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Commentaries - Norris, Harold - Commentary on Revelation

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Posted 31 January 2012 - 09:14 AM

File Name: Norris, Harold - Commentary on Revelation
File Submitter: Truth
File Submitted: 31 Jan 2012
File Updated: 02 Apr 2012
File Category: Commentaries
Author: Harold G. Norris
e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x

The Book With a Blessing
By Harold G. Norris

Text is provided by the permission of the author's estate.

There are four major views to interpreting the book of Revelation:

1. The Futurist View (held by virtually all Premillennialists and Postmillennialists)
2. The Preterist View (that it dealt specifically with things during the lifetime of those to whom John wrote)
3. The Contiunous-History View (held by most of the reformers with the belief that it described the apostasy of the Catholic Church)
4. The Spiritual View (that it describes not events, but spiritual principles that are applicable to the church in all times)

The author of this commentary holds the fourth of these views. His goal in this commentary was not to be exhaustive or to deal with every verse. There are some verses with no comments. His goal was to give the Bible student an overall feel for the book from the "Spiritual Viewpoint." He gives overviews of some areas, but also gives some very in-depth meditations on other verses. There are many gems to be found in this commentary, including several sermon outline ideas.

From the Preface:
This book will help greatly for the author explains the background of the chief images that are used. Not everyone will agree with all the views put forward, but Harold Norris rightly has taken seriously the fact that Revelation belongs to the tradition of apocalyptic literature. The basic emphases of John are highlighted in ways that do justice to the original setting of the work but that also allow us to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches today through it.

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