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How to best use e-Sword features for study?

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Posted 25 October 2013 - 02:23 PM

Hi Everyone!


I'd like to ask all the folks here for a suggestion on how to best utilize e-Sword's features for the study of Scripture.


I do have an e-Sword LT on my iPodTouch and I love to collect verses in the included Bookmark as I listen to my Daily Audio Bible. I'd love to have the ability to bookmark a group of verses for a particular topic but I can only do one at a time. So I just collect them and then transfer them to my laptop whenever I have the time.


Since I'm fairly new to e-Sword, I'm still in the process of learning it's numerous features. I've scanned the manual and the forums and I'm quite aware that some it's features (for v10+) are just for compatibility with older versions of e-Sword's modules, etc. Despite my being a newbie I have managed to use several modules/features (i.e., Journal, Study & Topic Notes). But I've just discovered the use of the Verse List which I think is appropriate for grouping the bookmarks I've collected on the iPod & elsewhere. I originally thought that the Bookmark feature would take care of that but it can only hold 10 on e-Sword. Before this discovery (of the Verse List), I stuffed everything either in Study or Topic Notes.  So now, it may seem like I'm going to do a lot of duplicating work in trying to achieve my purpose because I've got similar topics everywhere.


So, will the good folks help me figure out on how to best use e-Sword? I'd greatly appreciate it as I continue my exciting, revealing & sometimes astonishing journey into Holy Scriptures which began about a year ago. It has brought fear as well a reassurance of His Mercy ---- as I discover that I may have been misled into praising our Creator in a way that is displeasing to Him.


Thank you very much for your help. Be Blessed!





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Posted 28 October 2013 - 11:20 AM

For someone just starting out in Bible study I would suggest a good Old Testament/New Testament survey book to get a general overview of what the Bible is about.  I do not know if there are any for E-sword or not.


When I do Bible study I like doing a book at a time.  This keeps you within the author's context.  (Studying a passage here and there does not always get an accurate take on a passage.)


I do a little background study on the book.  This often is found in the beginning pages of commentaries.  Then with a general idea of the book and why it was written I just go one verse at a time.  Reading through the book at least once would be good, twice better and then look at the first verse.  I also find it of help to outline the book before beginning to study verse by verse.  At least find an outline for the book from someone else and look it over, this will help you to start organizing it in your mind.  If using someone else's outline you may find that you disagree as you get into your study so feel free just start your own.


As I begin I like to look at the verse first, look at the words and what they mean.  The kjv+ is great for this.  I try to jot down what my understanding of the verse is, then start reading commentaries.  As I read the commentary I try to see new thoughts of the author and jot down the ideas that seem to be true from the verse.  Often as you read different authors you will see things in a verse that you totally missed.  As you look at those new things think a little about whether they are true or not.  If they seem to be true jot them down.


As I finish my reading I go back and just consider what I have discovered then I ask myself "So what?"  What is there in that verse for me?  What does it ask me to do?  This is called application.  You are attempting to apply truth from the Word to your life.


This process sets me up to be ready to form a Sunday school lesson or sermon.


If you are really interested in Bible Study a good Bible Study Methods book would be of benefit.


As to where I jot things down, I have a dread aversion (and this is just me) to using programs to store my study/writing.  Years ago I was using a computer and program for all my study material.  I came to a point when I had to shift to an IBM type computer and all my files were of a wrong format and I had to pay considerable time and money to get them converted to .txt files.  I always keep my data in .txt files so that they can be opened by any word processing program.  Computers and software are changing so fast I do not trust that there will always be compatibility.  When I want to put something into better format I use Word or other program to do so, but always keep that .txt file for future use.


I would add that as you study you will most likely find methods that you prefer and will develop what works for you.  It also depends on your own abilities/talents how you will ultimately study.

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