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Reference Books (refx) - Oliver, Lancelot - The Apostles of Jesus Christ

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Posted 04 February 2013 - 05:30 PM

File Name: Oliver, Lancelot - The Apostles of Jesus Christ
File Submitter: Bradley S. Cobb
File Submitted: 04 Feb 2013
File Category: Reference Books (refx)
Author: Lancelot Oliver

The Apostles of Jesus Christ

(Plain Papers on New Testament Christianity, Number 2)


Lancelot Oliver

Lancelot Oliver was a British preacher at the end of the 1800's/early 1900's. The purpose for writing this book can be found in the excerpt from the preface below:

From the Preface

Of late years, however, many religious leaders have begun to make a decided difference between the Master and His School - meaning by "School" the Apostles and the other New Testament writers. Arising apparently from a distaste for the teachings of the Apostles - of Paul especially - regarding the Deity and Atonement of Christ, the attempt now is to get behind the Apostles to Christ Himself; and the investigators find - so they say - that He taught differently from them. For such teachers and those they lead, "Back to Christ" has come to mean the regarding of the Apostles' teaching, such as that on the great subjects just named, and that on "the Church," as lacking Christ's authority and as expressing no part of Christ's Mind. If this, or anything approaching this, is true, everyone can see that all parts of Christianity are rendered loose and indefinite, and a great deal of the contents of the New Testament becomes of no authority whatever. We purpose to return to the revolutionary and destructive character of this theory, to the impossibility, if it be true, of our having any certainty as to the teaching of Christ Himself; but for the present pass on to review the contents of the New Testament, which, in any case, is the basis on which our decision as to the authority of the Apostles must rest.

  • The Names of the Apostles
  • Their Authority and Work
  • Their Qualifications and Credentials
  • Their Continued Authority and Their Alleged Successors
  • Alleged Imperfections in the Teachings and Examples of the Apostles
  • Two-Fold Sense of the Cry "Back to Christ."
Other works by the author in e-Sword format:

This book was re-typed (i.e., not scanned) in 1996 by Rose Payne. Slight formatting changes and Americanization of spelling were done to the text prior to the creation of the e-Sword module. This book is available in PDF format here.

Click here to download this file

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