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Books - Kelly, William - BIBLE Treasury (33 Vols) 1856 - 1920 Droid MySword Version

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Posted 16 December 2012 - 02:10 PM

File Name: Kelly, William - BIBLE Treasury (33 Vols) 1856 - 1920 Droid MySword Version
File Submitter: david psalms
File Submitted: 17 Dec 2012
File Category: Books
Author: William Kelly

The Bible Treasury

edited by William Kelly for most of its time, contains a wealth of Bible teaching.
Complete original contents pages can be viewed here.

Introductory Address.
Professor A. A. Wallace.

[1856 001 1st edition] The Bible Treasury is intended to supply an acknowledged want in religious periodical literature, by providing a popular organ for the interchange of practical opinion upon Biblical subjects. Yet the work, it is hoped, will present one positive, definite, pervading thought — the grace and the glory of God, as revealed in the person, the work, and the exaltation of the Lord Jesus Christ. It will seek to proclaim Jesus Christ and him crucified. It will endeavour to set forth the sufferings of Christ, and the glory which shall follow. It will be designed to unfold the fulness of the Gospel both of the grace and the kingdom of God. Prophecy will thus necessarily occupy a large share of our attention. It is a subject upon which almost all earnest Christians are deeply exercised; and, happily, it is ground common to all believers.

We frankly admit, however, that we look and long for the personal and visible advent of our Lord Jesus Christ; and are as fully persuaded that He will thus come a second time and take to Himself His great power and reign, as we are that He came once visibly and personally, in weakness and humiliation. With us, this is a polar truth, harmonizing much that would otherwise be discordant, and giving order and arrangement to elements, which without it, would be chaotic and non-attractive. We believe that the hearty reception of this truth would quicken the church of Christ into new and energetic life; and we shall seek, by suitable argument and illustration, to promulgate it amongst all classes of evangelical Christians, without reference to theological or ecclesiastical distinctions. Further than this, we are not the advocates or exponents of any particular system of prophetic interpretation, nor is The Bible Treasury connected, either directly or indirectly, with any society, church, or other organization.

We shall not refuse to open our columns occasionally to those who may differ from us upon this important topic. One of our objects in commencing The Bible Treasury is, to provide a literary platform for the discussion of prophetic and other practical subjects; and we hope to be able to accomplish that object, consistently with the principles laid down in our "postscript to contributors and correspondents."

An important part of our review will be occupied with the discussion or illustration of Biblical subjects, calculated to assist the student or teacher in his labours; and otherwise to advance the cause of truth or promote edification. We have obtained the co-operation of Christian brethren who are able to place at the service of the church the result of laborious study and patient critical investigation; nevertheless our periodical will be a popular, as distinguished from a scholastic or critical one. It is said of our Lord, as an emphatic testimony to his vocation as a teacher, that "He spake as one having authority, and not as the scribes:" but it is also said, that "the common people heard Him gladly." We desire for ourselves and our contributors, to emulate His example.

In The Bible Treasury how can we forget the land and people of Israel? From time to time we shall endeavour to present our readers with accurate records in connection with these deeply interesting subjects, which are so intimately bound up with the future history of the church and the world; and it affords us no small gratification to number more than one Hebrew Christian brother amongst our stated contributors.

As far as our space will admit, we hope to chronicle passing events, such as public meetings, lectures, etc.; and to give brief and compendious notices of the work of God in various parts of the world; in so far as these events or notices may bear upon our leading objects. We shall hold ourselves at liberty occasionally to open our columns to any important topic, the discussion of which will be likely to bring the church back to the first principles of the Word of God, or to unite Christian brethren; and we shall be glad to admit the communications of any who have useful information to supply, or who are anxious for the solution of questions profitable to believers in general. Finally, we shall strive earnestly for "peace to the brethren, and love with faith, from God the Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ;" adding heartily, "Grace be with all them that love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity." Amen. [Ed. Professor A. A. Wallace.]

Introductory Address.
W. Kelly, Bible Treasury, 2nd Edition, June 1856.

[01 1856 003]
The name of this periodical is not one which I should have chosen, as it wears a pretentious air — least to an unfriendly eye. But the project was unknown to me till after the first number, or the second, was in the hands of its readers. To the third I contributed the first of a series. From the eighth number the editorial care was mine; not long after the entire responsibility devolved on me. Though never liking the title as a question of taste and feeling, I saw in it no sufficiently serious objection to risk the confusion which must have ensued from a change of name. If the work be a poor "Treasury," as I cannot but feel, "the Bible," at any rate, is in God's grace a rich and unfailing source of supply:

Accordingly, whilst the prophetic word has not been neglected throughout the past eleven years, I may say, of its course, the reader can bear witness that there has been the continual desire to draw from every province of Scripture, avoiding no truth which God has revealed for our instruction. The person and the work of Christ, the expectations of Israel from of old, the prospects of the world, the hope of the Christian and of the Church, the dispensations and the kingdom of God, have all been treated, most of these subjects frequently and by various pens; and this with a direct view to the practical profit of souls. Exposition of Scripture (Old Testament and New, portions and whole books), has had; and I trust, ever will have a large place. So too questions of the day for good or ill have been discussed, with occasional reviews or notices of such books etc. as handle them. Neither exhortation to Christians nor appeal to the unconverted will be looked for in vain in these pages. Critical difficulties, faults of textual reading in Greek and Hebrew, emendations of translation, and corrections of prevalent interpretation, may not interest so extensive a class, but they have ever had a prominent place here; because the aim has been to consider such Christians especially as desire to make progress in the things of God. Now, mistake in text or version or exegesis arrests the mind in proportion to the value given to God's word. Hence, to such as prize that word above all things, the exceeding preciousness of every fresh insight into its true bearing, and the importance of removing every hindrance.

As for the writers, no matter of interest to the believer, or of bearing on Christ's glory, will they exclude or evade; though it is assuredly desired to avoid the discussion of every unprofitable question, and to rid all things discussed as much as possible of a controversial air. Papers of real value from any Christian will of course be admissible, save where known evil practice, or indifference to Christ, ruins the credit of the profession of His name.

In the first edition, some papers appeared which it seems due to truth to replace, and notices of ephemeral matter are consigned to oblivion. But care will be taken to adhere to the former paging and subjects as closely as can be, so as to avoid confusion in making up volumes.

May the gracious Lord deign to use the work increasingly to the edification of souls and to His own glory. "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine" — [Ed. W. Kelly.]

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