file "GRVi+" updated
- size of GRVi+ significantly reduced, from 33.8MB to 23.63MB
- position of variants' markers fixed
- position of brackets for non-NA28 variants fixed
- new screenshot of e-Sword file uploaded

Version 4.1 - Only e-Sword (Apple / Mac / iPad / iOS) file "GRVi+" updated
- GRVi+ updated, words multiple Strong's numbers / morphology layout fixed
- position of variants' markers adjusted

Version 4.0 - Only e-Sword (Apple / Mac / iPad / iOS) file "GRVi+" updated
- GRVi+ updated to traditional interlinear view, see new screenshot ... (honestly, I had not seen any e-sword files, in this traditional interlinear view ... hope you enjoy this one)

Version 3.6 - Only MySword bible module updated

- option to hide/show lemma [rather than option to hide/show transliteration]

Version 3.5 - Only MySword bible module updated

- option to hide/show transliteration for all users, through "LONG-TAP" "Bible View Preferences" (Previously, I did not aware that normal-tap of "bible view preferences" is available only to premium / deluxe version.
- fix text color in dark background.

Version 3.4 - Only MySword bible module updated
- Long-Tap (i.e. tap and hold) "Bible view preferences" button, a window comes up for users to Show / Hide the followings elements:

  • non-NA28 variants
  • markers for variants
  • bible links (at the end of each verse; this link works well only if you set a preferred NT translation in popup preference)
E-Sword modules (OSx & iOS) added; Windows coming ...
Difference between Apple & Android modules:
Apple modules has 3 bible files & 1 dictionary file:
GRVii+.bbli - Greek-English Interlinear; Lemma word; Strong's numbers; Parsing
GRVi+.bbli - Greek-English Interlinear; Lemma word; Strong's numbers; Parsing (traditional interlinear; Greek work right top of other elembents.)
GRVi.bbli - Greek-English Interlinear; you need to install GRVi.dcti dictionary module for parsing; highlight & right click a Greek word, and "Define" in GRVi
GRV.bbli - only Greek text; you need to install GRVi.dcti dictionary module for parsing; highlight & right click a Greek word, and "Define" in GRVi
GRVi.dcti - dictionary of parsing information and Strong's numbers for all greek words in GRVi modules

Version 3.3 - non-NA28 variants set in gray color; a bible reference link placed at the end of each verse (must set a "Preferences > Popups > Preferred NT translation" for it to work).
Version 3.2 - further fixes
Version 3.1 - further fixes
Version 3.0 - numerous fixes, much nicer now
Version 2.3 - one English translation mapping updated
Version 2.2 - sixteen English translation mappings updated
Version 2.1 - all English glossaries totally reworked; first meaning, rather than first KJV word, is from Strong's Greek dictionary for each English translation.

Source: mysword.info
This module is built from GRV, officially provided by MySword team.

Source of English glossaries: https://github.com/o...ee/master/greek
Source of MOUNCE dictionary: Source: https://github.com/b...unce/dictionary
The source above state that it is for free usage. Only requirement is to display the following information.

Mounce Concise Greek-English Dictionary
Copyright 1993 All Rights Reserved

Source of LSJU: theword.net

Setting "Bible View Preferences
Strong's links on text > [TURN IT ON]
Interlinear View > [TURN IT ON]
Show Transliteration > [TURN IT ON]
Show Interlinear Text > [TURN IT ON]

Interlinear Features
[1] Three-layer interlinear, i.e. Greek manuscript, Greek lemma, English glossary
[2] Each Greek manuscript is embedded with Strong's numbers and Parsing links, provided by theWord module, as MySword team reserved. So "Strongs link on text functions" work now. You no longer need ALBG for this module.
[3] Each Greek lemma is linked to my version of LSJU (unabridged)
[4] Each English glossary is linked to my version of MOUNCE Greek dictionary
[5] English glossaries are taken from standard Strong's Greek dictionary, only the first choice of glossary in each entry is taken, so very consistent in this MySword module.

You have to install all four files (1 bible & 3 dictionaries) in this download page for everything to work. (from version 2.0 onwards, you no longer need ALBG for passing information.)
All dictionaries files provided in this download page are same as those I put somewhere at biblesupport.com some time ago. I put here too for your convenience.

Modificaiton or enhancement made in GRV
variants are further separated into two group; Alexandrian variants and others
non-Alexandrian variants are enclosed with a pair of bracklets
NA28 marker (not text) added
versification matched standard critical Greek edition, like NA28 (see Rev 13:1 and 12:17, 18; 3Jn 1:14-15; Act 19:40-41; 2Cor 13:12-14)
English glossary are added from standard Strong's Greek dictionary.


Below are detailed list of enhancements or modifications I made in GRV for my another module http://www.biblesupp...s-interlinear/. Many of these apply to this module as well:
  • Variant markers of NA28 (marked by ν) are added. Major differences are in Jas 1:20; 2:3, 4, 15; 4:10; 1Pe 1:6, 16 (x2); 2:5, 25; 4:16; 5:1, 9, 10; 2Pe 2:6, 11, 15, 18, 20; 3:6, 10, 16 (x2), 18; 1Jn 1:7; 3:7; 5:10, 18; 2Jn 1:5, 12; 3Jn 1:4; Jud 1:5, 18 (x2)
  • duplicated Strong's numbers for the same word were deleted.
  • duplicated lemma for the same word were deleted.
  • all lemma words are linked to popular dictionaries.
  • all words are formatted consistently in order, like [wt]βιβλος[WG976][WTN-NSF l="βίβλος"]. This makes the verse rule applied consistently to all words.
  • Variants are further separated into two groups, V1 & V2
  • Verse rule is modified that two different groups of variants are in different color. [Advanced users may modify verse rule in order to display what they like.]
Markers for Variants:
  • ν = ΝΑ28 [=UBS5]
  • α = Alexandrian [= UBS3/UBS4/NA26/NA27]
  • τ = Stephens 1550 Textus Receptus.
  • σ = Scrivener 1894 Textus Receptus
  • β = Byzantine Majority
- user must install my another dictionary, ALBG (http://www.biblesupp...ctionary-links/), Analytical Lexicon of Biblical Greek, in order to access all parsing information.
- user can change text color or dictionary link to each word through verse rule modification, easily. (suggested freeware: DB Browser for SQLite at http://sqlitebrowser.org)
Remarks: Dictionaries for lookup lemma words have to be installed separately. I had uploaded MorphGNT, Mounce New Testament Lexicon / Dictionary and LSJU (unabridged) at biblesupport.com. You can found MLSJ from MySword download.
However, please do NOT ask me for copyrighted materials, like BDAG.

Click here to download this file

#2 lewiej


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Posted 01 August 2016 - 01:50 PM

Sorry but I am confused. You state above: "You have to install all four files (1 bible & 3 dictionaries) in this download page for everything to work." Yet there are more listed in the download section. I already have your Mounce and LSJU and you say ALBG is not needed. So which of the other files do I need?


Do I need all four .bbli files?


Assume the dcti file goes in the dictionary folder and bbli goes in the bibles folder and GRVi.bbl.mybible goes in the bible folder?


Sorry to bother you but I have a feeling I don't need all the files. Thanks in advance and God Bless you for all that you do in His service.



#3 lewiej


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Posted 27 April 2017 - 01:30 PM

Eliran: I D/L greekntint+. I am seeing this (attached). Why are there words highlighted in gray? Is it my computer or is it supposed to be that way?  Thank you....




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