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Posted 09 August 2011 - 04:18 PM

File Name: Youngberg, J. A. - Two Men, Two Acts, Two Results.topx.exe
File Submitter: Module Robot
File Submitted: 09 Aug 2011
File Updated: 26 Dec 2011
File Category: Topics
Author: Youngberg, J.A.
e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x

Table Of Contents

00.6 Introduction


01. Chapter I
--The One Act of Disobedience - Adam's Original State; Adam's Responsibility; Adam's Temptation and Fall.

02. Chapter II
--The Result of Adam's Original Sin Upon Adam and Eve - They Became Involved in the Sentence of Death; Their Eyes Were Opened; They Became Sinners; They Acquired Guilt; They Were Summoned into God's Presence; They Were Expelled from the Garden; Their Authority over Creation Was Lost.

03. Chapter III
--The Result of Adam's Original Sin Upon the Race - Man Became a Sinner by Imputation; Man Became a Sinner in Nature; Man Became a Sinner in Action; Man Is Now a Sinner by a Judicial Reckoning.

04. Chapter IV
--The Result of God's Judgment Upon Adam's Original Sin - Total Depravity; Enslavement to Sin and to Satan; A Blinded Mind; Corrupted Affections; Death--The Penalty of Sin; Creation Subjected to Vanity.


05. Chapter V
--The Law - Conditions Before the Law; The Nature of the Law.

06. Chapter VI
--What the Law Could Not Do - Prescribed Duty--Provided No Motive; Demanded Obedience--Could Not Make Obedient; Required Righteousness--Could Not Make Righteous; Revealed Sin--Could Not Remove Sin; Enslaved--Could Not Set Free; Condemned to Death--Could Not Give Life; Made Nothing Perfect.

07. Chapter VII
--"Wherefore Then Serveth the Law?" - To Give the Knowledge of Sin; To Stop Every Mouth; To Bring Under Judgment to God; To Give to Sin the Character of Transgression; To Curse and Condemn; To Minister Death; To Lead to Christ.


08. Chapter VIII
--The Incarnation - Biblical Reasons for the Incarnation--To Reveal God; To Reveal Man; To Provide a Mediator; To Provide the Sacrifice for Sin; To Provide a Merciful and Faithful High Priest; To Destroy the Works of the Devil; To Fulfill the Davidic Covenant; To Provide the Head of the Church.

09. Chapter IX
--The Virgin Birth - Reasons for the Necessity of the Virgin Birth--That Prophecy Might Be Fulfilled; That Christ Might Be Entitled to the Throne of David; That Sinners Might Have a Saviour.

10. Chapter X
--The One Act of Obedience - Things Accomplished by Christ's Death on the Cross--Imputed Sin Dealt With: Sin in Nature Dealt With; Sin In Action Dealt With; Pre-Cross Sins Dealt With; Satan Judged; Law Ended; Redemption Accomplished; Reconciliation Accomplished; Propitiation Made; The Ground of Justification Accomplished; Peace Made; The Means of Perpetual Cleansing Provided; The Sting of Death Removed; A New and Living Way Consecrated; The New Covenant Confirmed; The Covenant of Redemption Confirmed; Those Who Were Afar Off Made Nigh; The Blessing of Abraham Released; The Way Opened for God To Exercise Both Justice and Mercy; The Sanctified Forever Perfected.

11. Chapter XI
--Christ's Burial and Resurrection - "He Was Buried;" "He Rose Again;" Biblical Reasons for the Resurrection--Because He Was the Son of God; To Fulfill Prophecy; Because the Ground of Justification Was Accomplished; To Bestow Resurrection Life; To Impart Resurrection Power; To Be the Head Over All Things to the Church; To Be the Firstfruits and the Pattern.

12. Chapter XII
--The Ascension and Session of Christ - The Two Ascensions; Christ's Present Ministry--He Is Bestowing Gifts to the Church; He Is Interceding for His Own; He Is Advocating for His Own; He Is Preparing a Place for His Own.


13. Chapter XIII
--The New Creation in Christ Jesus

14. Chapter XIV
--Service and Reward


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